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November 28 2008

Dr. Horrible DVD available for pre-order on Amazon. The price is 15 USD and the release date is December 19th. Joss posts about the release as well. And Tubefilter reports that pre-orders are "booming".

Also as a point of interest its current sales rank is #17,263 in Movies & TV. I wonder how high it will go.
How is December 19th days away then?

ETA: 100 minute runtime?

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How is December 19th not days away?

I'm so looking forward to the musical commentary. Yay!
Talk about a Black Friday deal. Yay!
Yay! Just ordered it! And even remembered to use the Amazon link on this site so Whedonesque gets a cut!
Fair play to them for getting it out before Christmas. There was many (including myself) who didn't think it was possible. I hope there's going to be a R2 release. And it's 100 mins and Dr. Horrible lasted 35 mins (I think), that's a generous amount of extras.
Pre-ordered and can't wait!
It's too bad the main Dr. Horrible website is still messed up as regards the DVD information. Heh.
And all international fans shall have a sad sad christmas.

Good new year thought :p
Oh I hope this is region free !
Yeap, just ordered three copies. What's the lastest on the sequel? Come on, Joss!!
1-Click Pre-ordered. I bet it'll arrive by the time I'm back home from trip to Taiwan.
15 bucks? Awesome.
Got mine ordered, along with Batman: the Dark Knight earlier that day. This will be a Merry Christmas.
I wonder what a Dr. Horrible Christmas would be like?
I wonder what a Dr. Horrible Christmas would be like?

Now the wishlist's real
Now Dr. Horrible is here
On a brand new DVD
With Nathan, Felicia, and Neil
(everything you ever)

And I will watch
whole thing
I must admit it - I was one of those doubtful it could be done in time. Le evidence: here and here.

I'm sitting here eating my words - with just a little bit of leftover stuffing - but I was more than happy to do so and pre-ordered it on what is ordinarily my Annual Anti-Shopping Day...
*laughs at bix*

I think a Dr Horrible christmas might have some Weird Stuff...

Oh. Now I am wondering if I can create a mini Doc for the top of my christmas tree. I wonder if my mother would disown me?

Um, yes, on-topic... I'll wait to find out if it's region-free before ordering, or if there will be a R2 release - because this is something I'm going to want to lend. Often.
R4 please? Not that i can't watch it from any other region, but as others have said, hard to lend out. Although, Amazon doesn't sell R4 do they? So another way please? Maybe Borders? or make it a JB HI-FI or EzyDvD exclusive?
Already did my pre-order!
And OMG, it'll be SO hard to wait till the end of January to get mine... (had to pick the cheapest Shipping Method...)

So happy!
Ordered mine. Very happy.

Though, am in disbelief that 12/19 (and subsequently Christmas) are not that far off. . . .
Yeah, I'm pretty confident that it'll be region free or there'll be a separate regional releases because... there's just gotta be... right? Santa? Plus, didn't Joss or someone mention something about a region-free DVD release at some point? I believe he possibly may have.
I'm gonna wait to see if .ca gets it listed in the next few days, but I am super excited for this.
Anyone know if this will be available in stores on the 19th? My friends and I will be exchanging gifts on the 20th and I'd love to give some of them this DVD (plus I could watch it on the 19th instead of having to wait for it to be shipped).
Just went from bragging about not spending any money today to justifying a purchase to help the economy. Anything for more Dr. Horrible.

I even became an Amazon Prime Member to get the two day free shipping so I can stuff a couple stockings.

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#17,263 in Movies & TV

Now #1,818 in Movies & TV.
To elaborate on my point; the international fans woes (or at least mine) won't be the region locking (thats fairly easy to overcome) but rather the fact theres no way Amazon would get it across oceans at that time of year that quickly.
I wouldn't actually be able to watch it at Christmas anyway, since my aforementioned mother is coming to stay and when I forced her to watch it on my computer earlier in the year she didn't seem to much enjoy it and she clearly was confused how I could like it so much. Therefore, rewatching it probably wouldn't be high on her agenda. So January is fine by me (and hey, my birthday's in February, so...)

