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November 27 2008

Zack Whedon's "Fringe" Debut on Hulu. From what I can tell, this is the first episode where Zack was credited as a writer.

And one of the few episodes so far to slowly start pulling threads together and advance the mythology.
Definitely the best episode so far.
I was going to make the thread once I saw his name pop up but I ended up forgetting. :P

The episode was pretty solid, definitely better than the last few. It looks like it's going to follow in this weeks footsteps for story progression so that's good.
I agree. I saw it while baking some tasty cornish game hens (and I'll get more, too). Anyway, this should really help get the show to the next level.
I have not been engaged much with the show for several episodes but this one woke me up again (figures a Whedon would be involved in the writing that did that). I want to see more of Massive Dynamic, Blair Brown and what the hell is going on there. The whole theory that a person can physically die but still be questioned (as evidenced after John Scott's death but not shown) is fascinating. That scene when Olivia's in the tank and is sure he looked right at her in the dream was chilling.

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Walter: *u oh!*

I laughed.

[q]The whole theory that a person can physically die but still be questioned (as evidenced after John Scott's death but not shown) is fascinating.[/q]

And blatantly ripped off from Torchwood. Remember that glove they had?

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Wow... So I have a Whedon to blame for stealing one of my ideas [that hasn't been published anywhere...]

'twas a great episode, and Walter had so many good lines.
Butterflies!! *runs*
I wonder if Walter sharing the fact he had an erection because he has to pee was Zack (keeping it all in the Dr. Horrible/penis joke family). Because once again, it totally fit with the character, and extremely funny.
wow i was thinking that it was one of the best so far and had no idea that it was whedony in any way! wow! maybe i'm not just a culty kool-aidy fan!
Killer. Butterflies.

Says it all.
Except, you know, not actually. ;)

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