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November 22 2008

Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy season 8. He also mentions that there's hopefully going to be "two different [Serenity] minis over the next year" and maybe Dollhouse comic books too?

"Season 10"? Has this been talked about before. Otherwise, I'm just excited for the end of season eight and Jo Chen's Faith/Giles cover!
LOL! He thinks the fans have been tough on him so far, he's gonna be getting death threats after this interview (me, I thought it was pretty damn funny.)
Season 10? I can't tell if Allie was joking or serious about a Buffy Season 10 comic.

And Jim Krueger is writing the Faith/Giles story for issue 24.Can't wait to see Jo Chen's cover


#21 is kicking off the standalone issues arc by Jane Espenson.

#22 is Kennedy and Satsu by Steve DeKnight.

#23 is Buffy and Andrew by Drew Greenberg

#24 is Giles and Faith by Jim Krueger

And I guess that leaves Xander and Dawn for #25 by Doug Petrie.
Dollhouse comics have been mentioned before, with the comment being along the lines of why don't wait to see what Dollhouse turns out/wants to be before we start making other things from it.
Personally, I read "Wait for Season Ten" more or less like "Wait for Godot," or in other words, a clever way of saying "No." But I could be wrong.
"As Bob Dylan said at the Grammy’s, you can become so defiled in this life that even your own parents will turn their backs on you, but even then, God believes in your own ability to redeem yourself...but no, those guys are dicks."

Best part of the interview.
Well, I'm sure Amber could write a non-Tara issue. It's called talent, people.

As to the electric car, well, I won't argue with that. (Go! Go! Willow will need someone once Kennedy gets restless.)

As to Warren (and I knowing typing this is bad for me spiritually,) I don't want him redeemed, I want him back in whatever hell Amy raised him from. (Sorry, Joss, I don't buy the "I forgot The First can only do dead people" argument.)

As to Amy, as I've said before, on the show, I agree with Liz Allen, Amy was more misunderstood than evil. And , a s I've also said, the B'verse haas plenty of outright villains. a character who is "well, pretty much evil now," as my Mary Sue narrator once put it, would be nice for variety's sake.

But I agree that the way Amy was going by "TKIM," this is a plausible next destination for her. And it fits in with what has already been established as canon about the darker magicks. Continued use of them changes a person and pushes them towards outright evil goals and plans, and makes them forget decent things.

However,s he does appear to be at this point clinically insane. Also plainly a result of the dark magic, but still a defense, and a key perhaps to changing her back, or at least back-ish.

I think she still has some potential.

Egotistical end note(Of course I still haven't written my Xmas 2006 story, where she has an apologetic fonecon with Willow, on Tara's mobile phone, while Donny is talking to Tara over Willow's. *grin)
Is it me, or did he seem abit of a sarcastic ass in that interview? =/
Sarcastic? Yes. Ass? No.
Sarcastic, yes. Ass? Well, I'm pretty sure that if I'd taken the on-line bashing that he has, that wouldn't begin to cover my attitude.

ETA: Damn, b!X, beat me to it...

[ edited by Rowan Hawthorn on 2008-11-22 19:47 ]
Is there really a lot of bashing on forums? I don't go to Buffy forums often, I mostly just hang around here. Is it bad? I'm trying to think of a reason to bash him, and can't really think of any.
There was an entire tempest in a teapot over remarks that to certain fans were construed as being "anti-Spike" that led to a lot of BS. Whether or not there have been other incidents, I have no idea. But that one alone was pretty moronic.
How dare he say he’s surprised!? I for one am outraged.

I like fun interview answers and the Buffy letter column. This is the first I have read of a Lone Gunmen comic written by Jane Espenson.
So amused, so very amused, but I'll keep my mouth shut...

Anyway, that's a pretty good interview, and "Devil's Footprints" actually looks quite neat.
For the record, Bix is wrong. Allie did indeed make anti-Spike remarks, it caused many fans to become quite upset and angry. He then apologized with more anti-Spike remarks.