(To be fair to my mother, I made her watch Buffy and Angel and Firefly and she loved all of them, not to mention BSG and VM and a host of other things - she's just not really a musicals person. Or a comic-book-supervillain sort of person.)

Edited because so far I have completely forgotten to say huzzah for the dvd release. Huzzah!

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For all those non-region 1 people: it's trivially easy to make your DVD player 'region-free' by entering a simple unlock code. DVDs are locked to a specific region by software, and (AFAIK) every player has an unlock mechanism.*

There are many lists of unlock instructions on teh intarwebs - a pretty good one of which is here.

* In fact, when I bought my DVD player and registered, the manufacturer sent me a DVD disc in the mail that had instructions on how to 'test' the player. Lo! and behold, when I ran 'test' it prompted me to enter the unlock sequence, and away I went with region-free goodness... :-)

I ordered two! Excited now. Singing...


It will spread across the nation,
In a DVD-a-thon.
So go ahead and order it,
At your Amazon.

It needs time for shipping
So let the wait begin,
It will be great, a tour de force
The extras will be nice of course.

DVD, DVD, DVD, almost!

Dr Horrible will be out
Three weeks from now, they swear.
Soon you could be holding it,
Assuming that you dare
So make the Whedons gleeful
And order up a pair

It's in your cart,
You're at check-out,
Just one more click,
Don't miss out!

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Woo HOOO! I ordered eight - yes, eight! - copies. Everyone's getting Horrible this Christmas/Hannukkah whether they like it or not. I predict they like it. A lot.

I think this sucker is going to go way up the charts at Amazon. It'll be fun to monitor the rise.
I assume there'll be another thread when the DVD is released. I propose that comments be entirely lyrical. Of course no one will remember that on the day of, including me.
Also: Sales Rank: #552 in Movies & TV.
Main website has been updated... but still only one of the two servers.
Ordered! Is it Dec 19th yet?
OMG-squeeee! I know what I want in my stocking!!! Squueeeeeeee!
Ordered mine, though I made myself take long shipping. I'll do two-day when I order the ones for gifts, just need to figure out how many first. Yay! :)
I got one as a family Hannukah present. If the kids start squabbling over who gets to watch, well, the answer will be MOM! ;-)
I'm not surprised it's not out until the 19th (it's really quite incredible they've managed to do it on time actually), but there was a really quite important reason that it'd be super awesome if I could've had it before the 10th. Sadly, it's not to be...
Okay, ordering... excited... happy, but it is NOT going to be here by Christmas, unless I pay a lot more for fast shipping. But I shouldn't complain, it is still awesome and I can't wait!
will this hit stores?
$15 feels a little steep for less than an hour of content (100 minutes runtime, what?), but I'm hoping the extras make up for it. Musical commentary!

By the way, regarding Amazon Prime: I'm in a sort-of Amazon Prime co-op, where we all put in fifteen bucks or so and become "brothers" and "sisters" of someone who purchases the account. And then we all get two-day shipping. It's a really awesome system, and I bet you can find some willing brothers and sisters in this very thread.
Buying this is a moral dilemma 'cause at first
Amazon take so long to deliver, they're the worst
I'd be happy to wait for another shop, it's true
But I don't think there'll be one, so bother, stuff and poo
Yet I'll be alright

It's a brand new disc and our spirits high
Might be a recession, but we're going buy
Lots of shiny extras and some evil guys
It's a brand new disc!
My daughter & I just sang your song. It sounded great! (Except the me-singing part.)
I hope there's some official news on the DVD region soon. It'll be a fairly poor present otherwise.

