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July 31 2003

More info about 'Venetian Heat'. The upcoming movie starring James Marsters. Information on who else is in the movie, who plays who, who directs, etc. Scroll down past the Angel news.

Strange, it says that filming is to BEGIN in late October in Italy. I thought they were already filming, won't that interfere with Angel? Or will they be on Christmas hiatus by then?
Cris -- IIRC, there was an interview with Marsters posted last week -ish that discussed his schedule. Something like Joss thought the movie was a good opportunity for James, so AtS would shoot Spike's scenes around the movie's schedule.
Yup, James will be filming for seven weeks in Italy, and Joss is gonna work around his schedule. He's still supposed to be in every episode this year.
Let me just say that I'm really excited about this film. It's bringing my family together, Lord of the rings fans and me, the Buffy fan. On the other hand I don't want Angel to suffer from too much Angel and not enough Spike. But in the end I'm sure I'll be happy with the final product. I wonder when Venatian Heat will be released?
Can Spike stay in Venice, please?

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