That's the way that I and many other Spike fans see it. For what it's worth.
Oh, The Devil's Footprints was excellent, especially if you're into occult horror! There was a short story published in Dark Horse's Reveal #1 in November 2002 followed by a four-issue mini-series in 2003.

Scott Allie doesn't usually come across well in interviews, IMHO. Hopefully he's nicer in person.
So. No Tara in S8; that seems pretty definitive now. However, that does not rule out something in S9, as a careful reading of two entries might suggest. Problem is, I'm not going to wait around for the next 4 years to find out; I'll be 60 by then.

It really does fry my rear end that they can bring up some horrid misogynist like Warren, but not someone as lovely and lovable as Tara. Especially since he has really added little to the tale. And Amy has no resonance at all.
Weird. I've never seen a particular problem with Scott in interviews. But, then again, I also don't see his job as "having to be nice". YMMV, etc.
I thought that was fine, no problems here. He's clearly kind of sarky but that's OK if it's funny and some of it was (a pretty good proportion i'd say given how that stuff sometimes comes across in print). Some of his really short answers might seem a bit off but then, they were to fairly daft questions IMO - he's not gonna drop huge spoilers in an interview and asking him to is just asking for sarky responses.

Must admit, i'm now curious about his supposed Spike bashing, surprised I haven't heard about that before now. Anyone got any links etc. ?
Oh, no. Saje opened that can clearly marked "worms".
Dammit, who's been switching the labels on my cans again ? I was picking whoop-ass out of my teeth for weeks after the last time.
Saje, want me to e-mail you with the links, so you can avoid the can-openage?
Sure and thanks, if it's that sensitive a topic. Jeez, there must've been a right kerfuffle over this, can't believe I totally missed it.
I would greatly appreciate it if wank elsewhere doesn't get discussed here.
Allie's interviews are always interesting, but not because he has clever or insightful things to say. Rather, it's enjoyable to see a man who's doing (near as I can tell) almost nothing on this book beyond Project Management, receiving partial credit for the quality and success of the title. He may well be a good editor at some level, but as he himself puts it:

That’s one of the top advantages of the comic—less interference between Joss and his readers. I don’t interfere. I support. I can’t imagine the story that would make me tell Joss we shouldn’t do it.

...which is to say, 'I'm a Project Manager supervising a creator waaaaay above my pay grade, and getting lots and lots of free PR in exchange for doing interviews on behalf of a man who needs neither introduction nor explanation.' All he needs to be one of the Suits is an actual suit.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding his role, and indeed I'd be happier were that the case. But Allie just comes off in Every. Single. Interview. as a Buffy fan who lucked into a dream job but wouldn't have entered Whedon's creative orbit if he didn't stand between the man and publication.

His comments about the fandom, incidentally, are reasonable. I don't know whether he understands Buffy very well - the constant references to Buffy/Satsu make me think he's more interested in the phenomenon (and the titillation) than the story - but he's got the fans down cold.
waxbanks, so we complain when a non-creative exec does interfere with Joss' vision (a la Dollhouse) and then complain again if a non-creative exec doesn't interfere with Joss' vision (a la Allie)? Got it.

When again are we happy?
Well... let me put it this way. At least on the S8 books, we don't get blatant spelling errors, speech/text bubbles in the wrong places, seemingly from the wrong characters, etc.
That, in my opinion is the job of an editor, to pick out the mistakes, suggesting changes when they may be needed, you know, edit.
So far, I'd say that Allie is doing a pretty good job. And for the record, I love that he's not afraid to be sassy sometimes. Thanks for posting the interview.

EDIT: His one blatant error was not catching the Leah/Rowena mixup in #15. That was pretty major, but hey, I have problems remembering who's-who at times anyway. But other than that... pretty good job thus far.

