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November 22 2008

Yes Veronica, There's Going to be Another Firefly Cruise. And ironically, it's called, Firefly Cruise 2009. The site being linked to is temporary (thank you danregal for spilling it at Twitter). I'll let him or Jeremy post any future topics/updates. Get excited!

And in all the excitement, TWO topics were created ... :>)
Why not call it Browncoat Cruise?
Because the staff/ownership isn't exactly the same as the first one.
Whew, I misread that at first as "Firefly Curse"! That was a bit worrying.

Tough one. On the one hand, it could be a mistaken reference to "Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus". On the other hand, it could be a snarky reference to the Veronica Mars cruise which got cancelled.
Ohh! I would love to go but living on the East Coast will definitely make it pricier >.<
No, I googled it b!X. THEY WERE WRONG! Plus, I could be senile in believing Google.

ETA: I actually like Veronica better. Makes me think of Lost in Space.

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Too bad it's not the Whedonverse Cruise, cuz then we could get Felicia and NPH and Eliza and Tahmoh and ever'body else. Doesn't really matter, though, since I doubt I'll be able to go. :( Although I might give up my slim chance of going to comic con this year to have a slim chance at going on the cruise instead. ;-D
I had a blast on the first one. Already eagerly awaiting the announcement of the guest list for this one.
Hmm, it's times like these that I hate being a poor college student. That sounds like so much fun! But I'm confused, who went on the cruise last time--did any cast members?

But if all goes according to plan, hopefully I'll be teaching English in France in November next year anyways. If not, I may just have to blow my savings on something like this.
Yes, on the Browncoat Cruise we had Ron Glass, Jonathan Woodward, Nectar Rose (from Serenity) and Michael Fairman (Niska), plus the great blues man Sonny Rhodes who sang the theme song.
Ok, yeah I figured it was supposed to be Virginia, just wasn't sure if there was something I was missing with it being Veronica... heh.
No, I googled it b!X. THEY WERE WRONG! Plus, I could be senile in believing Google.

Could have been worse. Could have been Yes Sir I Can Boogie.
Time to start counting frequent flyer points to get us there from Aus.
Is this a newer/better/bigger ship by any chance? I had fun last time but got so sick the first night I swore I'd never go on another cruise. Of course drinking for five hours straight before the ship left the dock might not have been a smart move.

I've got two trips with my goddaughters planned for 2009 so it's unlikely I'd be able to go anyway. I'm a tiny bit tempted though. If Joss plans another picnic (without the picket this time) I'll probably find a way to get there.
Maybe I will actually get to go this year. I like the idea of paying and actually going!
Very happy to hear about this, 'though unsure if I'll be walking the decks of this Cruise. Delighted to hear they're going with Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas. A dandy choice. As any who sailed on the last BC Cruise can tell you, the Carnival Ship pretty much sucked. Will be keeping an eye on this, and my amazing shrinking Bank Account. If the two can reach a mutual understanding... :)
Well I'm excited- and I can't even go! (Cursed Aussie dollar rate. Plus, work.)
But for those that are pondering, I've cruised with RC to Mexico before, and had an absolute ball. Have a glow-in-the-dark cocktail for me!
Ah, yes, TDBrown- The Carnival Elation definitely had a high 'cheese' factor to it.

I was watching one of those True Crime type shows on cable one day and they showed a murder that occurred in cabin R141 on a Carnival ship. That was *MY* cabin number on the Browncoat Cruise... but apparently it was a sister ship that looked almost identical.

But it definitely shocked me for a moment!
Aw, it wasn't all bad. They had a wonderful little Espresso cafe with fresh-baked pastries and cookies every day. I tried to find the little things I could enjoy about it. Having never been on a cruise before, ever, it was sort of a novelty to me. So I didn't know from Carnival, Caribbean, or Royal Dutch Lines. I was with friends and of course, we had great entertainment from Ron, Jonathan, Michael, Nectar and Sonny Rhodes. I was sad about the high seas keeping us from the day in Ensenada but all in all, it was a very fun time.

