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November 26 2008

Five of Joss' most Whedonesque characters. Fun feature courtesy of Mother Jones. The magazine also has a partial transcript of their audio interview with Joss.

The original discussion thread for Joss' audio interview can be found here.

All 5 of those ftw!
I like how they put "sexy" beside a picture of vamped-out Spike.
The kind of vampire who likes his women intelligent and complex.

Yeah... and who doesn't respond to that?
Oh, so many stories I could attack with that feed line.
Great quotes from Joss - one bringing up the idea of him working for FOX being like Angel working for W&H. I like that idea.
I'm sorry, but any list without Willow Rosenberg on it is automatically rejected entirely out of hand by the Supreme Committee of Me. ;)
Ah but Willow is one of Joss' most Joss characters. So it's ok ;).
Wait, there's a Supreme Committee of Me? That's going to come in handy.
You don't think, Simon? I've kind of always thought of her as being the Jossest of Joss' "kids".

And yes b!X, there should see how much our annual Christmas party truly rocks. ;)
I've actually thought of Willow as Joss's stand-in for all women.

Also -- ha! They used The Line! Spike, my brother, you and I shall always remain love's bitches. Thank God we're pretty.
Where is the Xand-man? He never gets the recognition he deserves.
And also Dr. Horrible has no face!!!! At least on my comp that is.
Xander's Whedon-ness is always understated yet possibly the purest strain of all.
It's an interesting list. It seems to me that what the characters have in common is that they are all kind of scary, but lovable as well.
After reading this interview the second time, and given some time, I'm now irritated enough to say that I think Joss's remark about Guillermo Del Toro's obsession with insects is condescending in an unwarranted way.
All lists are subjective, but that one was pretty okay.

From the interview: And I tried to make money for the people that I work with, like Hyman Roth.

That made me guffaw and alternately impressed that Joss is a Godfather fan.
dreamlogic, I dont think Joss is the sort of person to talk about another professional in any way - demeaning or complimentary - without having a good basis for that view, and I have never known him to be openly condesending ever. So I think he knows enough about Del Toro and his work to make this - what I think to be lighthearted - comment.
Obviously you have great feeling for Del Toro, and I understand we all want to leap to the defence of percieved slights against people we like and respect, so Im not saying your feelings arent valid - just that I dont think Joss in any way was looking down on Del Toro or his work. He was just highlighting a point about a directors 'need' to have an idea fully realised, as oppossed to a 'want' that doent end up succeding.

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Beren77, I did read it in context, and I see what you're saying. But in the context he was unfortunately comparing his need to have women as fully human characters with Del Toro's need to explore the world of insects, and that didn't come out so well. I don't think he meant it quite that way, though, agreed.

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