[ edited by wenxina on 2008-11-23 01:27 ]
Scott stood not far from me when I was announcing the Joss puppet show thing at Comic-Con, and he didn't punch me around the head. He's a good guy.
Yes, he has been a commendable editor.
TamaraC, I second that.

Scott has always seemed super supportive and even excited about S8, and I never once got the impression that he was ever attempting to take creative credit for it.

Also, about the supposed Spike bashing...who cares?? Its a fictional character that a person doesn't like. I don't really like Spike either, I think he ruined some of the important mythology of the show. Are there really people out there who would have a negative opinion of me as person because of that? Also I'm 100% sure that if Joss wanted to use Spike in S8 (and IDW allowed it) Allie wouldn't dare step in the way of it. So in the end it really doesn't matter.
I enjoyed the interview. He's funny.
TOASTERslayer, let's drop the subject of Spike here. Thanks.
I agree that Scott has done a good job on the comic, which is what we should all be concerned with, NOT on any incidental comments he may have happened to make, which are only just one man's opinions etc etc.

And I wouldn't say Scott scored Buffy/Satsu as a highlight for the titillation.
Rather, whether you loved it or hated it, you can't deny that the relationship opened a discourse among fans that was actually quite refreshing. It made us all think 'Well hang on a tick, who is Buffy NOW as a result of all she went through in the show, and how is that going to affect her actions and reactions?'.
If anything, it was the media beat up that provided the sensationalism, most of which we rose above here in the black.
But that page with everyone coming in and not knowing where to look? Pure comic gold.
TOASTERslayer - I faintly remember reading an interview with Joss or someone where they said that they were allowed to use the characters like Angel and Spike in the Buffy series, they just weren't allowed to call any of the comics 'Angel' or 'Spike'... could someone tell me I am remembering that correctly?
aapac, I can confirm what you say only in that someone here corrected me on the very same. I recall at the time they seemed very credible, so I'm gonna go with it.

As far as Scott Allie's stand-upishness... Well, I dunno the guy, but the interviews are entertaining and do not appear to me to be negative in any way. And yeah, seems as though he does his job well enough , though the catching of misplaced bubbles and spellings may well be the domain of his Associate Editor (whose name is Sierra and could very well just be a programmed active). I've an Editor friend at Marvel though and direct contribution or no, I wouldn't discount the importance of a good Editor. He may very well be nothing much more than PR for Buffy, I ain't complaining.

And besides, he didn't hit Gossi, he must be a good fella. |-)~
I find it absolutely hilarious that people get upset because a person (no matter what their job is) has an opinion about a character. People have characters they hate, and others have ones they love. What's the big?

Screw Tara--bring back Ms. Calendar!!!!! ;)
I never find it "absolutely hilarious" when people get upset. Go figure.
Xane, LOL! That was meant to be funny. Right?
Many apologies SoddingNancyTribe. The intention definitely wasn't to get into a drawn out "Spike as a character" debate. I'll post more carefully in the future.

[ edited by TOASTERslayer on 2008-11-23 08:52 ]
I would greatly appreciate it if wank elsewhere doesn't get discussed here.

Simon | November 22, 23:03 CET

Yeah, didn't realise that it all took place elsewhere Simon or I wouldn't have pursued it - just seemed weird that it all kicked off on here and I missed it, turns out that - thanks to the kindness of relative strangers ;) - I now know it didn't. By and large I avoid other Buffy boards and just think of them as "the badlands" ;).

Re: Scott Allie and what he does, here's a link to a thread on here where there's some ooh-ing and aah-ing about how much he has to juggle during "A Day in the Life of a Buffy Editor". Unfortunately the link to the actual article has changed and I can't see how to browse previous 'From the Editor's on Buffy Zone to find it.

