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November 23 2008

Dr Horrible DVD will be "available in time for the holidays" says Dr Horrible tweet. Just a random tweet giving a basic ETA for the DVD!

To which the above poster replied: "Which holiday? ;P"
Well... there are a few coming up.
More Whedony songs! Joy to the world!
Clearly they mean before Groundhog Day.
I think they may be self distributing/using a non-major distributor, in case anybody is wondering why it's not on the usual schedules.
"Just a random tweet"?!: That's exactly why Dr. Horrible is so evil, he gets no respect at all! I bet you hurt his feelings. :`(
I figured using the word 'random' would be up his alley, because it's reminiscent of chaos and the antitheses of order.
That makes sense to us non-evil beings, but in truth he pays lip service to anarchy -- what he really wants is to be the man in charge.
The Dr. Horrible way!

"Anarchy, that I run" - I'm not sure that actually makes any sense.
Ha, Cabri, we kinda wrote similar things at the same time.
I'm pretty sure the fact that it doesn't actually make any sense was the point of the joke.
Yes, obviously.
But that's not as funny as "Hammer meet nail!" How I love that line.
Well, even if DR H is released in time for the 'holidays', it will unfortunately take a few weeks to ship to various antipodean countries.
So I guess I'll be using my copy, when it comes, to celebrate 'National Handwriting Analysis Week' and 'Prune Breakfast Month'.
Which is not surprising, as both things strike me as being particularly insidiously E-V-I-L.
Arbor Day!

Ahem. Any news on regions?
Can't wait to scoop this one up. It gonna super massively pwned, golly.
Strange how quiet it's been on the ELE application front. If the winners are going to make it on the DVD, then there would need to be some lead time for getting that all arranged (best quality versions uploaded, releases signed, etc). Do you think the winner's have been contacted already and it's all hush hush? Or is it being left late? If people have been contacted, then you'd think word would have leaked out (or maybe it did, and I missed it).
Simply stated.....I will be buying this. One for every stocking in my extended family. So good.
What's the date of Gurnethar's Ascendance? That could be it.
It's been so long since I watched this, and I've been wanting to watch it a lot recently. DVD can't come soon enough.
Yea! Some evil to warm my stocking. *chuckles* I'm with you there, Nolan, the long awaited DVD can't come soon enough. Sometimes I have to pretend it wasn't real so I won't think about it constantly; must live & work & all.

bix, what did you do to your name? It's freaking me out, how there's spaces and all.

Could someone remind me why "hammer meeting nail" is funny? I've forgotten, it's been so long... unless it just adds to the "not really making sense" part, or it's relating to Newton's 3rd law, which I can chuckle to.

"Holiday" is pretty broad... could even mean Friday the 13th for all we know. Could just ask, I guess. If they get it out by Christmas, I'll be shocked. I would think Dollhouse is taking up all of their time. What would make a nice extra gifty? More shirts.
bix, what did you do to your name? It's freaking me out, how there's spaces and all.

I finally got around to putting it the way it's supposed to be?
How do we know that you're not a spaced out imp poster? ;)⧖
Dr. Horrible: "Releasing the DVD in time for the holidays is all part of my new plan to rule the international banking system, because you know, Paulson and Bernanke have done such a good job. Besides, if I don't Captain Hammer will throw a car at my head... Again."

[ edited by quantumac on 2008-11-24 21:32 ]
He he. Thanks, quantumac.

bix, you've righted a wrong that I always thought was right. My whole world is askew now. And it's true- how do we know you're the one true bix, and not some imposter who reads like him?
korkster: "... how do we know you're the one true bix, and not some imposter who reads like him?"

Because they're both user 27? Although it would be hysterical if his account got taken over by a false b!X. :D
*gasp* A false bix?
Yes, it's possible. There could be Rice-a-bix, too!
False b!Xes, however, run the risk of getting beaten up by Joss at Comic-Con.
I thought Spike liked Wheat-a-b!x in his blood...right?

And to keep my post somewhat on topic, could Felicia be any more awesome than she currently is? We've got a Joss panic-meter but no Felicia awesomeness-dial?
I thought we were blending the Felicia awesome-dial & Joss panic-meter together to get a more stable fan-way of living.
A Felicia awesome dial would always be stuck on 11 anyway.
I keep a Felicia awesomeness-dial next to my TV, and it's always stuck on 12. And it blinks too!

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