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November 27 2008

Buffy movie rumours start to surface. Moviehole picks up on an item that appeared in today's Australian Herald-Sun newspaper.

Yeah, I'd put the odds of this at about 300-1; I don't care how much money Twilight makes.

ETA: Okay, 300-1 is a little extreme. Maybe 20-1 :) At the very least, I highly doubt there is an actual script in existence, which is what this article states; I'm not sure where he'd find the time since the show ended, between the four movies we know he actually did write (or co-write), the multiple comic titles he's got his hands in, and the new TV show he's creating.

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I might go even longer.

It's possible of course but even assuming Joss had a script completely finished to everyone's satisfaction right now, we're still looking at at least another year before a film could possibly, in our wildest dreams, be released - is that striking while the 'Twilight' iron's hot ? Cos mine takes less than a year to cool down, even that time I accidentally left it plugged in and went away for a long weekend.

(and as folk have said on other threads, there must be other vampire properties out there that could be brought to the screen with unknowns i.e. for a lot less money)
You'd want to wear a parka (in Hell!) for the day you accept a newspaper with a circulation of less than 50 000 to be privy to the contents of Joss's Magical Wall of Clipboards.
Well, and the paper is in Australia. Far from said magical wall.
Do we even want a Buffy movie this way? I'd love one as much as anyone else but if we have to thank a Buffy ripoff for it? No thanks
I think someone heard about the Buffy movie speculation that was going on last week and put 2 and 2 together and got 5.
The second movie of the "Twilight" books is already a go, so the "Twilight" iron will be hot for probably... 4 or 5 years, if they get these out at the same pace as "Harry Potter" movies. Four movies, a year to year and a half between.

I really would love a Buffy movie, but it's hard to see how it would happen around Joss' already pretty over-extended schedule. It's pretty much a given that Sarah would want to see a script before she'd sign on. Now Aly is pregnant, so that would have to be taken into consideration if she was going to be able to do it.

It might help if Joss didn't do the "written and directed by" for a Buffy feature -- help his schedule, help a script be available for Sarah to see before everything else is in place. I'd be okay with "co-written and executive produced by" if it made it happen. I can think of any number of writers who I'd say give a crack at drafting a script that Joss could go over and modify. Several of the show's writers like Petrie or Goddard. Brian K. Vaughan. David Goyer (wrote the "Blade" movies, "Batman Begins", the story for "The Dark Knight", and is writing/directing the Magneto movie).
Fair point but even granted a sensible timeframe, i'm very sceptical that SMG would do it and equally sceptical that Joss (or anyone else) would co-write a script on the chance that she might (she's said several times she'd at least need to see a script first). And if they were thinking of going ahead with an all new cast then why bother with Buffy at all, why not just use another (cheaper) property ? Course, maybe many fans don't care about the original cast playing the characters but for me that'd be a deal-breaker, at least for the forseeable future (I just don't think the Buffy universe itself is particularly rich or original as far as vampire mythologies go - without the cast it might as well be any other vampire movie).

I think someone heard about the Buffy movie speculation that was going on last week and put 2 and 2 together and got 5.

Bingo Simon. Just like when someone says something off-hand at a convention about a 'Serenity' sequel and by the time it gets around the world it's turned into "rumours that a Serenity sequel may be in the works".
This is a classic fifth column attempt to build a groundswell of support for something that does not exist and never did. Typical viral attack to try to get a Buffy movie. One person starts it, others pick it up, and off you go. The Matt Drudge idiocy.
This seems very very unlikely, but it will be fun watching it bounce around the Internet.
Moviehole apparently had little to write about if they've sourced from an Aussie paper... and a Victorian one at that. ;)
I would purchase a Twilight ticket if it got a 20th C Fox Exec on his knees begging Joss for a Buffy script. True the movie probably won't be made, but it would still be nice to have someone beg for the product we beg for...well I beg for.
Don't we see these rumors everytime a Vampire hit's it big at the box office ala "Underworld". Which btw has the 3rd film installment being released in Jan 2009. If it hits bank we will probably see more rumors about Buffy.

