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November 25 2008

Buffy Scythe reproduction. Possibly the best present ever to get, some pretty amazing pictures too.

Amazing. I want one.
as amazing as this is - and it really is exponentially-prefixy amazing - I think I'd rather have one that's made of safer I could wield it and swing it (hehe) without fearing of cutting my head off :D. This thing, I'd be scared to even handle it, it looks so fierce and real.

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I think that, just this once, we can justifiably use the word
...Jealous, much.

That's a damn impressive effort, I could not spot a flaw in it. Stunning.
Really lovely bit of work but I agree that this is for serious cos-players/re-enactors only, by the looks of it it wouldn't even be legal to carry in public in the UK since, despite the lower grade steel, it's still tantamount to walking around with a sword or axe - i.e. asking for a prompt "visit" from your nearest Armed Response Unit ;).
Woah. How much effort went into that?

I've always felt the scythe was a bit unwieldy as girly accessories go anyway. Wouldn't a collapsible version be easier to carry in your handbag? You know, like with tampons.

... too far?
My mind just went to a VERY weird place, where Slayers frolic on beaches, riding horses and swinging scythes above their heads. Scary.

Oh and I have sibling envy. Considering that for my birthday my sister got me zip all tied up in a zilch paper with a nada bow on top.
Well, at least she wrapped it.
Yay - the ritual nearly-spitting-out-my-cereal-while-I-read-whedonesque-in-the-morning... thank you skittledog and Saje.
Like nyrk said, I'd prefer a safer one, but it does look amazing!
I don't remember there being skulls on the real one....
Wow, that is awesome! It sure beats my papermache version (but I won a prize! LOL). I would really love to have one like that, but it was too lovingly and pains-takingly made. They shouldn't even think of selling such a labor of love.
The words "want, have, take" come to mind.
My god. I'd say the Sibling of the Year award goes to this cat's brother - not for any Buffy-related reason, but because he spent five months planning and executing a labour of love like this. Hats off.
Thats, really really beautifully done! A superb piece of work indeed.

I have to admit though I've always disliked the design of the original in the show really. It was too comic booky for my tastes and it didn't seem to fit in with the overall feel of the Buffyverse somehow.

But as I said before this replica is just stunning and the best replica that I've ever had the pleasure of looking at.

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And, also, WANT. (Even though I'm sure I'd resemble the Black Knight only a few swings after getting my hands on it.)
I was very excited about this until I read that the skulls are made from real elephant ivory. Now, not so much.
That thing is gorgeous. And I love the skull beads. :)

(Ooops, I just read the comment above mine right after I posted. Hahaha. Irony is funny.)

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Damn! My brother didn't even give me a call for my birthday!

That is spectacular! I want one!
Giles'chainsawchick Well, I made a scale replica for my Buffy to wield.

And I'm working on a replica Jackal - bit smaller than the original, but I can still hold it in my hand.

Of course, my replicas are made from Sculpey III - I can't even begin to imagine what that one cost to make!

I am, however, tempted to make one for myself, using Styrofoam - my Morgul Lord's morning star looks pretty dang wicked, but is light enough to lift and swing without hurting myself.
What a scythe! What a brother, to spend 5 months making that! He must be Simon to her River Tam. :^)
That is excellent. Major kudos.
In case you were wondering what to get me for Christmas....
Wow, siblings to this kind of stuff for each other?

Being an only child sucks.
Luck of the draw with siblings. You might get one that makes real-life Scythes, or you might get...Dawn.
That's awesome. Certainly beats a baseball bat when it comes to repelling home intruders in the middle of the night. :)

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