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November 25 2008

Link The Loot. Felicia Day's award-winning The Guild Season Two premieres with all new guild hijinks. And there's interviews with Felicia over at G4's X-Play website, NPR, Asylum and Tubefilter as well.

Sweet! It's not even up at the official site yet, last I checked anyway.
Cyantre, from the THR article,
Four weeks after each episode of "Guild" airs, it moves into a second window on

BTW, what would be the correct term for 'airs' on the internet, I'd accept 'released' or 'made available' but there must be something better ?

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It looks a lot more polished this season; they're doing a lot more with the camera.
Oh no, don't do it!
Hee! Yay, I missed The Guild.

Also, agree with jlp - looking much more polished. Good stuff.

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jpr, I suggest "streams" as the web equivalent to the traditional "airs".
SteveP, yes but in my book that specifically excludes content available for download, but what would be the expression for both streamed and downloadable content ?
Just watched it!
Holy Guacamole! Loved it! =D

Still can't find the subtitles, and the episode is not showing on the main playlist... but I guess it'll all be up later.
I added nightravenx's link to the entry.
Haha! Clara is the best mom ever. Love the matching shirts at the end, too.
That had me rolling!
Really funny writing, and I agree with jlp about it looking a lot more polished than last season.

A T-1 line should be the way to every girl's heart :)
Felicia is also going to be on NPR's Day to Day! :D
It looks a lot more polished this season; they're doing a lot more with the camera.

And lighting, makeup, sound, editing - more money means more production values. But it's good that they're keeping so much that was originally probably chosen out of poverty in terms of the sets and the look of the characters - just opening it up a little and making it prettier, without losing the feel of it.

The mom from hell is a real estate lawyer? The writing hasn't lost anything either.
A T1's pretty irresistable. Plus, he knows the answer to life, so...bonus points.

Cliffhanger's evil, but at least we only have to wait a week.
I added TawnyJayne and tracerkicker's links as well.
Felicia Day and Morgan Webb? Two of my three pretend TV girlfriends together? Awesome.
Good episode.

Why do they beep "dirty" words from season one eps? I mean what's beep-able about e.g. "vagina loyalty" (Ep. 6 Total Wipe)?

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I liked it. The T1 thing is intriguing, because a T1 is not actually that fast, at least as far as download speed goes. It's a very common misconception.

This leads to three possibilities:

1) Felicia and company know how a T1 actually works, and are using the common misconception about its speed as a plot device (is Zaboo being ignorant or duplicitous?)
2) They don't know, and are in the process of making an innocent technical error that will go unnoticed by 99.98% of the viewers.
3) The focus of Season 2 is not going to be on T1 connection speeds (gasp!)

Can't wait for the next episode!
4) Codex can only afford dial-up, so a T1 is super fast. Hey, she's unemployed! ;)
I'll be disconnecting my Internet soon myself, so Zaboo is welcome to doorstep me if he wants to pay for a T1.
This show is back, and also shows there's nothing sexier than a guy who can install a T-1 line for you.
I have to say, as much as I'm usually anti-microsoft, they did get this one as right as can be expected. Serious trouble getting it to play in Linux, but that's not really news here.

However, with Windows, it played right away. None of the 'youre outside USA, youre f*cked' issues so often seen with the more traditional broadcasting ventures. At least MSN seems to realize what global means. And of course, it's viewable right away, without needing to wait for a month for the guild website release. And, it really seems the deal is nice for Felicia, which is all the better, lets just hope this kind of thing gets more common.

Excellent season opening too. And weekly episodes, oh the joy.

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