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November 24 2008

Time for another Buffy movie. Does the Slayer deserve a second chance at the box-office?

It nearly happened before. Back in June '98, Variety reported:

Whedon is also developing a "Buffy" feature, based on the WB netlet's TV series, which itself was adapted from the original Whedon film of the same name.

This would make me so happy. I wouldn't want Joss to negate the comics, but I think he could make the movie without having to do so (and I believe he would try).

And I didn't know they were planning to do a Buffy movie back in '98. I would like to know more about that one. Hey, maybe Joss could use this as his launch for the original, from-the-beginning Buffy musical.

Wink wink.
I can't really see a movie happening and I doubt all the actors would be up for it. The comics are the obvious continuation we wanted of the show, and I sure hope they won't be made it a movie... I love BtVS, but IMHO a movie isn't necessary.
If Joss was writer and director, most certainly! I'm kinda' surprise it hasn't been done yet.
I don't know ... I liked "Serenity" but was kind of let down by how little of the promises the series had made could be delivered within two hours. That problem would be even worse with Buffy.
I think Buffy is essentially a TV series. It can be made to work in the comics, because they allow for similar kinds of storyarcs. But a movie? I can't see how it would provide room for all the important characters. I don't know if it would even feel meaningful as a stand-alone-thing.
After all, Buffy can in no way be reduced to "Vampire Romance Porn". Personnally, I think the comparision to "Twilight" is slightly offensive.
By the way: I think the Fray-miniseries would be perfect movie material! However, preciously little vampire romance in there (except for one incestuous kiss ...)
Disclaimer: I wrote this article. So, amazingly enough, I agree - it's a great idea! (And don't get gossi started on cheesecake).

Obviously, I think Buffy is far more complex and -- frankly -- vastly better in terms of drama than Twilight. I was just using the Twilight thing in a broad sense to say an audience exists for 'vampy drama.

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Who is this masked Kevin Beaumont for he is clearly insanoonoos !

Dunno, i'm not convinced that SMG wants to play her again, big-screen or not. David Boreanaz has said that's what'd get him back to Angel but again, not entirely convinced. Probably the rest of the cast would do it but without SMG it's a wash as far as i'm concerned.

That said, 'Twilight' has created momentum for that sort of thing and this'd be a step ahead of A N Other vampire story cos of the, y'know, us so if they wanted to jump on the vampire bandwagon (and Hollywood does love its bandwagons) then they might see Buffy as a good choice. I'd worry they'd want to do Buffy: The Next Generation though and see a cast that's (largely) in their mid-late 30s as too old for "the kidz" to relate to.
So, kind of off topic, what is Twilight like? What I've heard & read have made it sound very insubstantial -- I expect stereotypical characters, trite dialogue, and boring storylines. Am I right, or am I being unfair? Should I go see it? Help me, Whedonesquers! I can't decide without you!
Saje, that is why you stick Joss on as your director. Horrah - no odd casting. SMG has said before she'd do it if a) Joss was doing it and b) the script was great.

The real question is this: is there a 2 hour story you could tell with those characters that could punch the audiences heart out?
Personally I would rather see a Fray movie or Buffy: The Next Generation with Buffyverse cameos. I love our Buffyverse actors but I'm not sure I would be that interested in what 30-year-old Buffy is doing. And, seriously, you can't bring back any of the vampires cuz of, you know, that ageless thing!
Cabri, by the time Buffy finished David looked about a bazillion years older compared to when it began. I think, basically, people would forget about it in about 0.1 seconds. I remember all the wank about omg-sound-in-space about Serenity when people first saw the trailer - people were almost burning their browncoats - and then the movie came out with sound in space (right at the beginning!) and... well... everybody forgot. 'cos, movie.

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Said before, wait 20+ years and do a sort of 'Dark Buffy Returns' - that'd be worth telling, have all sorts of resonances for the actors and the fans and would also allow the film to tell the only story that really matters enough for a Buffy movie to be worthwhile IMO i.e. her last mission. Anything else is "just" more Buffy, it doesn't feel epic enough to me.