With that said, the rescent success of comic to live action films that have also made cashy money. I wouldn't mind a Fray movie if a studio wanted to invest some funds for it but Joss would have to be involved.
I would love for this to happen but I take it all with a grain of salt until it's being confirmed in The Hollywood Reporter or Variety.
After seeing Twilight last night, I need a Whedon vampire story to get the bad taste out of my mouth. (I like the book, but the movie is a garbled mess.) For the time being, I'll curl up with my DVDs and comics until a Fray movie gets green-lit. Let's be honest, that would be more likely than a Buffy movie (with the original cast).
Yeah, it all seems like rubbish to me...

but nice shoutout to Whedonesque!
I would love a Buffy movie...
Priyanka Chopra will be playing her in the Serenity sequel.
I thought it was Holly Valence?
Y'know, this does raise an interesting point. As we sit here watching JJ Abrams retool Star Trek and replace iconic characters like Nimoy and Shatner with new faces- Quinto and whomever, I begin to worry that it would be possible to do a Buffy movie without the original cast. I don;'t for a moment think Joss would want to, but there it is.
Not only Star Trek, but we have seen a lot of movies made from former television series without the original cast involved at all let alone the creators of the show. Since FOX owns the Buffy rights it is not out of the realm of possiblity that they could make a Buffy film without Joss, not a good idea but we are talking about FOX. Heck they made a tv show without any of the cast from the original film of Buffy. So it is a possibility if they are looking to cash in. They could just take the key story arcss of the first and/or second season and re-tool it as a 2 hour movie.
I think the only example of a "retool" that quickly (time wise) would be some of the recent Marvel movies like "HULK" and "Punisher". They wanted to make those movies again because Marvel Studio got the rights back and wanted to have full control over them creatively. Its only been 5 years since we saw the original cast as the Scoobies, compared to at least 15 years ago when Shatner did "Star Trek: Generations". I think a retool would scream "too soon".

Probably 15 or 20 years from now if/when they do retool it with some new up and coming director, I'll be the grumpy middle aged man saying that "the original was way better" and spouting things about Joss Whedon that my kids don't understand. :)
To do what Star Trek is supposed to be doing, this retooled and entirely hypothetical Buffy movie should be set back in her LA days and there would be time travel involved (by magical means, of course) as to create an alternate timeline in which to tell all new stories set in her high school years, seven years of universe and character building be damned! ;)

Or, they could go the nuBSG route and turn both Buffy and Willow into comes Biff, the Vampire Slayer, with his best friends Oak, 'Lexia and Gwen Post as his watcher. :D
Y'know, I don't mind when it's for a reboot and after the original cast have had their time in the sun, Trek doesn't bother me for instance because the original films are still there and aren't going to be affected by what JJ Abrams does. If the cast are too old (or dead) to play the parts then so be it but with Buffy (or Firefly) it'd be particularly annoying because the cast are still able to play the characters (possibly with a few small story tweaks to accommodate vampires ageing etc.).

And as i've said a few times now, my actual preferred Buffy movie story is to wait until they really are old(er) and show Buffy's "last ride". It'd resonate in the way that Kirk's tussles with his own mortality or Rocky's comeback in "Rocky Balboa" resonated because we saw the actors age also.
TOASTERslayer, while it's true Marvel Studios made The Incredible Hulk, the same is not true for Punisher: War Zone. That is still controlled and produced by Lionsgate (and looks like crap IMHO).
I'd love more BtVS as much as anyone, of course. But it doesn't seem very likely. Honestly, if I had to choose, at this point I'd rather get more Serenity. There's a much higher likelihood of getting the whole cast back together and there's a whole lot more unexplored story space in that universe.

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I WANT my Buffy movie! Make it happen Joss Whedon.
This won't happen, someone's dreaming.
I'm going to take this time to again plug my idea.

Joss. Buffy musical. Start from the beginning, do as a musical, have it be awesome.

