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November 25 2008

Dr. Horrible DVD kinda "days away from being released". The news was up on the official site and has now been removed and is now back again.

[ edited by Simon on 2008-11-26 08:32 ]

Well, There's one thing for me to put on the ole Christmas list.

I totally asked for this for Xmas and my sister just mailed to say "I couldn't find it anywhere." Excellent!!!

Now I can happily direct here there. Thank you MattK!
Wait. Where on the site does it say that?
Gah! The homepage has now changed. Perhaps they put it up early by mistake? For anyone who missed it, it was in big white text where it now only says "Soundtrack Now Available."
I can still see the text. Maybe they were just working on the site...
Awww. Bummer.

Probably a false alarm.

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I see the "days away." My question is, "How many?"
Text is back
"The DVD is days away from being released!

Make it a perfect holiday gift. Buy one or two or three...

New merchandise will also be available shortly."

Interesting that it says released and not available for pre-ordereing. New merchandise! Whoo-hoo!
Yay!! I hope that international shipping is available!

Plus, I wonder what the new merchandise is?

Edited 'cause Anonymous1 beat me to it! :)

[ edited by JenskiJen on 2008-11-26 04:28 ]
I still don't see any text. What's the deal? Anyone else having this problem?
I could see it before, but now it's gone.

Still, I'm way excited.
That was weird. Typed in and the itunes note was there and not the new text. Did a Ctrl f5 for refresh and it was there. Typed in and it is still there.
I don't get the text with the www, but I do get it without the www.
I can see the text just fine. It better not be a false alarm, 'cause I havn't seen Dr. Horrible yet and I was really looking forward to it.
I cleared cookies and internet files a day or so ago. So maybe the new page is not loading on others pcs. CTRL key and F5 seems to work.
I have no trouble seeing it, maybe I should do a screen capture? Would it sound too cynical if I pointed out that 365 is a number of days? But I'll have faith and assume we are talking about less than a month, maybe even only a week? Or is that too much to hope?
I'm seeing the new text on both and
Hmm. I don't see it either. But obviously some have so it's either they were testing, posted too soon, but soon enough that someone thought it worth putting on the official page, or we all are seriously being punked by the j,j,m,z crew. Or the ELE...? Seems raising hopes just to dash them would be right up their alley.
Perhaps the site suffers from premature merchandisation and can't help itself.
Someone on Twitter mentioned this this afternoon. He was interested in the League of Evil submissions being announced. I kept waiting for a little more information from @drhorrible on Twitter, but so far zip.
That thing with the www. affecting which version of the page appears happens whenever I update my website. If someone understands it, I would really enjoy an explanation, as it is the bane of my existence.
Ctrl key and F5 key not helping?
I can't see it, though I'm not doubting it's been there. Weird.
embers | November 26, 04:43 CET took a screen capture of it.
Now I DON'T get it without the www, but DO GET IT with the www. The reverse of what it was for me five minutes ago.
I'm not getting it at all, but YAY HOORAY.
I jumped over to Internet Explorer (never been there with IE). I can get it with the www, but not without it. Damn, that's strange.
This is all easily explained: the site can peer into our souls, and displays different things accordingly. Only the truly evil can see the announcement, as only they are worthy of knowing the mysteries of the ELE. Those of you who can't see it or are going back and forth, kick puppies for a while; it should come right up.

I, of course, can see it just fine.
No longer do the dance of joy.
I'm getting it!

*Moves to the evil side of the room*
It's like the emperor's new clothes. Some of us are obviously too intelligent to see it.
I can see it too, now. >:) *evil grin*
Okaay.... I did NOT kick any puppies and yet I can see it now. Crap. I'm evil.

The DVD is days away from being released!

Make it a perfect holiday gift. Buy one or two or three...

New merchandise will also be available shortly.

Some browsers (I've forgotten exactly which, and which versions thereof) automaticly (or can be made to automaticly) "infix" http://foo... to be which sometimes leads to confusion. As well, some sites automaticly accept foo... as being, and others do not. And some browsers will add the www and request the page again, if they detect some kind of error response to a naked foo request.

What the www is really saying is that you want to talk (using http, the HyperTextTransferProtocol) to the WorldWideWeb or www server at foo. There are other possible servers you could talk to at foo: ftp, news, mail, ... (are there still gopher servers?) but the default these days is www.
And now it's gone for me no matter what, www or no www. And they were active on Twitter a little bit ago and said absolutely nothing about it.

Also: Gopher FTW!

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2008-11-26 08:29 ]
I've changed the URL to the minus the www bit.
Oh balls. It's gone now. Lalalallalalalalalala.
I've re-edited the subject line to show that Dr. Horrible likes to play with our minds.
I can still see it. Even when I try it on Safari, which I never use.

Naked foo requests? I read the funniest things here.
:( I never saw it. But I think I didn't try until after they removed it, so that could explain it. ;)
Now I'm once again getting it with www but not without.
If anybody is wondering - is load balanced across two servers, to try to stop it crashing when lots of people visit at one time (anybody remember the launch?).

One of the servers has been updated with the DVD news, the other one hasn't. That's why some people can see it, and others can't.

If Jed is reading, he will want to get that fixed before the DVD launches, to make sure people will be able to see the updated page on launch day to order it.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-11-26 09:25 ]
Ah. Finally.
Oh cor blimey guv'nor. This is changing more times than the plot of Heroes. I'll wait five minutes before I check the site again.
Now you see it ... now you still see it because it's presumably propagated across the two servers.