Saje, that is why you stick Joss on as your director. Horrah - no odd casting. SMG has said before she'd do it if a) Joss was doing it and b) the script was great.

SMG has also said (e.g. here, as linked by W'esque here) she's not sure that a two hour story would do Buffy justice (with side comments about how it was a movie and that didn't work out too well) and the way she says if the script was great sounds (to me) like she's not very keen but doesn't want to disappoint the fans. I don't blame her in any way incidentally, it's her choice and I can understand her not wanting to go back - in some ways it might look like an admission that that's all she can do.

Am I right, or am I being unfair? Should I go see it? Help me, Whedonesquers! I can't decide without you!

This thread went on at some length about Twilight's relative merits miri47 (with some of the contributions even coming from people that had read the books or seen the film ;).
Well, technically the sound at the beginning was entering the atmosphere, and then there was the fudging it to have sound in the ion cloud battle. Elsewhere in actual space, Serenity was silent.

But you are right that people would not be hung up on an older David.
The One True Bix, the first shot in Serenity (not of Serenity) includes the ships in space where you can clearly hear engines. The script actually talks about the roar of the engines. In space.

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What about the story between the TV series & the comics? How the gang got to Scotland & Faith in Cleveland? Where'd Giles go & why's there a rift between him & Buffy?

That mini-arc seems small enough to answer our unanswered questions. Who was it that said "TV asks questions & movies answer them" or something to that effect?

But perhaps that's not enough intro for people back at home. Still, it could serve as a platform as well as not intefere with the comics. All would be happy.

Fray would be great for the movies, too.
I think BNG is what it would be. Twilight is huge because a generation of young girls is in love with it, and I don't think you could get them interested in our actors (as young and gorgeous as they all look to me).

Of course, you could focus it on Dawn, since MT is on Gossip Girl. And wouldn't that be popular with the fandom! :)
jcs, why are young girls in love with Twilight? That's a story right there.
The real question is this: is there a 2 hour story you could tell with those characters that could punch the audiences heart out?

The really real question is which one.
Thanks for the link, Saje -- I missed that thread over the weekend, I guess :)
Well, the script does speak of "roaring" and a "thunder of gas and flame", but the film itself just has tiny liftoff blast sounds and then a single rushing sound which is more transitional on the cut than anything else.

But, as I said, you're right about the David thing. ;)
Ewww, what was that? I think somebody just broke atmo.
Is it kind of weird that I could see an Angel film working, but not a Buffy one? Don't know why that is, just seems like Angel would take better to the big screen to me.
I think, basically, people would forget about it in about 0.1 seconds.

Plus it's Buffy canon that vampires do age.

Kakistos is Greek, it means the worst
of the worst. It's also the name of
a vampire, so old his hands and feet
are cloven.

OK, I see now where you are going with your comparision to Twilight - some suits could get the idea that there might be money in a Buffy movie. However, even with Joss writing and directing it, I'm not sure if this wouldn't turn out to be a disappointment ...
Not that I wouldn't watch it. Not that I wouldn't like to watch it! But I'm actually looking more forward to Dollhouse.

On the other hand, Dr. Horrible was forty minutes long, and it tore my heart out and ate it while it was still beating, so maybe a two-hour-Buffy-story could work after all!
That's pretty fan-wanky though Simon. Angel, Darla, Dru, Spike etc. didn't age at all from 1900 to 2000 but from 2000 to 2008 suddenly they do (great as they all still look) ? Bit thin I reckon.

That said, there's no reason they couldn't come up with a story reason why they're aging - in fact it could be directly tied into the mainline of the plot. Or, as gossi says, folk may not care and just suspend their disbelief.

(it's more the real world that'd cause issues IMO)
why are young girls in love with Twilight?

Because the heroine is unattractive, unhappy and clumsy and yet all of the guys are in love with her, including the incredibly HOT Edward, who is commanding and masculine and insanely sexy and dangerous but willing to rein in his overwhelming desire for the sake of the girl he loves. And he glitters.
I only have two thoughts about this:

Not without Sarah.