Think about it. Call me.
My first thought as soon as I saw the headline for this link was, wow, now look what you started, gossi ;)
Hahaha. When I saw this headline, my first thought was, "Somebody's been reading gossi. But not very carefully."

ETA: JossIzBoss-- Great minds, eh? :)

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jcs, heh, apparently ;)
Now I'm wondering if you're not like my long lost twin or something, jcs. We even phrased our comments in a similar manner :)
It's like the rumor-virus-rebound that ate Manhattan with a touch of gossi for flavor and then shaken not stirred and poured into a big glass of nuh uh.

I so doubt it and other expressions of suspicion and mild mockery.

But yah, Jobo, if we're weighing in, I votes for the Buffy musical: Once More With Biting or My Fair Buffy.
Oh, for god sakes! Sorry, joss.

Pretty obviously, the article I wrote a few days ago was 'wouldn't it be cool if...'. Frankly, how the fuck it's ended up in a newspaper going on about "Hollywood insiders" is beyond me. I know nothing about a Buffy movie, other than I'd quite like one.

Here's a list of things I'd also like:

- Waffles. Tasty.
- Pie. Peach pie.
- I'd like to eat my pie with Sylar.
- World peace. Yes, I went there.

You heard it first, internet!

(In other words, I strongly suspect this rumour is based on me musing over breakfast one morning about a movie I'd like to see made, which has somehow ended up all over the internets).

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Someone dropped us an email to say that Radio Norwich in the UK broadcast an entertainment item about the buzz for the movie.
*heads desk*
I will happily take a Buffy, Angel, Spike, Serenity, or Fray movie.

Not again. ::facepalm::
Good to hear Alan Partridge getting in on the non-existent buzz. I'd love a Buffy movie, I'm never going to get one and, frankly, that's fine with me. That ship has sailed. Let's move on, together.

I'd probably want a Buffy movie more if the series wasn't so re-watchable. Not that I would say no or anything...
It would be kind of neat if the original movie was remade properly. Given the high school setting, entirely different actors would be needed- they could actually make them young this time, and use the original Joss script.It would not be as disturbing as seeing later stories without our favorite actors, as they never participated in that earlier story, and only Sarah's character would be replaced.And it would be cool if it was really scary.

So, gossi, what does it feel like to have all that power- to be kind of like a gossip superhero?

I'm off for my annual Thanksgiving pre-guest-arrival viewing of "Pangs".

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At least it wasn't Alan Tudyk who started it and said Nathan said it.
I wonder if all the rumour writers read was this:
Time for another Buffy movie. Does the Slayer deserve a second chance at the box-office?

Simon | BtVS | 22:56 CET | 87 comments
toast, I'm mildly terrified and highly amused by it. I wasn't even gossiping or reporting, I was just offering an opinion, saying I'd like a Buffy movie pls thx bye. (I'd also like a homeland for the Kurds - are you listening newspapers?). The notion of online celebrity (or celebrity, for that matter) quite genuinely terrifies me, as I'm just an idiot who can't tie his shoelaces. F|"k fame!

(For the record, though - there totally should be a Buffy movie, with the original Scooby cast).

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Honestly, if it would make a Buffy movie more likely then I hope Dollhouse fails miserably. As much as I'm excited for Dollhouse, I would rather have a Buffy movie.
Like this quote from the moviehole article., the best dang Whedon-verse site out there.

gossi just got tired got crashing the Internet and wanted to see if he could crash the entertainment press.
At most I would hope that those Buffy straight-to-DVD stories come back, but I don't even see that happening. 300 to 1 odds I think sounds right, as much as I would like to see them.

Good to see gossi is using his new found powers for good, starting rumors of world peace. I would have expected something like... starting a new rumor that Joss doing a new musical movie on a new concept based on the success of High School Musical. :)
twinkiefoo, I suspect Joss' idea is to get Dollhouse up and running and then make some movie films anyway (hence not being the showrunner and making 'CABIN IN THE WOODS') so I don't think Dollhouse would need to die. And frankly, I don't think Dollhouse needs our death wishes anyway, I think FOX are busy mucking it up for us.

