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November 25 2008

Neil Patrick Harris on Craig Ferguson tonight. And by tonight I mean in about 6 minutes from ... NOW! According to the CBS website his appearance pertains to the World Magic Awards, but hopefully he'll drop a few Whedon-related names.

If you miss it tonight, check the same link in a day or three as CBS will post clips.

ETA - Sarah Thompson (Eve from Angel) was also on tonight's episode of House, S5E09 - "Last Resort", playing a hostage named Nikki.

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I was at the taping, and I can tell you it was all about the magic. Oh, and some random chatter about cow foetuses, you know, the usual. The intro clip was from the awards, not HIMYM or Dr Horrible or anything, though they did show a HIMYM clip from last night after the interview when they went to commercial.

And his parents were in the house :D

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I thought maybe when Craig brought up the YouTube he might mention Dr. Horrible but nope. *sighs* Oh, the fickleness of Neil! He's moved on to bigger and not-better things! ;)
Angel's own Eve was also on House this evening, added info to the post.

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