Just a word for any international orderers out there (specifically in the UK), I've used Amazon's "Priority International" shipping before, and it's really fast -- it's arrived in 2 days before now. But we have a problem: first of all, it's Christmas, and secondly the 19th is a Friday which might delay it somewhat.
Polter-Cow, 100 minutes is actually close to two hours. I don't have any problem with paying $15 - I think that's very reasonable, considering, but if I have to order it from rather than, it will cost me much closer to $30 (exchange rate and shipping) plus any duty they decide to charge me at the border! I'll still buy it, but it will have to wait until after Christmas, unfortunately. :(
Yeah, all this song hoopla by The One True b!X, AlanD and missb is maahv-elous, and I think Sunfire's idea for our lyrical comments when the DVD is actually released is The Bomb made entirely of Wonderflonium. We should totally do that.
I am so happy it's only $15 considering that some single episodes of Doctor Who can cost $35-40 and higher on Amazon. $15 is much, much less damaging on my wallet.
do the 3 * 10 = 30 minutes of ELE applications count towards that total of 100 minutes?
Any Whedon fan you meet
Can see that Amazon is such a treat.
'Cause they sell the DVD
That has the dopest melodies
Since we saw Buffy with the demon Sweet.

Listen close to everybody's mouse
And hear that clicking sound.
Whedonites are not leaving the house
'Til postman comes around.

I cannot believe my eyes
How I wait for my Christmas prize.
But my fifteen bucks
Combat a world that sucks. Now just add fries.
Awesome, Polter-Cow.
I think $15 is a very good price for an independent project (not to mention a Joss one with so many extra features). I will be amazed (but delighted) if it is £9.99ish when (if) it pops up on though (which an ever-reliable online conversion calculator tells me is the exchange price).
Good on ya Poltercow, Bix-y and Alan D.
I am totally in agreement that should do a musical commentary of the musical commentary of the musical DVD.
Now, rules must be set for this anarchic exercise, so should be stick to Dr H tunes, or can we steal from the entire Whedonverse?

ETA You may want to check out some of Amazon's 'Black Friday' specials, too. 'Gilmore Girls' is $14.99 a season, and S3 of 'Supernatural' is only $14.99, too. Crazy! (And probably WAY off topic...sorry!)

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With all the lyrics you guys are writing for this DVD, we may have all we need for a Dr. Horrible Christmas. Now if I can come up with a song called "Santa vs. Bad Horse"...

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Going to wait with the pre-order for just a couple of days to see if it pops up on or sites like etcetera. Unless they might run out of stocks during pre-orders?

But if I do end up buying it from .com, is there a way to buy it through whedonesque's affiliate thingy? I'm not sure how that works, but doesn't the hosting site make money if people order through them? It'd be great if a bunch of us could both help our favorite site a bit with the costs of hosting (without any extra work for us) and buy this new Whedony goodness and help the Whedons pay their cast and crew. Plus: Dr. Horrible DVD and extra's. It'd be totally win-win.

ETA: forgot to say how much I love all the songs in here. Great work, all :).

[ edited by GVH on 2008-11-29 03:48 ]

It's up to #178. Woo!
I'd just like to thank the lyricists on this site... You crazy people always make me feel fuzzy. Happy Thanksgiving!
Technically you can plug the ASIN (or any ASIN) into the URL format of WHEDONesque's shop at Amazon and it comes up wrapped in their shop skin. Don't know if that means ordering it that way makes the W money.
Hopefully will list it soon. Pretty please?
"Will it be a region-free
for foreigners who need it?
We will ask and we will beg
and we will even plead it.

I don't care myself you see
for I am the right region
but for those now overseas
(their numbers are now legion)

They will want it now as well
they will not want to wait
they will pay some extra cost
and even extra freight."
Yay! I've been waiting for this to come out!!! :D
The 19th is my birthday. Joss, of course, knew this and is releasing the DVD as his present to me.
Tell your friends!
Unless, of course, you are buying it for them for Christmas!
From Amazon : The biggest gainers in Movies & TV sales rank over the past 24 hours.
1. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sales Rank in Movies & TV: 143 (previously unranked)

Update : It is now ranked 110 up from 143, soon it will soon break the top 100 in sales. It's still #1 on the mover and shakers sales ranking.