Matt, Joss has already made Geek School Musical. It's Horriblicious.
Unless I hear it directly from The Big Purple Himself, I'm not going to even give this a second thought. It is very unlikely.
I'm sorry gossi. Not sorry enough to not think this is kind of hilarious, but still, sorry for your accidental and uncomfortable position as fanner of rumorous flames.

I want a Dr. Horrible sequel. Can you get on that on next?
Good point gossi. I wish only the best for Dollhouse, especially if that will help Joss get into more feature films.
Honestly, if it would make a Buffy movie more likely then I hope Dollhouse fails miserably. As much as I'm excited for Dollhouse, I would rather have a Buffy movie.

Exactly what I was gonna say.
Tomorrow we will wake up to "Whedon fans 'hope Dollhouse fails miserably'" plastered across a flurry of news and blog posts.
Yeah, I heard that about that World Peace thing- it's definitely on the way,right along with freedom from want and fear. I read about it on Entertainment Weekly. I think they got it from a blogger in Ethiopia, quoting Whedonesque. A Kurdish homeland is sure to follow. And we will owe it all to gossi. Thanks, man.

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PS Hey, gossi- how would you feel about mentioning something about how there's going to be a huge swell of national funding for music and art in the schools?
I think it'd be a good idea if I had a new iTouch. Gossi, little help ?

(sure, world peace would be nice but let's crawl before we walk. Plus, you can get a fake pint of lager on there ! It even drains as you drink thanks to the built-in accelerometer !)

... Radio Norwich in the UK broadcast an entertainment item about the buzz for the movie.

And on that bombshell ... !
I've been hearing rumors about free home deliveries of tasty waffles too. Yay!
I'd quite like universal healthcare, too. Oh, wait, I have that already.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-11-27 19:43 ]
Like Woolworths. R.I.P. Woolies.
I'm thinking Joss-fans wishing that Dollhouse fails miserably isn't likely to excite much desire on Joss or anyone else's part to fulfill a Buffy-movie fantasy.
I'm going to win $10,000,000 from Publisher's Clearinghouse today. I know because they keep sending me email entries assuring me SOMEONE in San Diego is going to be a winner.

So, of course.
I'm thinking Joss-fans wishing that Dollhouse fails miserably isn't likely to excite much desire on Joss or anyone else's part to fulfill a Buffy-movie fantasy.

The only reason I would want Dollhouse to fail is if a Buffy movie gets made instead of more Dollhouse. If that doesn't happen I sure as hell wouldn't want Dollhouse to do bad.
I think you miss the point.
Until His Royal Purpleness posts here that he has a Buffy movie in the works, I'm going to take rumours like this with a grain of salt the size of Cleveland.

That said, I'd sell my left kidney on the black market if it would get a Buffy movie made, but only with SMG, Nicky, Aly, ASH...

Er, gossi, I know you're really busy with this world peace thing, but do you think you could make my student loan go away? I'd really, really appreciate it!

[ edited by Giles'chainsawchick on 2008-11-27 20:48 ]
*glares at subject that was put into the cycle so many times, the subject is nauseous*

You know those five stages of grief? With heart-jump-starting articles like these, I think it will be a VERY long time before I get to #5. Will I to be forever in limbo between 4 & 3?

And re: I've been hearing rumors about free home deliveries of tasty waffles too

But… it is all true! And they are oh-so-tasty and toasty!!
Just wondering, Saje, how exactly do you drink fake lager, y'know, so you can see it drain and all?
OMG I heard that Joss' crazy fans at Whedonesque are selling their kidneys to get a Buffy movie made. I think it's on YouTube. Gross.
I can't believe I got so little for both kidneys. It's not like I'm old or ever drank or anything.

I think the word you're after is 'urrrgghhhhhh' (it's the sound of no kidneys clapping).

I heard that Joss' crazy fans at Whedonesque are selling their kidneys to get a Buffy movie made.

Well, one person's "crazy" is another person's "thinking outside the box". But only if the other person is actually crazy. It's like tom-a-to/tom-ah-to but where one of the fruits has been diagnosed by a qualified mental health professional.