Yayage. If it's out at the start of December (and assuming there's international shipping - the good kind I mean* ;) then there's a pretty decent chance we furriners might get this in time for Xmas (my Write Environment one arrived this a.m. and only took about 5 [working] days to cross the pond).

* though it makes you wonder about the other kind. Mmmm, France on Italy action - Fritaly's always been one of my favourite ships EVAR.
Hope so.

10,000th comment

Talk about using inside knowledge...

*and I prefer Sweden on Finland, Saje: Swinland!
Okay, this is weird. I can see it on Firefox, but not IE. Does that mean I'm only half evil?
If that's the 10,000th comment, what's the 269597 number for? (Not doubting you, just curious.)

ETA: Never mind, figured it out. You were talking locally, I was thinking globally.

EATA: So my confusion explains my previous non sequitur.

[ edited by cabri on 2008-11-26 11:27 ]
Just like a Swinland fan that is, it's all "big picture" this and "long-term repercussions" that with you guys. Not like we Fritalians at all, with our charmingly downhome parochialism.

(yay, Fake Shipper Wars ! They're the new black, telling you ;)

And yay to 10k, congrats Simon. That'sa lotta commentsa (we Fritalians are nothing if not horribly xenophobic clichés) !

(and quite a healthy number of links too - another 18 and you hit a palindrome BTW, we should probably have a party in reverse. Who wants to start us off by tidying up ?)
You Fritalians are way too volatile! 'Course, if we Swinlanders got more than 5 nanoseconds of sun a year, we might smile occasionally, too.

Oh, and my congrats, too, Simon. Even my dementia can't dim your achievement! ;)
It seems I missed all the crazed "Is it or isn't it" madness, but, uh...excited for the DVD!
Not working again for me.
But it's still working for me! (See, evil!)

Which makes me think that it MUST be some kind of weird, bizarro palindromic event, as I'm used to these things NEVER working for me. Shrimp anyone, or don't you know what that is?!

Sage- your comment cracked me up, as I am exactly the kind of person that goes to parties, has a few drinks, and goes into some mad cleaning/tidying/organising frenzy. I'm quite popular at local functions...
Missing this debate is the price you pay for the occassional good night's sleep. And it's not working for me, for what it's worth.
If you look at, you can see it - at least I can!
ETA: Sorry, missed the whole 2 servers thing.

[ edited by Lioness on 2008-11-26 14:46 ]
Simon - congratulations on your 10 000 comments! That's one hell of a contribution to this community.

Oh, and I can't see it on either site with IE or Firefox!
Saw it last night, see it today, no problems. Then again, I've been seeing it in my mind for weeks now, so I may not be the most reliable witness.
Yikes. 10.000. That's, like... a lot :). Congrats, Simon.

Also: yay for Dr. Horrible DVD. I so want it.
But where? And how? And when? And... what about Naomi?!? ;-)

That's our Simon; he keeps posting and posting... congrats!
I don't see any mention of the DVD on the site…
Thanks for that explanation, gossi. The mysterious disappearing/reappearing was really going to bug me.

But I think they should have posted conflicting information on each server. Because that would've been really evil.

And thanks for all the commenting and linking, Simon. You're a credit to your fandom. :)
Salocin, read Gossi's message upthread for an explanation. For which, by the way, thanks! :)
Oh, you misguided Cabri, don't you know that during a good year we might actually get seven days wotrh of sun?

Damn Swinlanders, the ship has been over 200 years and still they make us study the language. Now that's evil. Not that Fussia/Rinland was much better. I think Finland should just stay single.

(just couldn't stay away from talking about my country's historical relations, International shipping is fun!)

On topic, can't wait to get this sometime in the near future.
Great Googly Moogly Simon!!! 10K is quite a feat. (If you're Babe Ruth then Saje is like A-Rod...given a little time, he's gonna fly by!)

I'm super excited for my Dr. H dvd!

As a side note, my Amazon golden box Chosen Collection just arrived!!! Cant wait to get home and tear off the plastic.
Congratulations AlexReager! I just got my Write Environment Joss interview and I'm going to sit down and watch it now! I'm definitely hoping to buy ten copies of the Dr. Horrible DVDs, because everyone I know needs it!
Any chance of DHSAB's release getting added to all those DVD release schedules out there? Or is that only for major distributors?
And can we get figures on how many sell? Like a counter. Or if numbers are high enough, can be informed so figures end up on the DVD sales charts.
Big hint on Twitter it seems.... :)
Big hint on Twitter it seems.... :)

this does look like a possible hint, bring on tomorrow!

[ edited by stfletch2000 on 2008-11-27 13:21 ]

I think it is just a hint to remember to wish someone a happy birthday Friday.
So I tried the link and did not get the magic message. So I Ctrl luck...Ctrl luck...Ctrl F5...there it was.
Soon we will be split into two parallel universes, one with a DVD, and one without a DVD.
In my alternate timeline, I am able to see the DVD mention in Firefox but not in Safari, and I can't begin to imagine what that means.

So I'm going to imagine that my parallel universe also contains the DVD magically appearing in my Christmas stocking 'cause why not - "six impossible things before breakfast," I always say.

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