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November 23 2008

Creation's Salute to Firefly and Serenity reports. Well? How did it go? How was the concert? Did you make Ron laugh? Tell us! Tell us!

Bueller ... Bueller?
Won't this like, not be over yet?
Please. Pretty please!
It is still going on, in fact we have a ton of stuff scheduled for the next six hours! Yesterday w/Ron & Jewel was wonderful (and Ron Glass never stops laughing!). This morning was Gina Torres and she looks amazing, she had just rewatched 'Firefly' to get ready for the conventin, and was very funny. More soon!
Others will report more in verbage later but I am putting some pics up at the whedonesque pool on flickr. I am uploading some of Gina now, she just finished her Q&A a little bit ago.

I will say Gina did turn the tables and had a set of questions for the audience. Oh and she can sing too, really well, she led the audience in singing the theme from Firefly. She hated that Wash had to die, but she finally got to wear a dress, so it was worth it. :)

And Nathan took everything from the set, he brought a box.

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That entire cast always just seemed like so much fun. I could only guess what it was like on set. Keep the reports coming!
Was Gina... twirling?

ETA: Ah, read the captions, b!X. Read the captions.

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Gina sounds like awesome fun. I hope she starts doing more conventions now.
Oh I should add more: Gina hasn't done many conventions because the birth of her daughter (as well as work) has kept her too busy, but I think she had fun today. And yes b!x, Gina was spinning to show what an awesome Wonder Woman she would make! As I write this Adam is in the bar talking to Browncoats, I didn't see Summer over there but I didn't go over, I had gotten to see Adam at the breakfast this morning (he is very happy doing 'Chuck') for his brief time at our table. I think everyone is having a wonderful time, I know I am!
Has anyone tried to get Adam to perform his high C?
Whedonesque pool on flickr? Whosawhatsit?
It's here, and also linked in the sidebar on the main page.
Nathan had another box?!? What'd he do, sneak in the last night of shooting and clean the set out?
Oh, hah. Thanks. I should've figured that out. I kept scanning the top of the sidebar links without scrolling down and noticing the mention of flickr. I guess. Or I was just being dumbass. Thanks, though. :)
Gina mentioned to us at breakfast this morning that she needed to call Nathan because she heard he got in some kind of accident. She said "I'm sure he's fine, if he wasn't, you all would have heard about it! Before me, probably!" but just wondered if anybody around here actually had heard anything about it.
I posted an abreviated report at my lj, I plan to expand on my report when I get home (when I can download all my photos and transcribe all my notes) because the computer connection is slow here, and my ancient laptop isn't up to all of this any more. It was an awesome weekend, I really love my BDHs!
Wow, thanks embers!
I've just posted a bunch of photos on my LJ here :)
Thanks for the reports and groovy pics, guys. Looks like a great event was had.
On a semi related note, it's lovely to see that the Firefly map is getting a lot of attention and praise elsewhere. It's seem to be getting more buzz than the blu-ray release.
Another cool part of Sunday was that after Gina's panel and photo ops, she walked through at least part of the dealer's alley and stopped by the So Cal Browncoats table while James and I were manning it.
Oh that is so great, timeerkat, I hope they had some tiny Browncoat T-shirts in the right size for an 18 month old!
A few more highlights from Jane's talk. She was brought in to rewrite the script for Warehouse 13 but after that it was rewritten a few more times. She only got co-creator credit because they kept some stuff she created in her original rewrite but that was all the envolvment she had in it. She also said the reason she got to write the BSG movie and webisodes is because she was the last writer left, all the rest had other jobs to goto after BSG's cancelation. Also she loves being back working with Joss.

Yeah, I came across three over the weekend without even looking. I especially like the title of the aintitcool one. "FIREFLY Fans!! Want To See Something So Completely Gorgeous Even Non-Fans May Be Tempted To Purchase It??" Firefly-universe-mapped Found this one on a link at's Firefly and Serenity and Joss Whedon pages. Under NewsDesk: 'Firefly' Universe Mapped serenity-map-helps-you-plan-your-conquest-of-the-verse

And buzz will happen wherever the map is framed and displayed. Maybe we will see it in the background on some Tv show someday. In the hallways and cubies at Nasa etc.
Oh, Anonymous1, someone needs to send this to the set of 'Big Bang Theory' because this is just the kind of thing they should have!

I've just posted a bunch of photos on my LJ here :)

RachVG | November 24, 07:45 CET

Thanks for the great photos! Everyone looks great.
Is it me? Or is Gina abso-frackin'-lutely gorgeous???
Yes, I have a big girl-crush on her.
And my boyfriend has a huge boy-crush. I let him. It shows he has great taste. That's why I keep him around.
: )
It's not just you. :-)
Desspite struggling with my hotel's internet connection, I finally have my reports about what happened in the Sunday session. Just see my MySpace for my pix and impressions for what I saw. I was tempted to get the Verse map, but I don't have the wall space. Besides, it's something you should frame
Nice reports, impaler!

(by the way - I was the one wearing the Jayne-esque beanie, sitting next to you :) )

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