... how exactly do you drink fake lager, y'know, so you can see it drain and all?

Carefully of course, so you don't spill any.
I'm sure I may have time to wait outside a theater near me, and wait for the Buffy movie to be released, along The Sopranos movie, the Six Feet Under movie, the Heroes movie, the Pushing Daisies movie, the Arrested Development movie (wait, that actually could be made) and the America's Next Top Model movie. And it's all now playing in the alternate dimension without shrimp!
Seriously, they could always remake the original movie, but the original version with a real budget. They won't but it would be something. It's just a matter on who plays Buffy, Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart or Hayden Panettiere. Donald Sutherland can play Merrick again, while Paul Reubens can be Lothos this time.
Again, this will only happen in No-Shrimp World, but not here.
"I Sold Both My Kidneys and All I Got Was This Lousy Acute Renal Failure"
A Buffy movie would make me very very happy. Even an article about a Buffy movie makes me a little happy. Rumors about a possible Buffy movie gives me a smidgen of happiness so keep it up Gossi.

Although I also like that Buffy musical idea. But Buffy would have to be mute because SMG doesn't like to sing. Wait, didn't she sing for that movie she did with The Rock?
But this time with pre-negotiated rights to midnight screenings that Fox can't screw with.
What's this about kidneys? May I raise a hand and say, "Stop the madness!"

You know as well as I this isn't going to happen.
I don't know if you could have Acute Renal Failure without kidneys... it would be more like Acute Renal Absence.
I love Buffy, but I think I will save my kidneys for something a little more... extreme? Or, important? Yes, important. I would rather keep them, though. I think I need at least one to live, but the other one it's there since I know myself and it grew on me (emotionally and literally).
Maybe gossi should send Quotergal a dialysis machine? Given that this is basically kind of his fault and all.
One of these days, I'm gonna scroll through the 100 or so posts that each and every Buffy movie speculation article creates and I'm going to find a post from Joss saying something like the impossible is possible. Then I'll get my hopes up.

Until then, gimmie some Dollhouse!
Dollhouse failing for a Buffy movie? Hmm... I don't think I could make that sacrifice. Can't we have both? :) I think once Dollhouse ends would be a good time for Joss to make a movie, whether it be 13 episodes or a few seasons. Buffy ended 5 and a half years ago, I'll still be here triple that.
I do think we will be seeing a Joss-directed, SMG-starring Buffy movie sometime within the next 5-10 years. I'd much prefer BUFFY: SEASON NINE - THE MOVIE to another comic book series, no matter how good the book.
It's viral marketing so bad that it leads to renal failure, or even renal absence. :-)
I can hardly wait to see Ashlee Simpson as Buffy.
Aside from this story making it on BBC radio in the UK, it's also on Yahoo news now.

Oh god, this whole phenomenon has been making me laugh so hard I cried. Thanks, gossi. And sorry.
A little buzz never hurt anyone, right?
If this works in making a Buffy movie possible, I guess we'll all have to subscribe to the motto - 'Fake it til you make it'.
True, hitnrun017. To be serious for a split second, I still hope a Buffy movie does get made. I miss her.
Dear, Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket....
I don't think I can do turkey in Acute Renal Absence ; > - but I'm gonna try.

We already did our ritual "Pangs" viewing. Enjoy your Sham of the Yam, to all of youse that do that thing...
So.....Norwich BBC radio and Yahoo News think a Buffy film would be newsworthy. Interesting!
But let's be real, if given a chance to do a Buffy movie, how many of our favorite characters would Joss kill?
Buffy SHOULD be getting all the buzz. A movie is a cash cow no brainer. Bring it on Joss.
As long as he doesn't touch Buffy (hey, she died twice!), Willow, Xander (he got his eye poked out! enough is enough!) or Giles then he can kill anyone he wants to. Wait, I forgot Angel and Spike. Other than that, begin the massacre of other beloved characters Joss Whedon.
Hi, first post and will probably sound overly serious amidst all the fun, sorry about that.
Recently reading Twilight left deep wounds and I`m paranoid enough to think a Buffy script would be meddled with in wrong and sinister ways now. Probably that`s uneducated or unfair but, to me, Buffy already makes an excellent retort to Twilight so currently I`m kinda hoping Joss will focus on his other materials. Still would sing happily for hours if a new Buffy movie would ever happen, every day for weeks.
Priyanka Chopra will be playing her in the Serenity sequel.
I love Priyanka Chopra, Simon. Have you seen Dostana?