And Xander's bad place is not a bad place; it's a happy, party in my eye place.
Fray! Fraaaaaaaaaay!

gossi, young chicks love Twilight because the language is very basic and simple; hence, more accessible. The actual story, characters, and setting are just good enough to create a niche within the genre. A tiny, tiny niche, but a niche indeed. Simple language = accessible language = wide audience.

For a lot of young readers, it's the first "cool" vamp story they've encountered.

The film totally has flaws, but is very true to the book and well cast. It's also well-executed considering the low budget.

Twilight is awesome pulp fiction.

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Vampires shouldn't glitter.
That's pretty fan-wanky though Simon

Wait till you hear how Angel becomes the Face of Boe.
I agree with those mentioning “Fray.” I would love to see a Fray movie--the arch is way more manageable than trying to make, what would essentially be, a “Buffy Reunion” movie. Here are some advantages.

1. You don’t have to worry about coordinating the schedules of all those actors (Not to mention Joss behind the Camera as Director—he’s always a busy boy.). I should also mention here that aging wouldn’t be a problem either. Fray doesn’t have a actor representation…yet.
2. Joss would have the freedom to write a screenplay that is not attached to 7 years (or longer if you count the movie) of history, character development, and storyline.
3. This would allow for exploration of Mel as a character.
4. More slayer lore. That is never a bad thing, because all real slayer lore comes from Joss.

The above points are, of course, only IMHO.

This is not to say that I don’t care about what is happening with 30 year-old Buffy. I just feel like Mel’s storyline, although not as develop as Buffy's, has equally valuable elements, and much more feasible aspects.

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Buffy would rake more money in the box-office. Which is what 20th Century Fox would look at first. And last. And in between.
Indeed. Plus, sci-fi, future - harder sell, less money return (usually).

My pitch would be something to do with 'how much would you give up to be loved?'. It would also involve waffles.
Yes...but how many films are based on comic book characters that no one has ever heard of before?

Until the movies, I had never heard of Hellboy, Ironman, or the Fantanstic Four. I know, most people would think I was born under a rock, but I honestly never heard of any of them. And I still went to see the movies, because the stories looked interesting. I can't be the only one.

As an aside, I had never picked up a comic book until I found out that Buffy canon was continuing in that medium. Go figure.
Hey, return of Tara! :-) But I'd love any Buffy movie, really. Twilight is just so horrid.
I've not yet seen "Twilight" and, in all honestly, I really don't care to. It just doesn't strike my fancy.

However, a Joss production would just light my candle. I'll be all over it. If you must ask why, you're in the wrong room:)
Said before, wait 20+ years and do a sort of 'Dark Buffy Returns' - that'd be worth telling, have all sorts of resonances for the actors and the fans and would also allow the film to tell the only story that really matters enough for a Buffy movie to be worthwhile IMO i.e. her last mission. Anything else is "just" more Buffy, it doesn't feel epic enough to me.

Yeah... if it were a killer script, I could go for this... but I'd be nervous even then. Generally, I feel like the serial story-telling was what made Buffy so great and I'm not really interested in getting just a couple of hours more with better special effects... especially given that it would have to be accessible to those who hadn't watched the series. That would tie their hands too much, methinks - writing both for the fans and the "new" audience. The greatness of later seasons depended so much on the earlier seasons and these long characters arcs. I'd rather see new stuff from Joss and the actors both, ultimately.
I don't get how fans could say "NO" to a Buffy movie. I understand worrying, but it's been proven that transistions from television to film can work, by Joss no less. 2 hours is enough time to have a great story and character development, we already know everything about the characters. It'd be a nice revisit and I'd basically do ANYTHING to see the actors play these characters again and speak Joss' dialogue.

I believe Sarah when she says she'd do it if everything was good. Nick and Tony said they would. Michelle has said if Sarah is there, so will she. No clue about Alyson, if she doesn't want to..... throw money at her. We don't really need anyone else besides these amazing 5 people, but hey, the more the merrier.

