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November 26 2008

(SPOILER) Gina Torres on Bones tonight. Jasmine and Angel together again.

Immediate response: Oooooooooo!
That's so COOL! I hope he doesn't have to sing Mandy.
Seems like she's everywhere this season. Boston Legal, Bones, Pushing Daisies. Good to see her doing well :)
I also wouldn't be surprised if she did CSI: Las Vegas.
I love seeing our Whedony actors on other shows, like Xander on Criminal Minds last week, and Oz running a comic book store in Heroes last night. It always liven things up for me!
Gina looked great
And, oddly, there was someone insulting Booth in Chinese.
Why are insults invariably the first thing some people tend to learn in a foreign language? But that was very funny.
My first reaction was to literally LOL when the kids started talking in Chinese. Then when the boy said his father thought China would rule the world in the future, I said, "If his father turns out to be played by Joss I'll scream."

Which....considering I live alone...yeah. Sad.
Hehehe. Gina was great. Someone give her a new TV show.
FWIW: David Boreanaz, Gina Torres, and cursing in Chinese. All very WHEDONesque. And yet, no Dollhouse ad during Bones.

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Aww, she was a pilot. Wash must be proud.

I guess they're Firefly fans, like Zack.
This was a fun episode. Gina was great, as usual!
Awesome, episode. Very whedonesque, sad to know that they didn't even run a single promo for Dollhouse.
I changed the link to something a bit more fullsome (mind hit a really bad blank there).

So we've had the Mayor, Hamilton and now Jasmine? Very cool. I will hold out for Spike and Darla to get a look in on the show.
The Mayor was on Bones??? When???
Season one. It was really cool to see David and Harry on screen together.
It was a great surprise and pleasure to find out Torres was on the show tonight. I had a second take! The swearing in Mandarin was a very nice touch.
I couldn't get past the idea that he was talking to his granddaughter :)
It was really cool to see Gina on Bones!
She was beautiful on it!
And very Whedonesque indeed!
hacksaway - there are indeed Firefly/Joss fans over at Bones. Check out the Whedonesque thread about it
Time to move up to the "A" list. Would love to see SMG do a guest bit, maybe as an old love interest? Or is that too obvious?
Wow, kmb99, I love that suggestion! You could hardly pick a type more different from Dr. Brennan. Bones is tall brunette and a brainiac, and she might well be intimidated by a cute and tiny vivacious blonde! If they can't get SMG to do it then maybe Julie Benz would be available! LOL
It made my pretty bad day a little brighter. It was a nice surprise.
Dear Santa Claus could you have Alyson Hannigan guesting on Bones?
Yeah I know her being pregnant, being a major character in another show... on another network is doing it hard to grant my wish but it was easy I wouldn't asked it to Santa Claus. :)
One of those swears sounds exactly like one they used on firefly.... lemme check

It sounded like this:
BUN tyen-shung duh ee-DWAY-RO

Yup... it was used in trash. hee.

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Yes, the long translation of the insult sounded very Fireflyesque to me. I loved seeing Gina and David together again.

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