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November 27 2008

Happy Birthday Maurissa Tancharoen! Many happies to the Dr. Horrible co-writer, singer and actor and Dollhouse writer.

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Happy birthday! I look forward to learning how to pronounce your name!
Hope your day goes horribly! Whedonverse "horribly", not shoot-me-already horribly. You know what I mean. :)
Pleasant origin day is desired
Pleasant origin day is desired
Pleasant origin day respected Maurissa
Pleasant origin day is desired
(An infinite number in addition!)

Unabashedly stolen from Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.
Hope you have a fantabulous day Maurissa - eat lots of cake.

Knuckleball Maurissa pronounces her name in this interview

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BTW, you spelled her last name wrong. It's Tancharoen, not Tancheroen.
Happy birthday Miss Maurissa Tancharoen and many more.

May you live in un-interesting times (that has to be the opposite of a curse, right ? Stands to reason ;).
Eek, and I checked the spelling before posting. Just checked the wrong few hundred web pages. Emoticon of discombobulation. %-[
There once was a lass named Maurissa
If she wasn't around
we would miss her.
She can write, sing and act
Yes friends, that's a fact.
For her birthday I wish her some bliss-ahhh!
Maurissa--Happy Birthday to you! I've enjoyed your lovely words and drunken internet song fests.
I wonder if she got the box of two-buck-chuck and the gift certificate to that Italian place I sent them. More drunken food warblings from MoJed would work fine.
Woke up and thought, "I didn't missa!"
Remembered that Friday was thissa.
Blessings on your head, Maurissa,
On your head we'd heap much blissa.
As we crown you "Principessa,"
Please remember that you've aged exactly one year since your last birthday...issa.

She is absolutely beautiful and talented and will remain so eternally and so has nothing whatsoever to fear from growing another year older and wiser and meanwhile has gained many friends, fans and admirers due to her beloved contributions to Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (along with Jed and Zack) who also look forward muchly to her work on Dollhouse and she will remain in our hearts forever having entered the Pantheon of Beloved Whedon'verse creators and performers and so will I hope enjoy this her natal and all subsequent days.


(Sung to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"...)
I have nothing funny or witty to say
so I'll just honestly wish her a Happy Birthday
and a long and prosperous life.
and lots of cake,of course.
OMG Maurisa is Dr.Horrible (who knew?!) and is reading her birthday wishes (isn't there anything better to do?): HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Happy belated birthday Maurissa!

EDIT: Maybe not so belated after all. :P

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