I also don't think it's surprising he's less hands-on with "season 8" since a) Joss is crazy talented and has attracted crazy talented folks to write issues in the "season" and Scott Allie knows that - good editing is surely as much about knowing when not to interfere and b) Joss hizzownself is acting as "executive producer" on this one and that role is presumably also usually partly filled by the editor i.e. considering the shape of the entire arc/run, making sure stories make sense in the context of each other etc. (as well as the day-to-day logistical stuff).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-11-23 11:39 ]
People think Scott Allie is an ass in his interviews? What? When did that happen? He's always come across as a cool, funny guy to me.

Also, I was at Comic-Con and saw gossi, and can confirm that Scott indeed refrained from beating him up.
UnpluggedCrazy, thanks for restraining him! ;)
Really like the way Scott comes across here: genuine, funny and smart. (And I love Spike)
Scott Allie doesn't usually come across well in interviews, IMHO. Hopefully he's nicer in person.

Invisible Green, I listened to a radio interview of Allie and he definitely came across as a nice guy. His tone is often very joking, very sarcastic, but inviting others to join in on the fun.

Scott Allie:

Everyone’s reaction to Buffy and Satsu in bed, the cumulative effect of that, from Xander’s covering his eye to Dawn looking in the window, to Willow falling through the roof. That was real funny stuff, to me.

the constant references to Buffy/Satsu make me think he's more interested in the phenomenon (and the titillation) than the story

waxbanks, I think Allie was saying he enjoyed the *characters* reactions to Buffy/Satsu being discovered in bed in that scene, rather than referencing the fans titillating reactions. Which IMO is one of the funniest scenes of the entire season thus far. It had me busting out laughing in spite of my reservations about the serious and controversial action underpinning it. I think his focus is very much on the story there.

Very fun interview, all in all. Interesting to learn that
You can count on me, gossi!

(But if it came down to you or me, I'd have to take me. Sorry. I'm terribly me-centric.)
waxbanks, I think Allie was saying he enjoyed the *characters* reactions to Buffy/Satsu being discovered in bed in that scene, rather than referencing the fans titillating reactions.

I don't think there's any "think" to it Emmie, you're just right - he actually says it's the character's reactions he likes in the interview. And i'm not sure when one answer became "constant references" either. Maybe a slight case of reading through a prism on waxbanks' part (no offence, we all do it for at least some things ;).

(and yeah, funny moment - a bit of knowing farce from the master of verbal wit - guy can write pretty much anything as it turns out, who knew ? Apart from us. And The Shadow)
Well, I like being right... *calmly accepts the mantle*
There's nothing inherently wrong with being sarcastic or with being a donkey. It's a matter of picking the appropriate time.

And while I agree his attiude is part of the topic, I think his hints on content are even more a part of it.
His comments about the fandom, incidentally, are reasonable. I don't know whether he understands Buffy very well - the constant references to Buffy/Satsu make me think he's more interested in the phenomenon (and the titillation) than the story

To be fair, when talking about fan reactions to Season 8 thus far, that has to have been the issue he got the most interesting mail about. Not talking about it would sort of be like refusing to address questions about the large pachyderm on the table.
Are we still talking about this interview ? Cos he only mentions it in the context of his favourite moment in the comic as far as I can see, what am I missing ?

I guess if it's not contentious we can talk about what's been said elsewhere (or even here but elsewhen) but if we are then I really wish we'd say we are cos i'm gettin' right confused I am. Mixing comments about this interview with comments about other interviews in the same post without attribution seems like a recipe for anarchy and chaos and trains not running on time and possibly communism. It's bad is what i'm saying. Sure, it's not crossing the streams but it's still far from copacetic.
I worded that badly. I wasn't referring to another interview. I meant I think that issue's going to come up in just about any interview, since it's what he's gotten a lot of fan reaction about. Whether the question's about fan reaction or just generally favorite moments. It's a vivid sequence of recent events, no matter what the topic is. When the next scene that gets a big reaction happens, it'll come up in interviews instead.
Saje, your confusion confused me.

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