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November 25 2008

Whedon Speak: 'Buffy - The Chain'. Find out why issue five of Buffy season 8 matters.

Nice article. I love 'The Chain', I'd probably rank it along my very favourite Buffy stories.
That was lovely.

And my thanks for all of you - Joss and Co. and whedonesquers of all flavors/flavours. Happy Thanksgiving for those of you giving thanks.

"Something has been left out from fear. Something has been altered, from vanity. We have tried to accentuate differences. From the desire to be separate we have laid stress upon our faults, and what is particular to us. But there is a chain whirling round, round, in a steel-blue circle beneath." Virginia Woolf, The Waves

(I know I've posted this before, but I do love it and it really fits.)

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I liked the message but enjoyed the story the least of all the issues so far. The moment where she goes down into the ground gave me chills and Andrew's acting made me smile, but the overall storyline just kind of lost me by the end. It had its moments but it just didn't quite come together for me.
Dunno, didn't impress me much.
the one issue of season 8 i haven't read, i should probably do that but by now its so hard to find.
This is my favourite Buffy comic story thusfar.
Isn't it collected in TLWH trade paperback?
The Chain was one of my favorite episodes in S8 before I lost my job last April and had to stop getting the issues out of financial necessity.

The message sent by Paul's writing is important. Not only do I think about the people I don't know who aren't famous in any way, I'm trying to reach out to people who are meaningful to me, particularly artists whose work touches me, before it's too late, before I pull back in fear, because imparting the knowledge they have moved me in a significant way, made me think, elevated my spirit, is I think, one of the most important things you can do for another person.

Within the last year I've become acquainted with someone at MySpace who I found out did something incredible for another person in the business, reached out to him, and have been in contact with him here and there ever since. Recently, I sent a letter to someone else in the business. Whether it arrives or not is anyone's guess, since it came back and got sent out again on try no. 2, but as I told the person, in part: _________ was given credit and appreciation where it was due, and I have been trying to do the same when I am filled with joy by not only the work, but the artist's belief-system about it, right down to their core. And I feel that about you. I think far too often people wait and are shy and retiring about giving thanks, and sometimes it ends up being too late. I don't want that to happen.

We are all connected. Giving thanks is important in whichever way you choose to do it. Thank you, Paul.

PS: I'd write to Joss privately if there was a place to write, but I've told him here a zillion times I love him as a person and an artist, so think I've got it covered.

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Makes me want to reread it; I've always felt I was missing something, but I think this article may have helped me find it. Well, I usually skim over some of the older issues when a new one turns up, so in a few days I'll break it out again.
I *love* The Chain. I just did a re-read and posted a critique of the issue here, if anyone would like to read some more thoughts on the issue. If anyone would like to refresh their memory about the issue, here is a preview gallery for Season 8.
That's an excellent, thought-provoking review of The Chain, Emmie.
The Chain is a masterpiece, Joss at his best.
With all the excitements in S8, many Slayers, Fray, Buffy as a general, Buffy's struggles now and in the future, you always have this girl's story in the back of your head.
I love Buffy and Satsu! So cute. Buffy's sexuality--and, I would argue, every human being on earth's--is more complex than we may be able to understand. So while I think it's necessary and important that we talk about sexuality (which is likely why Joss decided to introduce the character development), I don't think it's necessary that we make a big, bad deal out of it.

Season 8 is so good! I just read through the entire series in preparation for this week's #19, and it really gave me a better perspective on this season's arc.
I also loved the Chain it was poignant and a perfect one shot. I just got off work so I am not in a deep analysis mode but I had to put my two cents in to say that it was a beautiful story and it was the first time I was actually really happy that Buffy was continuing. Before that I was happy intellectually but I didn't feel it yet, this issue made me feel it. Every time I re-read it, I hope and pray and beg that she isn't going to die and everytime she does. Do books ever actually change their story if you wait a while? Not that I would ever change it. I haven't even read it recently but thinking about it, I get sad for fake Buffy and the little fairy girl who laid her eggs in her.

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