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November 28 2008 has Firefly on Blu-Ray for $40.49. This is less than DeepDiscount and Amazon, which is selling it for $57.99.

It's $40.49 for members and $44.99 for non-members. There's also a couple of coupons available for a small discount:

Y7L8H9H 15% Coupon for members
M8H7N3F 15% Coupon for non-members

I used the non-member coupon for my purchase an hr earlier and it seemed to work OK.
Any other Whedonverse Black Friday bargains out there? TFAW is doing 30% off the first After The Fall hardcover and 40% off the Serenity Valley map.
Nice $41.03 after tax with free shipping for non-members with that coupon code. Shame there wasn't a blu-ray player I was interested which was on sale this weekend.
You mean someone out there didnt have it pre-ordered? I don't believe it!

Also if you buy the blu-ray, consider donating your regular dvd box set to your local library, to spread the shiny goodness!

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Oh how I wish I had a blu-ray player right now...

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