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July 31 2003

LA Weekly: Columns: A Considerable Town: Hooray for Hellmouths. "Even Hank’s had his kooks, one of whom furiously accused me of conning her when she finally figured out that Hank’s diary — about a guy with a vampire-slaying daughter named Buffy — was actually based on a TV show. If I’ve ever felt crazy for Socking, a few of my readers have put my craziness comfortably into perspective."

Or so I thought until a few months back, when I discovered the Sunnydale Sock Puppet Theater (, an online community of people who keep daily journals as characters from Buffy, Buffy’s spinoff series Angel and (to a lesser extent) the unrelated Aaron Spelling series Charmed.

Awesome link, jengod. I've read a few of these sites from time to time (I distinctly remember that Kennedy was just as annoying in blog format), but now I'm going to have to check out sock central. Fun! isn't working from where I'm sitting.
I read a few daily journals ,the other day, written by people pretending to be the actors rather than the characters. Which was bizarre to say the least.
people pretending to be the actors rather than the characters

Eew. That smacks of rp fic, which is decidely uncool and very creepy. And possibly illegal.
Simon, do you mean stellar?
Link doesn't work for me, either. Sounds like fun, too.
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How bout someone keeps an eye on and lets us know when it is up and running, any volunteers?
It's up & running.
re: pretending to be actors--I'm in agreement with the creepiness, but also just the stupidity/boredom aspect. On that other journalling service,, people pretend to be the Michelle Branch, Christina Aguilera (sp?) and the entire cast of Full House, and they get hundreds of comments from people either dissing them for pretending or dissing the stars as people.
Yeah, the whole celebrity journal thing is giving me the major wiggins. I don't know what strikes me as stranger, writing an on-line journal as a celebrity or critiquing one.
Not disgreeing with you about the creepy part, but once upon a time Brad Pitt's Diaryland site was hilarious. So popular, in fact, that it was shut down by the actor's lawyers. As celebrity pap parody those sites can be funny, but 999 times out of 1000 they're just wrong.
Ah, I can see it as a tasty bit of satire. However, I get the feeling it's used more for stalker-lite potential.

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