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November 24 2008

Amazon Crazy Deals: POSSIBLE Firefly Blu-ray with PS3 and Star Wars Force Unleased for $199. The products that get the most votes in each of six rounds will be offered at ridiculous deal prices, and the runners-up will also be offered at slightly smaller discounts. (But they'll still be sweet deals.)

Everybody vote for Firefly! Right now it appears that the family bundle is winning. Wouldn't this be an awesome present (for yourself or others)?

Oh, please go vote for the Sci-fi bundle! It would be totally sweet to be able to buy a PS3 + Firefly for $199
That is an insane deal. Over $300 off right there. Already have them, but voted anyway.
Oh I so would go for a Firefly/ Little Big Planet Bundle. I'd call it the "Space Monkeys and Sock Puppets Bundle."
Currently in last. Which is too bad, because I would love all three of those items. But that's okay, because it's not like I have the money at the moment anyway...
Was just saying earlier I'd only get a PS3 if it were 100 (although with the economic situation and all $200 probably comes out around 140ish now).

Although chances of me being picked or whatever is very slim. Still, fun for whoever does win.
Those are fantab deals! Despite being in American funds, and the exchange rate being craptastic right now.
Vote, people! I *need* to get this deal. I'll be stuck with some games that I don't want (but I will still get a great deal on a PS3, either way).
Grrr, the Firefly combo only garnered 26% of the vote.

Grrr...arrgh, I didn't even get to participate for the runners-up lesser discount race.

It's all up to you now, Santa

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