My fantasy land: After Dollhouse's successful 5 year run on television, Joss decides it's time to end the show. (Season 3 wasn't that good because Joss was gone to make the direct-to-DVD Serenity sequel). He takes some downtime to rest and then begins writing the most perfect Buffyverse movie and starts meeting with the studio. It happens, end of story.
Wow, that 1998 Variety article is a random, trippy blast from the past. A whole buttload of obscure aborted Whedon projects.
Besides the previously unknown (to me at least) Buffy movie we have:

--"Animated musical feature film based on the legend of Dracula...Whedon's first original screenplay under his deal with the Fox studio, and he's expected to produce and write the songs for the film as well."

--"Grampire is a feature film family comedy about "two kids who suspect their grandfather is a creature of the night," Whedon said. The idea for the script came from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and both Whedon and the Buffy staff will write the script."

--"Alienated is a comedy about someone kidnapped by aliens who turns the tables on his captors. Whedon will supervise a writer and that project and may co-write."

--"Whedon and his team are also developing a midseason TV pilot for Fox Broadcasting Co. called Cheap Shots. It's an ensemble sitcom, co-written by Buffy writer Ty King, about people making low-budget horror films at a B-movie company."

To paraphrase Robert Downey Jr. in Zodiac...holy freakin' crap!!! Am I the only person hear who never heard of any of this? I knew about "Die Hard on a bridge" and the one with the resurrected scientist fleeing a government organization/conspiracy. I just didn't realize there were so many unrealised Joss projects.
I don't think Twilight's success translates to Buffy ($) potential. It's more of a "Titanic" effect, in my mind. I haven't seen (or read) Twilight, but I get the impression the fascination is all about romance and gorgeous dreamy boys, in that crazy hormonal I-can't-stand-it way. Yeah, that stuff is in Buffy, but it's not what Buffy is. If it was, there would have been throngs of screaming fangirls (as opposed to just the scattered ones ;-) from the beginning.

And I think SMG is just done with Buffy (which makes me sad but I don't blame her) and anything she says that leaves the door open is just being polite and not wanting to crush people's hopes.
hitnrun017, I think your fantasy is fantasy. Joss doesn't really take breaks, and giving Dollhouse only 5 seasons is silly (to me) in a fantasy. Why not 12? My fantasy demands more, I guess.

What if the story was told in a "new character" fashion? Like Rogue on the "X-Men" movie. A new slayer is "empowered", and swept up in the chaos that is post-Sunnydale. She gets recruited into Buffy's ranks, where she learns about their motive & such, blah, blah... she joins them, and they kick serious butt with an army of slayers. Seams the easiest way to intorduce the long lore to newbies & keep the "fans" interested (new character & situation).
Personally I would love a Buffy-verse movie in the style of "The Chain". Focus on some other slayer - introduce a new audience to this world through her experiences. Where was she when Willow's magic reached her? How did she find out what it means to be a Slayer? What is her destiny?

There would be tons of room for dearly loved characters (or half forgotten ones) from the past to show up. Maybe set it in post-Katrina New Orleans - seems like that would be vamp heaven. Or above the arctic circle - half the year that must always be a vamp play ground.

Anyhow, with something like this you could allow any actors who wanted to reprise their role to do so, without being dependent on anyone in particular. And I think it would lead to a more self contained, accessible story. Plus you could cast a younger group of actors.

Either this or The Fray Movie, which I always see being done in the style of the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - real actors but everything else CGE, because what would Fray be without those beautiful colors and the flying cars?
I would love a big screen Buffy film with both the Buffy cast and the Angel cast.
I don't get how fans could say "NO" to a Buffy movie.

I would go see it no matter what of course ;). But I was satisfied with what we got on the air, I liked where it ended up, and it sounds like a lot of people who wanted more of the story are very interested in the comics. So I guess I don't see the point of a movie. With Firefly, there was a real frustration that the story hadn't been finished, had barely gotten off the ground. But even then, the main feeling I got from the movie was, "oh... imagine if this was a full season of television!"