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I thought about it for a sec and 35 minutes of Dr. Horrible, plus 35 minutes of commentary the musical + 30 minutes of Evil League applications is exactly 100 minutes.
I just ordered 3 copies. It'll be #1 by tomorrow.
I don't think the commentaries count as minutes. Otherwise you would have 35 for the non-musical commentary too.
Is there a non-musical commentary? I hope so, there can never be too many commentaries for me! And I hope there are some bloopers, out-takes, or other fun (maybe the panels from comic con?).

I ordered four copies, because some people will need it for Christmas (whether they realize it or not).
Well, my turkey (or, in some cases, tofurkey) stuffed friends, we literally just put the finishing touches on the disc. Is it worth fifteen hard-earned dollars? Absolutely. In fact, I can say without reservation that the Dr. Horrible DVD is worth $15.23 EASILY. More, if your dollars weren't the hard-earned kind, just the kind you have lying around in your mom's purse. God knows WE'VE worked hard to earn 'em. "Commentary! The Musical" is the most painstaking and exhausting piece of whimsey I have ever mistaken for a good idea. It has nearly twice as much music as Dr. Horrible itself -- since you can't really talk that much during a commentary musical or it sounds like a regular commentary. (Which we also have, with the stars and writers, plus making-of's, ELE applications, and a few items left lying around by a notorious Bunny...) I can say without hesitation that I hesitate to say it's great. And by great I mean ridiculous. It's sophmoric, solopsistic, silly and the most fun I've had being exhausted since the fabled Mushortio itself. And everyone sings beautifullly. Which enrages me. I a little bit hate my friends now.

The listed street date is, by the way, a little later than we'd expected -- I'm hoping Amazon is just playing it safe and we can beat that date. More on that as we learn it. Expect a twittering sensation.

Finally, I just want to say "thank you" to everybody who has supported this venture. We've been able to pay our crew and all our bills, which means a lot. What means more is proving that completely independent ventures can muscle their way through the blizzard of big-budget behemoths. (A blizzard of behemoths? Back to writing school, alliteration-junkie!) All that rhetoric about the future of entertainment that flew about during the Strike is still entirely true. We need to find our own way of producing entertainment. A lot of people are watching Dr. Horrible to see if it's any kind of model -- way more people than I expected -- and it means everything to me to help pave the way for artists to start working and making a living from the ground up. There are a couple of real pioneers in this that I know personally: Felicia Day, I'm thrilled to say, and choreographer Chris Elam are both looking far ahead in terms of monetization and interactivity. Me, I'm more like Jimmy Stewart in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", but at least I'm out there. Thanks, he finally summed up, to you.

My story has become tiresome! But wait till you hear the songs.

Did we cover "silly"...?
Yes, sir, and we thank you for this. It's the best stocking stuffer the internet...and you...have given us.
I certainly hope this little internet musical will lead to bigger and better things for everyone.
By the way, Joss, did you see "Twilight"? I wonder what you thought of it. Its success has spurred rumors of a Buffy movie, of course. While that may be a pipe dream, at least we can look forward to the arrival of "Dollhouse" in a couple of months.
Again, Joss, thanks, and happy holidays.

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We love the silly!

Well, thanks for the update, dude. May I call you dude or do you prefer Master and Commander?

[ edited by crazygolfa on 2008-11-29 05:56 ]
"Commentary! The Musical!"

Is it December 19 (or sooner if the luck fairies fly) yet?
The silly is ALWAYS the best part!
Thank you Sir Joss for the update, I have pre-ordered and am looking forward to getting my DVD even earlier than Amazon listed. It's going to be a Horrible Christmas and I couldn't be happier about that :)
Is it worth fifteen hard-earned dollars? Absolutely. In fact, I can say without reservation that the Dr. Horrible DVD is worth $15.23 EASILY.
Well, in THAT case...

I guess I owe you a quarter. And then you'll owe me a penny. I will take a Penny instead, however.
Just keep your hammer to yourself, Polter-Cow.
We've been able to pay our crew and all our bills, which means a lot.

