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November 28 2008

(SPOILER) The wraparound cover for Angel:After The Fall #17. I don't think the cover is spoilery but I put a warning just to be safe.

Eeeeeeeeeeee! Oh my God, that's amazing! Great job on both the art and (!) the colouring. I particularly love Angel and Gunn's fighting stances, Betta George, and Non clinging to the Loan Shark over yonder. *g*

Would have definitely been wallpaper-worthy if not for the Spike/Spider squick on the right. :P
That's very pretty. It's going to be sad to see the end of After the Fall, but I've got faith that the team will give it a strong send off. I've loved the series, all told.
who is the girl standing next to Gwen? it looks just like her minus the clothes
This looks awesome! Spike putting on lipstick?
Loan Shark! Non! Burge! George! Spider! (I adore all Lynch's inventions, oddly.) Oh how I love its desktoppy splendour. Oh, and Kate, squee.

EDIT: Oh and YAY, Jeremy and Cordelia(s)! LOVE.

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Lynch didn't create the Loan Shark. He was in the BtVS episode Tabula Rasa.

I love that Non is there.
I think thats a cigarette Giles314...
Even Kate makes an appearance. Beautiful. I'd really love to see them sell this as a poster. I'd so buy it.
who is the girl standing next to Gwen? it looks just like her minus the clothes

catinthefray, I believe that's Cordelia. :)

Fantastic cover. A wonderful homage to After the Fall. I love how they included Non from Spike: AtF and how she's sidled up to the loan shark. Perhaps she moved on to him after Gunn was interested in dating. ;) Awwwwwwww Cordelia the Dragon. *tear* I really do love that dragon. I blame Anne McCaffrey for the future pain I've suffered at

Looks like the only thing missing is Cordy the Winged Steed.
Ryall does not identify this as #17 and the title of the B&w version has it as #16.
@Capt. Logic: I think it's supposed to be for 16 and 17, like each cover is half of the pic
Man I wish it were Spike putting on lipstick. That would be fairly amazing and out of nowhere. That said, if Spike wanted to wear lipstick, that is fine by me, he could pull it off.
Spike has probably just kissed the lipstick right off of some chick, so never fear.
I actually have no problem with Spider getting her claws into Spike, so that image is plenty wallpaper-y enough for me.
The black and white image actually makes me want to print it off and do a bit of coloring-in, which is a feeling I haven't had for about 20 years!
*snicker* The cover is amazing and I too was thinking for a split-second "What's with the lipstick, Willy?!" but then I saw the pack. I think its because the cig is thin and Spike's lips look exactly like he's getting ready to... look fabulous! ;)

Brian. If my memory serves me (and it a bit sleep deprived right now) James in Chance taught us that light bright colors are not his thing. Not that they look bad, but I’d like to see him in something darker.


And we've officially delved into the weird. *gives up and heads off to bed*
Epic indeed. I'm still hoping that my favourite character makes a cameo in the finale.
Is it me, or is Gunn on there twice?...
Alpha Gamer, that might be the vamp Beta George was mocking for trying to look just like Gunn.
Stunning. I want a poster.
Brown and tan, together at last! :-/

And look at Cordy and Gwen. The same exact face!
Beautiful. Please make into a poster and release, for I will buy!

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