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November 25 2008

Buffy #19 ships tomorrow. According to Previews.

Wonder if it'll be in my local comic book store (in the UK) when im there on Saturday. (and by local I mean 30 miles away as that is nearest)
And the next one comes out three weeks later, right? So... December 16th? Is that correct?
Looking forward to it.
yay! It seems like years since the last one!
That's just the lag from all the temporal shifting.
It really does seem years since the last issue, and I am totally into this Fray/Evil Willow Arc. I love it when Willow gets her black veins on.
Hehe, Sunfire :) I have nothing else to add, just amusement. Oh! And relief that it'll finally be here tomorrow.
Still another two and a half weeks until I'm in a position to pick it up, I'm sure it'll be worth it though. Plus it'll be giving me good reading material for the Christmas break.
When I read the first issue back in July, I was riding in a car to Vegas. Now... I am no longer in Vegas.

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