Obviously, the right story, the right timing, it could work and then I'd go and eat all of my hats. Or maybe I'd just hide them in the dumpster and say I'd eaten them. It's just not something I'm hoping for, I guess. Knowing Joss has new stories to tell, them's what I'm eagerly waiting for.

As for Twilight's success paving the way for a Buffy movie... I think that lends itself to a Wonder Woman type situation, where they think: "hey, vampires! This'll be great!" but then wouldn't like what they were getting because it would be the anti-Twilight in so many ways. (Not that anybody was thinking, "hey, vampires!" about Wonder Woman. I just mean... they think they've got the right guy to do what they want, but they don't really know what they want, and he isn't the right guy to do it).

But hope and enthusiasm are nice things and so maybe I should stop stomping on the yay. I do like the idea of a Fray movie, though I haven't read the comics yet. That's probably why ;).
Simon, you're right, somehow I missed that one line out of 145 episodes. How on earth could I? ;)

I think I've always assumed that any changes vamps go through were due to evilness corrupting their original body and the body simply ... drying up.

But haven't David and/or James said there's a limited window where they would agree to appear in something Buffy-related? Because of the 'unchanging' issue? And something like this probably would take several years to get off the ground since Joss isn't exactly sitting on his hands these days.
Wait till you hear how Angel becomes the Face of Boe.

You have no idea how much I'd love to see a Buffy crossover with Torchwood :)
Clearly you need to watch them all again, cabri. :)

He could do a wacky kids' movie about the little baseball player who suddenly found herself super-strong. :)
Fray would be perfect. The budget could be just right and it has basically already been done before (Fifth Element at least for the visual style). The only question would be whether the tenuous connection to Buffy is enough to ensure success. I personally think it can stand on its own.
You have no idea how much I'd love to see a Buffy crossover with Torchwood :)

And it could be done so easily. Capt. Jack is The Immortal, after all.
Summer Glau as Fray?

Also, m'cookies, you make me laugh!
Fray the movie! Shape up the dialogue (future-speak is slightly irritating, as much as I love Fray) and you could have a hit which you could market as a continuation of Buffy without (necessarily!) requiring any of the original actors, Whedon's got an entirely new playground and the potential to cast Morenna Baccarin again. Plus, it would be a scifi wet dream.
Oh, gosh a movie to rev up the Shipper Wars! ]snerk-snerk[

Selfishly, I think I'll always remain to mad at Joss to enjoy a feature as much as I'd want to...which makes sense if you're using my brand of logic.but I'd still probably give them soem of my money for it, and that's really what artists of the post-1989- age want the most, as we found out back in the record warning labels debate.
I think Buffy's story lends itself perfectly to a movie, and I think that the fanbase that has embraced Twilight's tale would find plenty to love in a feature length movie. Buffy was never strictly about the romance, but as a twelve year old girl I was swept away by season 2, hooked on Buffy for life. I believe the actors are still completely in their prime, and Buffy's adventures are epic and entertaining enough to sustain a movie. The only thing it must absolutely have is romance, and it would be a serious hit. I know first hand that many of Twilight's fans find issue with the title character, leading Stephanie Meyer to specifically comment that "we can't all be superheros". Maybe we can't, but that doesn't mean that young girls don't want to watch and follow them! I did, and I think that now is the time, and this is the story.

I would be beyond ecstatic to see a Buffy movie made. I think it would kick Serenity's box office ass. Do it Joss! This is the moment!

Dollhouse is great but with movies go the glory, and if ever there was a moment to sweep in with box office triumph, this is it. Forget about the disappointment of X Files, that show sucked anyway. Think more SatC meets Twilight plus Batman and just let your imaginations go from there, studio execs!
Would a Buffy movie be amazing? In a word.... YES
My dream Buffy movie would be a remake of the original Buffy movie with Joss in charge. I'd love to see her origin retold and to round out the story with a perfect beginning. But alas we can't make the cast look like teenagers again.

I haven't yet read Fray, but I think that the story of another slayer and her beginning and hero's (can't stand the word 'heroine') journey would probably work the best for a film.

