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"This is beyond my ken - and my Barbie - and all my action figures."
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August 19 2002

"I'm an idiot,'' says Whedon with a laugh. Mercury News features a portrait of Joss. It's fairly positive but does pose the question whether Joss can work three shows at the same time.

Joss: ``I'm very concerned with being efficient. I'm very concerned with making sure that nothing falls by the wayside,'' Whedon says with a sigh. ``I'm not quite as nice as I used to be. It's not really a question of burnout. It's a question of letting the shows be less than they can be. And I don't like to do that.

``I feel equally strong about all three series so it's up to me to come through. I just have to be there.''

Cloning is a scientific certainty now, isn't it? Why don't they just clone Joss? Then he could make all the tv series! He could take over prime time on all the networks!

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