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November 25 2008

New York Magazine runs the best fan vids of 2008. Included are vids for Firefly, the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Battlestar Galactica.

Don't get what the savage twist at the end is(I'm a bit dense).
A jealous River, addled and associating the sexual tension between Simon and Kaylee with the dementia and psychosis of the Reavers whose minds she has read, kills (or wants to kill) Kaylee, and possibly Simon. Or indeed, to "F-ing tear [her] apart."

I hope that interpretation helps, and that I never see that video again. That having been said, it was probably well done, for those who like to be more disturbed than I enjoy being.
Ooh, obsessive24 gets a mention (one of my favourite vidders, no one I know personally though). You can find his/her videos here. I'd highly recommend Wires as a great one to start with.
Simon, you utter swine.

I know most of these vidders on an online basis ( my LJ f-list) and this is a good selection of vids from this year - Most have made lots whedonverse vids, and like MattK I would recommend checking those out.

Bradcpu's work is outstanding( and highly recommended) some of their other vids are of a much different vibe, if you found this particular one rather disturbing then I think I can safely say that was the vidders intent.
It took me a while sitting here to figure out why the person singing that Mini Wheats song was so familiar. Turns out it's Rob Paulson, aka Yakko Warner. Weird.
obsessive24 and bradcpu are two of my favorite vidders as well. I have tons of their stuff on my hard drive. bradcpu was kind enough to let me use a vid of his (My Hero, for Heroes) for a class project of mine. Glad to see them both get a mention here.
I have to go with the Mini-Wheats. Most fan vids are too serious for my tastes. That one's hilarious.
Oh, I should also say that I haven't seen anything that beats the Wicked Serenity vid -- there's no reason that shouldn't be on this list.
My three favorite Buffy fan vidoes are Rock Star, UGLY, and After Seven Years.
Nothing beats Scooby Road by Luminosity for me. Nothing.
Most fan vids are too serious for my tastes

Hmmm there's loads of really funny/non serious fanvids around and those that just say 'hey look my shiny show'.

You just need to know where to find them. And yes pat32082 - Scooby Road is epic.
Sometimes I forget how much I love Gaius Baltar.


...but kinda.

I'm not a big fanvids person, particularly not alternate storyline ones. But I'll admit to watching the occasional one for my favourite canon ships. *shrugs the shrug of an unabashed romantic*
there's loads of really funny/non serious fanvids around

Good point--it was silly of me to say, "most fan vids," since I don't search them out & pretty much only see the ones that get linked here or that someone sends me. Maybe I should've said, "Most fan vids that people I know seem to like..." :).

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