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"But you, REALLY got under my skin."
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November 27 2008

Neil Patrick Harris answers 15 questions. Interview includes quotes about "Dr. Horrible" and Alyson Hannigan.

I can totally see the Cpt Hammer/Dr Horrible groupies being contortionists. After all, they do the weird stuff. :D

And poor Aly, doomed forever to 'bad gangster rap'. She doesn't even get 'gangsta'!
Nice comments over there.
People are morons.
Maybe it could be tied together -- Alyson Hannigan could do an MC Hammer rap about Captain Hammer: "He thinks he's cool/But he's a tool/He'll steal your cabana/Or attack with banana ..."

Say, do we think there's a connection between MC Hammer and Captain Hammer? Long-lost relatives or something?
No, because MC Hammer said "can't touch this", while Captain Hammer seemed fine with Penny doing so.
By bizarre coincidence I was browsing Amazon the other day and read the reviews for 'The Expert at the Card Table', one of them points out that S W Erdnase is actually E S Andrews backwards (presumably the author's real name). I'd imagine NPH knows that though and he's just not revealing his secrets, like all good magicians.

Nice interview, NPH really is a funny guy (even when he's being him) - his succinct comment on the Christmas carol excerpt made me smile ;).
Also, OT but if you were a fan of 'Journeyman' you should read the Kevin McKidd interview after NPH's - he reveals a big aspect of the mythology of the show in question 9 (makes me miss it all the more, sounded like a pretty cool idea).
Re: Erdnase -- there is TONS of speculation about Erdnase's actual identity, E.S. Andrews is only one of them. Not only that, but several possible candidates who fit the "E.S. Andrews" name have been found, but so far no one has been able to definitively place the author of the book. Most of the people actively researching this have focused on the "Andrews" name, in a few variations. The book is now over 100 years old (first published in 1902), and the search for the real author has been going pretty strong for maybe 50 years or so. This is probably the biggest mystery in the magic world.
Aha, cheers JMaloney, bit of googling reveals that it's a fascinating story that's kept people wondering for, as you say, at least 50 years. Love discovering windows into totally unknown worlds, it gives you a reassuring sense of the scale of your own ignorance (think I somehow arrived at the 'Expert ...' reviews while looking at poker books, i've only a passing interest in magic so this is all news to me).
Neil singing dirty Xmas carols. What could be better? I always love reading his interviews; he could be a Whedon if he wanted to, he's that funny.

And Zounds! totally OT but I clicked ahead and there was an interview with Kevin McKidd who I adore. I didn't know he's on Grey's Anatomy which I don't adore. Oh, decisions.
Wow, the comments that those ignorant jerks made are infuriating.

Well... it was a pretty neat interview. I just wish I hadn't scrolled down to see the comments.
"When we made the 'Sing-Along Blog,' it was sort of an origin story, so I assume that there's a future with it. I just know that Joss [Whedon] is insanely busy with 'Dollhouse' and launching that show for Fox, so I can't imagine when it would be able to happen. But I know they would love to see a future with it. I wish I had concrete information, but everyone desires longevity with it -- in what capacity I have no idea. Maybe a big, giant Vegas show! Then we'd really have all the special effects ... laser beams and contortionists."

Hope, hope, wish, wish!

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