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November 26 2008

Christina Hendricks As a Paper Doll. For those who can't get enough of Mad Men's fashion savvy secretary, a user is now offering a Joan Holloway Paper Doll Poster.

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From the Zazzle link:
Also recommended for lonely perverts with a rich fantasy life.

I resemble that remark.
I am a non-perv customer, unless you count paperdoll freakdom as a perversion, which I'm willing to consider, 'specially at my age.

Can't help it - I'm a so-so occasional Mad Men watcher - though it'd be hard not to love both Christina & Elizabeth Moss - but I'm maybe a little obsessively interested in paperdolls, which were such a beloved part of my childhood - Lennon sisters, Natalie Wood, Debbie Reynolds...

More than anything, though, I'd really love Whedon'verse paperdolls: a Yo-Saff-Bridge doll, a Willow doll (complete with regular face, Vamp-face & Evil-face), and a Buffy doll with a full selection of stylish-yet-affordable boots and Buffy-hairstyles - ooh, and a Spike doll, with a William-head & Victorian wardrobe, and a Wash doll, with different Hawaiian shirts and a metal spear accessory./OCD rant over

Anyway, I bought this one - it's well-done.
Heyyyyy now. Christinalicious.

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