As for David Boreanaz, I'd say he currently looks better (and younger) than he did during the fifth season of Angel. He'd put on a little weight in his face during that season which made him look like he'd aged. I can't comment on James Marsters as I haven't seen him in anything in recent years.
Wow, ailiel! If a studio decides to do it, they should hire you for the promotion. I'm generally of the opinion that a Buffy movie is not such a great idea, but you even got me excited there!
Dana5140 wrote:
Hey, return of Tara! :-)

Seconded! Motion passes unanimously. :)
These headlines have got to stop giving me half-hopeful heart attacks.

To quote from a linked W'esque thread: "Be honest, if any of you clicked on your Whedonesque favorite tab to see "Buffy to be made into movie!" as a headline, you would probably throw up in excitement." -1/22/08 cowboycliche)

That said, for box office success I have to go with JossIzBoss's reasoning above - a remake of the original by Joss, with an unfortunately un-high-school-age-able cast, seems most logical for a big screen venture.
Fan-wise, I think mostly I'd just like to live in my fantasy world where Buffy actually stayed on TV and continued to be awesome. If there was a movie, I'd be there, but I'd be wary. I can't say Serenity uber-impressed me, of all of Joss's work.
A feature Buffy film with all the original characters and Angel (team too if Joss is inclined) would be a dream come true. Seeing SMG as Buffy again, with Joss writing it....WOWZA.

I second the excitement of a possible return of Tara. Even a ghost cameo would rock the house. :) So YAY, finally we get talk of Buffy on the big screen. Nice article Gossi.

I think the kids in the class are watching a made-for-tv like video of the exodus from Earth-that-was and the Alliance made the computer animators put some swoosh noises in and the animators justified it by saying the sound receivers of the camera ship were still in atmo.

gossi | November 24, 23:28 CET
The real question is this: is there a 2 hour story you could tell with those characters that could punch the audiences heart out?

The battle after Angel TV series ends. Buffy trying to free Angel and LA. You know save the world again. Waiting to see who Joss kills. Stuff like that.
I realize this has nothing to do with a Buffy movie (which would be great, by the way, as long as there's no Kennedy.), but I was just doing some French homework on entertainment-type things, and Buffy was on the schedule I was filling out. It gave me a happy, although it didn't really make me any more motivated to finish. I enjoy French about as much as Buffy did.
I realize this has nothing to do with a Buffy movie (which would be great, by the way, as long as there's no Kennedy.)

Hey! If everybody else gets their damn movie, I can have mine, too... :-)
Joss could always do one of those "Matrix" moves. Make the first 2 hours part of a two parter, or even three parter. Give us 6 more hours of Buffy. See now I'm getting greedy. With Buffy, I wonder if it would ever be enough. Seriously.
I would LOVE a Buffy movie.
NOt interested in Fray I'm afraid, and not interested in "The Next Generation" either. I want the characters and actors I know and love.
Suspension of disbelief works for the aging thing. A few years could have gone by. Not too many though. I don't want to see 60 year old Buffy.

As a matter of fact David looks better than he did when he was on Angel, James looks fantastic too.Anybody see him in PS I LOve you, translates very well to the big screen he does. Sarah is still lovely.
miri47: I read Twilight recently, and thought it was pretty much the anti-Buffy--weak and annoying female lead, poor plotting, bland and boring characters, and just generally bad writing. I had heard some bad and some good, and though I didn't particularly expect to like it, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Instead I found not only insipid but also disturbing: the guy is stalkery, controlling, and borderline abusive, yet the author (and legions of young fans) seem to think he's some kind of romantic ideal.

But all that aside (and to return to something resembling the topic) I get the comparison in the article. From a studio-exec's POV, Buffy and Twilight are kinda the same thing. Could lead to interest in a movie. (Also there's the Sex and the City precendent for TV-show-on-big-screen-years-later, which can't hurt.)

Honestly, though, I don't want a movie. Like others have said, there's so much complex backstory that a movie wouldn't have time to acknowledge, so many characters that would short-change. I'd rather stick with the comics (which don't have to appeal to such a broad audience), and have some new things from Joss to go with them. Much more interested in Dollhouse at this point. And still holding on to a little forlorn hope for Goners :-)

[ETfix crazy italics. HTML not really my thing--but I'm learning.]

