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November 27 2008

ANGEL:ATF wins one of Wizard Magazine's Moments of the year. *That* last page of issue #3 is singled out for kudos.

Should probably be spoiler tagged.
I had it spoilered, but since the issue was 9 months ago I presumed it would be ok. Will change it now just in case.
Will change it now just in case.

It doesn't need to be spoiler tagged.
And congrats to everyone involved with ATF, I like the way they kept the big reveal for issue 3 and not the first issue.
Congratulations IDW! Great work Lynch and Franco!
BUFFY won one too! When Xander's new lady gets speared.
Oh sweet! And ouch, poor Renee.
Huzzah! Congratulations to team Angel! Well deserved!
I dunno if I agree with you position, Simon, since I know *I* have not had the resources, time or local comic shop to obtain anything but the "Long Road Home" arc of Buffy finding out Angel is human in Issue 3 of After the Fall and Xander's girlfriend gets skewered sometime in the past 19 or so issues of S8 are two plot topics that were kinda ruined in this thread.

However, since it has been 9 months, I guess I can't get POed if someone brings it up cuz I guess I am not a great fan of Whedon if I can't obtain works based on his genius in a timely fashion, huh ;)

P.S. The last paragraph is meant in a facetious manner, but I am trying to point out that while it's been awhile since certain issues released, it's probably just as impolite to spoil plot points from these two comics as it would be to spoil plot points from movies out for decades that a person wants to see but hasn't yet.

P.P.S. Before I forgot, mucho props to everyone involved on both Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall for all their work and dedication. It definite shows in the product we get :D

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AtF has been full of crazy twists, but none of them made me gasp like the last page of #3. I didn't at all see it coming, and it changed everything. I loved it. That, for me, is the high point of the series. Which nobody should misinterpret to mean that it's all been downhill since then--I think Buffy's high point was Passion, and that was only episode, like, 29.

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VERY well-deserved kudos - that moment was absolutely MIND-BLOWING!

And kudos to BtVS season 8, as well! Also a shocking moment!

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