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November 26 2008

Firefly Serenity Christmas Ornament only $10. A steal of a deal over at Entertainment Earth that made it on Gizmodo's Dealzmodo. UPDATE: Now out of stock!

What is Gizmodo referring to? When they say,

"And just in case Joss Whedon stops by as part of some magical Christmas miracle, he'll recognize that he should vacate the premises immediately, lest you request him to play the role of Angel in a Buffy Season 2 Episode 13 reenactment."

I have no idea.... they're a bit odd over there.
I think the idea is that if Joss somehow came over to your house for Christmas and saw that you had a firefly ornament, he'd realize that you are a rabid whedon fan and leave the house before you could squee all over him.

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