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I tend prefer the TV to the movies, probably because I have longer to get to know the characters and their world and their stories. I prefer shows like Buffy, Firefly, BSG, HIMYM, Veronica Mars, House, etc, to virtually any movie I've seen. (That said, I loved Doctor Horrible, which somehow managed to be awesome and heart wrenching in only 45 minutes; I'm not sure how that fits into the picture.) So, I'd prefer to have Dollhouse go on for seasons and seasons than a single two-hour Buffy movie.

However, if a Buffy movie ever existed, it'd still be a big happy.
While I would love to see a Buffy movie, I don't see Twilight helping the cause that much for it to happen. Buffy doesn't have a huge best-selling novel like Twilight does.

I imagine Hollywood is going to jump to adapt other Vampire romance books (there's a lot of them out there) rather than revisit older franchises like Buffy.

The success of Lord of the Rings didn't get Hollywood to say revisit a sequel to Lucas' Willow or any older fantasy movies. No, we instead got Narnia, the Golden Compass and Eragon movies based on best-selling fantasy novels.
If Joss really decided he wanted to do it I think the cast (including Sarah) would be in.
The next vampire romance film had better be intelligent and made for adults (Great. Now I have to try and remember the last time we had one of those).
I would think studios would be more into the "how do we get teens/tweens excited" angle than the vampire angle.
Tonya J: It was probably Queen of the Damned.
Ideally the movie would involve this and this. ---> [Fray and (future) Buffy spoilers]

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No, I never saw Queen of the Damned. Good lord, could it be way back to The Hunger? Twisted, but still romance. Oh. Okay, I guess it would be Bram Stoker's Dracula. It had some touching moments, but Winona Ryder (yeesh).

I would like a Fray movie. But I'm on-board with anything Joss chooses to do. I'm not picky.
Love Fray... Love Buffy. Love Joss. But I'd really love for Joss to read the novel I mailed him and decide it's GENIUS! (which, if my "fans" are to be believed...) *grins* and turn it into that must see Buffy movie...*looks around* - if you're interested, check my profile for the link - *sighs* but seriously? I would think odds are pretty slim that a Buffy movie'll happen with Joss so busy with "Dollhouse" - not that I'm complaining about another Joss show :)
Send the Season 8 comics to Pixar and tell them to go to town.

Really, I think a great live action Buffy film would be hard to pull off at this point between the running time constraints and the aging issues. I'd rather have the original series stand alone than have it tarnished by a Buffy equivalent of "Star Trek: Nemesis" or "X-Files: I Want to Believe".

But remember how great that demo for the animated series was that leaked a little while back?

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I'd love a Fray movie, but I'd love an Angel or Buffy movie even more. I'm also of a similar mind as McGuffin: Animation has advanced to an extraordinary degree in the past decade or so, to the point where characters with the stylistic look of a comic book could be rendered using motion capture technology that would emulate the believability of real life. Animating the Buffyverse comics with today's capabilities means no creative limits on what's possible storyline-wise, no financial constraints on practical sets or monsters, and no aging issues for actors, who could be preserved forever in the amber of artistic perfection (surely an appealing way to get even the most disinclined player on board).

Think along the lines of visual terrain that Sin City has explored thus far, with the movie's imagery derived from the unified vision of a particular artist as filtered through the Joss sensibility. What a marriage -- Joss's script, his words and passion; his richest, most reknowned 'verse; and one of his heart's dearest joys, comics, coalesced and then spun out on the silver screen. It wouldn't be the live action vehicle with the flesh-and-blood actors that we all dream of -- how could it be? -- but rather a new and fabulous thing with the blessing of the original, breathing with all the life and power of its televisual namesake. And sequals? Great scripts from Joss (or hell, Tim Minear, etc. etc.), no problem.