My version of the Buffy movie. Okay, I posted this in comments last January, but it was a lot of work :)

but no Priyanka
I think the new Buffy movie should explore the relationship between Ben and Glory.

I mean, if they ever had one.

Um ... what?
Excellent idea, cabri. Now, do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between Ben... and Glory?

[ edited by quantumac on 2008-11-28 07:22 ]
You must be joking! Why, I've never even seen him talking to her! So, um, maybe?
I can see it happening in a number of years, if at all, but... now? Within the next year? Not really.
Ben and Glory, The Musical!

Starring Ben. or Glory. or...
It was when they did the duet that I started to realize the script isn't all that true to the series.
Now it's on Cinematical as well.

Apparently none of these movie and TV writers think, oh I don't know, to check in and see if there's anything on WHEDONesque about it.

Just pick up the rumor and pass it along, boys and girls. No independent reading required. Sigh.
Not sure if this has been mentioned already but the story has appeared at Digital Spy with the usual "we heard it from another questionable source so it must be true" style of reporting.

Really amazes me how this sort of rumour spreads almost daily about one thing or another and yet people still go to sites like Digital Spy and treat every "news" item they read as fact. Scary world.
Remember awhile back when that article on TV's top showrunners was posted here? And it was linked to the second page so some people thought he was the top name? Well sometime after that, I saw a news item on imdb about Joss being named "#1 showrunner."

It amuses me how influential Whedonesque can be. Can we post a story about Joss taking over the world with his army of fans next?
Frankly, as irritated as I am with the way readers treat these things, I'm more offended by the way the sites themselves "report" them.
hacksaway said:
It amuses me how influential Whedonesque can be. Can we post a story about Joss taking over the world with his army of fans next?

Haven't we already? :P
hmmm, well "After the Fall" could explain David's aging Angel-wise, and it might even eb stretchable to cover James Spike-yly.

twinkiefoo: Trust me, he doesn't need your permish...or your encouragement. (Of course I'm still mad at him over the magic bullet and a certain sharp metal object so my position is predictable.)

gossi; Time for another article ? -snerk-snerk-
It amuses me how influential Whedonesque can be

If only. Otherwise we would love to take credit for Angel season 6, Serenity 2 and the Buffyverse DVD movies *sighs*.
At least we have dreams. They can never take that way from us. Or I guess maybe they can sometimes.
Gosh - DigitalSpy didn't try very hard for their "then and now" pictures, did they?
I'm sorry, I know this thread is off the main page and so nobody will see it, but I just had to link to this:

Specifically, this quote: A film version of Buffy was first mentioned back in 1992, when Kristy Swanson was proposed for the lead role.

I think a Buffy movie is a great idea, providing itīs done in the right way. Thereīs a lot at stake here (forgive the pun), namely the stainless reputation of the tv series. In my opinion, in order for the movie to be a resounding success, it would have to contain certain fundamental key elements...
1. Feature all the original cast members.
2. It must completely ignore the continuing storyline in the comics.
3. It should ideally be written and/or directed by Joss.
4. And the script should evoke the same kind of character interaction and development that helped the tv series become so engrossing.

What the movie would need to avoid at all costs, is the tendency of so many other action/fantasy flicks, to spiral off into an over action-packed, CGI mad, souless yawn with a disintegrating storyline. It would be truly awful for fans of the show to witness the movie getting shredded by the critics for being nothing more than a gratuitous attempt at cashing in on the success of the show. Buffy always had heart. If they plan on making the movie with anything less, then they should bury the script now and let it rest in peace forever.

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