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November 24 2008

Marian Call's "Got to Fly" CD now available. If you couldn't get to Creation to hear Marian Call performing songs from her new Firefly-and-BSG-inspired CD "Got to Fly," you can now order it from QMx. Limited to 1,000 copies, signed and numbered by Marian Call. Electonic versions will be available later on.

If you did go to Creation, how was the concert?

The CD is awesome. It's great for both geeks and non-geeks! Makes the perfect stocking stuffer.
Marian's got talent, a great work ethic, and a forty-foot bus to live in. What more does she need?
Aside from everyone to buy a cd so it sells out in two days, I mean.
I'm excited, but does anyone know if it's spoilery for BSG? I just got into that show.
Wow this is so cool!
Blue Leopard: Her tunes are not spoilery. The geekery is subtle, enough for you to recognize, but not "in your face"
Just ordered it, and I'm so glad I got my order in before they were gone.

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