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November 27 2008

WhedonTrivia: Bringing Trivia to Twitter. "Our old Buffy/Angel LiVE Trivia Contests have hit Twitter."

This all stems from a past interest in doing a WhedonTriviaMobile thing by text messaging. Twitter can be set up and connected to a phone for no more than the already-monthly text messaging fee put forth in the monthly bill a person pays for their service, but it can also be accessed easily online if a contestant doesn't have text messaging. Here's how it works:

Whedon fans sign up for Twitter and follow WhedonTrivia at A Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Doctor Horrible, Dollhouse, or even actor-related question will be twittered out to the followers (aka contestants) everyday. The followers then reply @whedontrivia with their answer to the day's question. At the end of each month, the number of right answers for each follower will be counted (yes, I realize this will take a long time) and the followers tied for having the most correct answers will have their names put into a cup and one will be drawn randomly. This person will be mailed whatever prize we're giving away that month.

As always, prize donations by fans are appreciated officially. Currently we have a BuffyBot figure and a new copy of Dark Congress by Christopher Golden in stock.

The goal is to have at least 25 questions sent through Twitter each month. This gives a few days of skipping for any reason, be it lack of time or lack of internet access.

Please feel free to comment on the linked blog with your questions, comments, and/or concerns, and make sure to sign up and follow us at Twitter today. The questions will begin in January in order to gather a nice group of followers first.

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Emmie, are you involved in setting up WhedonTrivia? If so, this post violates site rules against self-linking.
No, no affiliation.

ETA: I believe it's run by WhedonAge.

[ edited by Emmie on 2008-11-28 07:26 ]
This actually got me to finally sign up for Twitter today. Figures it would take something Buffyverse related to do it. ;)

Emmie, Felicia Day has Twitter as well. And there's a Twitter for DrHorrible updates and Whedonesque. Definitly follow those three! :D
ETA: I believe it's run by WhedonAge.,

Isn't it run by one of your fellow admin staff at Slayalive?
I think what's odd about the post is that it sounds like an advertisement and is written from a 'we' perspective. It's never a good idea to cut and paste text.
It was posted on my forum and I thought other Buffy fans would be interested. I'm not involved in it, I'm not affiliated and I thought I'd share the news with other people. If it's not news-worthy, I understand. I really don't have an interest in breaking a rule at Whedonesque - something I inadvertently did earlier this week and would not care to repeat.

I'm as involved with this activity/event as the earlier topic I posted about Stephen Mooney. The Twitter Trivia thing is not run by Slayalive or by me. It is not an affiliate of Slayalive.

I thought it looked like fun and that others who used Twitter might enjoy it. Something I've just signed up for today while also finally entering the Live Journal community. I was only interested in sharing knowledge with others, over whatever forum divide may exist.

The person who posted it on Slayalive and runs it is a former moderator who now works with WhedonAge. If that's making the water's too murky, okay.

ETA: The post text was copied from the site - it's a duplicate of a thread at Slayalive. Again, similarly identical to the Mooney post.

Please go ahead and delete this if you feel the need. I'm going to go back to looking for friends on Live Journal and unwrapping the mysteries of Twitter. I think I'll refrain from creating a post in future.

[ edited by Emmie on 2008-11-28 08:41 ]
If you lot at Slayalive would be a little more relaxed about getting linked to... like perhaps wait for links to turn up organically, because someone else actually likes the work and feels compelled to share it with us, we wouldn't all have to go all drama queenish on the world with the slapping of wrists and getting temporary bans and what not.

End of discussion.
Caroline, how is this even related to my forum? Because a mod from there posted this? Do not bring my site into this, and do not bash us. I take offense to that comment, as the sites admin. We're not link-happy. Ridiculous. Am I gonna get banned now as well?
Hey CG, no-one's been banned, so we need not go all WWIII. This contretemps likely sprang from my initial query/suspicion above about the source of WhedonTrivia, which was largely founded on the flak-style of the post, not on anything specific to SlayAlive. Sometimes it can be a little murky, to use Emmie's word, to try to work out who is doing what to whom. So to speak. If you want to discuss further, of course feel free to e-mail, but let's not rattle sabers. Cheers in advance.

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