Along with every hardcore fan, you'd likely draw thousands of eye-candy-addicted (highly attractive-to-H'wood) young males who, prior to this, wouldn't have touched the girly-focused Buffy or anything related with a 10-foot pole. Then toss in the animation and video-game fans, fantasy fans, adults into graphic novels, anyone looking for something unique, intelligent and distinctive, and finally, the merely curious. Millions of dollars have been spent on courting narrower demographic niches, with less potential of success. Finally, Joss has a proven record of bucking the odds by doing what's never been done before in any given medium he tackles. I'll try squinting, but through my delightful rose-tinted spectacles I'm just not seeing the bad here.
Hmm... yeah I just think a continuation of the series wouldn't work, especially now the cast are all 30-somethings. If they ever do a movie, I'd prefer it to be a Star Trek style reboot with all new cast and a distillation of the important parts of the story.
Oddly, I had a dream about this last night... The 3rd Buffy movie was coming out and I was queueing to see it... Then my alarm went off.
In reality, as nice as all of the above sounds, I think mayhaps the 'Buffy Feature' ship has sailed. Twilight was made on the cheap and with unknowns, so it's not really a valid point of comparison. Especially given that if you look closely at DB and SMG/P's body language whenever they're asked the 'Buffy Movie?' question- their lips say yes, but the eyes seem to scream 'Hell, no!"

Still, we're getting closer to seeing the 'Arrested Development' movie, which I thought never had a shot, so what the hell do I know?!
I cringe at the trend of remaking TV shows with new casts (Star Trek, Get Smart, I Spy etc. etc.) so count me as not on board for a Buffy version.
Some people point to the "Star Trek" movies and say that's an example of why we shouldn't have the original cast in a Buffy movie. Do you remember "The Wrath of Kahn" and "The Undiscovered Country" ? Those were brilliant movies.

I'd love to see how Buffy and crew are making life work in their mid-thirties. I'd also love to see the novel fanfic I'm writing on the big screen, with the spectacular return of the blonde witch.

It ain't gonna happen.

That's just he way things are. We seldom get what we want, unless we're rich and powerful, and even then nothing is guaranteed. Look at the world now. We have an international economic meltdown, and nations are rattling their swords at each other instead of coming together and cooperating. It's awful, it's arrogant, it's irresponsible and it's stupid. But that's the world for you.

Sorry for the digression. So, the official comic and fanfic is all the new Buffy we've got. I can live with it.

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Well as everyone here, I would really like a Buffy movie, but it seems to me quite difficult to achieve nowadays. As always, I will pinpoint that the most Buffy, except for the comics, we can hope to see, is in the thirteen lost scripts of Buffy animated : they are already written, they wouldn't cost a lot of money and would help revive the franchise in the eyes of movie executives.
What about doing Buffy the Dr. Horrible way?
Straight to the web and DVD? Bypass the suits entirely? Like "Sanctuary" initially did and "The Guild" is still doing?

I dig it!

This probably won't happen for Buffy, but it's already happening for other series, and I'd like to see more. Get the suits out of the way entirely and put the creators in charge. Maybe we'll have a renaissance in entertainment, where people who actually care about a production are the ones who make it, "stem to stern."

I wish the suits would just provide money and get out of the way, but they won't. Like the federal government, they always seem to meddle. It's as if business school doesn't teach them that "too many cooks spoils the broth." Their soups always come out bland and tasteless, appealing to the lowest common palate.

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Straight to Web...perfect format for my "award-winning" idea Spook Squad ; if Joss wanted to do it, I'm sure he could get Amber, Alexis, Danny, Bianca, and Ken Lerner, probably not Julie tho.

quantumac; novel length fic?

CaughtNTheQuiet: So you did send him a copy?

You go, frauleins!
I was a diehard original Star Trek fan.
I absolutely loved the movies that came out. The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, made me very happy. Now I am ready for the re-boot that's coming up. Let's face it, with some of the original actors dead, it's time.

Not so for Buffy. I will always welcome a Buffy movie with the original characters and actors. I don't give a piss about aging. It sure didn't hurt my enjoyment of the Star Trek flicks.

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