Wish I'd known so many Whedonites were there. If I go on this one, I'll try to wear a button or something that says, "I'm Tonya J from Whedonesque. Say Hello for Joss Sake!"
Just an update. With all of the talk of VIP guests and money, I want to clarify the emphasis of this cruise.

With the economy being what it is, we realize the nearly everybody is going to be even more price sensitive this time, including us. So to that end, we've decided to make this more of a fan oriented event, think of it as of a Browncoat Ball with benefits on a cruise ship.

In other words, in an effort to keep prices down we aren't planning on paying the 10s of thousands needed for some high end VIPs. Instead we will be having lots of Browncoat activities, probably even more than last time and we are cruising on a better ship. The emphasis will definitely be on the fans this time around. That's not to say we aren't going to have some VIPs, most likely not any of the main cast, but rather a guest star or two and/or behind-the-scenes folks.

Trust me, we will have fun and we'll make it worth every penny you spend.
Perhaps I am perceptually challenged, but I'm having trouble finding the irony in calling a cruise taking place in 2009 for fans of "Firefly" "Firefly Cruise 2009." This reminds me of that whole dialogue about Alanis Morrisette's "Isn't It Ironic," where people were saying, "Well, no, this lyric is sad, but not actually ironic, that one's just about bad timing ..." Or maybe I'm missing the subtle irony here. Or is it ironic because there's iron in the ship's hull? Oh, got it now :)
Boy, I just can't win. It was my attempt at humor.
Tonya J, genuinely sorry, I meant to be playful, not critical. Thinking of the totality of iron in "Firefly" -- the guns, the shovels, the spaceships, the horseshoes, the mines -- from one perspective, anything to do with "Firefly" is ironic, or at least iron-y :) (I know, that is a terrible pun. I take refuge in my favorite line so far from "True Blood": "Vampires are very old. Until about a hundred years ago, puns were considered the highest form of humor.")
Well, you know, I screwed up the "Virginia" thing and now this. One good thing, the day is nearly over and I get another shot at being understood tomorrow, so no worries.
Hey, why should Virginia get all the good news? High time for Veronica to get a heads-up of her own! :)
I, too thought "Veronica" referenced Veronica Mars (however I didn't see it as snarky - more kinda clever inside reference-y). I also don't get where naming the cruise the Firefly Cruise 2009 is ironic. Am I missing the humor? And if so, where is it?

[edit] Sorry Tonya J. I hadn't read all of the responses before I wrote mine. If it makes you feel any better, I did think, momentarily, that perhaps you were ironically saying how ironic the name is, but then thought I was over thinking. Sorry that I thought you, like Alanis Morrisette, did not understand the meaning and application of irony. I should have read all of the comments first.

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Wish I hadn't already booked for 4 conventions next year!! Then I might actually be able to justify going to this.
Jeremy, I'm totally with you on the goals for this particular cruise. Celebrities (cast members) would certainly be nice, but the camaraderie of being with Browncoats? Nothing like it anywhere, and the #1 reason why one should consider going!

And yes, there were good things about the last cruise. Very little of them had to do with the ship, however. It was all the browncoaty good times that made it all bearable. :)

That was just a poorly run Operation, with deplorable Seamanship. When your Port has been closed due to rough seas, you don't sit idle in the water offshore with your Gyro System and Air Conditioning turned off. And you most certainly don't leave your ship broadside to the waves!. Once the ship got underway, and moved into the waves at an angle, the rocking virtually stopped. That was just a badly managed series of events. My only other Cruise experience was on a Royal caribbean Ship, and they are worlds apart from Carnival.
Just for clarity, you aren't referring to any of the Browncoat event experiences we organized as poorly run, were you?

I agree, the ship wasn't the greatest, though I found most of the on board help to be fine and the event organizer assigned to us from the cruise line was awesome, she went above and beyond the call of duty for us.
Jeremy... it's me. TD. The guy who had a great time at All the BC shipboard activities. :)

The ship was the only downside I experienced lol.

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