This is f*cking awesome. (Have I used that word too much in this thread already?)
Now I'm no maths nerd Polter-Cow, but you'd technically be owed TWO pennies.

The existence of which nicely paves the way for a sequel. Possibly featuring Penny's evil twin sister, Jenny. (Or perhaps a cross-dressing sibling, known as Lenny. Alexis needs a job!!)

But thanks, Joss, and can't wait to see what you've put together. Even if it doesn't get delivered here until February!!
Thank you, Jimmy Stewart. :-)

b!x, I believe you're one short, in Lioness's direction.
Now I'm no maths nerd Polter-Cow, but you'd technically be owed TWO pennies.
Nuh uh! The actual price is $14.99!

Possibly featuring Penny's evil twin sister, Jenny.
I think Penny's evil twin sister is probably Abraham Lincoln.
I believe you're one short...

You're right! I am made partially of fail!

Awesome, Lioness.
Joss the pleasure has been all mine!
We are surely some of the most spoilt fans in the world. I'm glad to have something to look forward to :)
b!x, your awesomes have been priceless. I laughed every time I saw another one.
We've been able to pay our crew and all our bills, which means a lot.

Glad to hear it- we did our best! And I just pre-ordered 3 copies!
$15.23 Joss? Why tis but four days of not Mocha Espresso-buying before work, and instead of filling chocolate and coffee, I get filling entertainment that tastes as sweet and has actual sounds which the aforementioned does not. Silly but so true.
So does that mean that they've officially broken even, and everything from now on is profit? 'Cause, AWESOME!

I've done the best I can on my salary, but my parents will chip in, too.
I'm gone for three days for a Turkey Day camp out, and these are the kind of announcements I almost miss! Jeeze. I'm so excited! We ARE the luckiest fans in the world.

And it pretty much goes without saying, it will totally be worth the $15. Fo' Sho'!
Can Dr. Horrible be added to the shop
I'd gladly give Joss .23 next time I see him ;)
Do I know who the 'notorious Bunny' is? o.O Is it a standing joke that I've somehow missed these past few years?
Said notorious Bunny leaves behind Easter Eggs.
Oh, that notorious Bunny! *sighs* Yes, I'm slow.
Yeah! I just order 5 copies as Christmas presents!
You're right Polter-Cow, I blame Sunfire for listing the cost as $15 at the top of the page. *pokes tongue* Or possibly, watching 'Twilight' this morning has lowered my IQ. (I actually got told off for laughing at inappropriate moments- such as Bella conveniently positioning herself in front of a fan just before a slo-mo shot.)

See, I didn't even LOOK at the price on Amazon, to be honest, I just sent it straight to my cart. They could've charged me eleventy-gazillion dollars and I'd have said said 'Okes'. Take notes for next time, evil ones!

I still want a cross-dressing Alexis in the sequel, though...
Yay! I HAD to shell out the extra cash for One day shipping! STILL well worth it! Thank you Joss!
I'm so glad it's going to be avaliable for X-mas! Firefly and Serenity on blu-ray+Dr Horrible dvd? It's a Whedon mediaton! :P

Christmas is now officially complete. :)

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I'm leaving for overseas before the DVD comes out. :(
I'll preorder soon, though.
Would like to know, whether waiting for a region 2 PAL version of the DVD makes any sense.
Yay! Just, Yay! Sales Rank: #103 in Movies & TV.
Well, okay, Jossir, if you're sure...

*snaps open the catch on her mom's old purse and pulls out the missing $0.24*

As others have said, I do hope it's all gravy from here on in - that it's officially Profit Time for the actors and writers and producers, 'cause that'd be so due after how much enjoyment folks have gotten from DHSAB already...

As much as I look forward to the commentary songs and the extras and the multicolored egg surprises, I will also be fascinated to see which ELoE applications tickled all y'alls fancies. It would be cool to know if everyone basically agreed on the finalists, or if the favorites varied madly from judge to judge.

*leaves $.24 in the jar.*
Add me to the people wondering if as a Canadian I need to order it from or if will be stocking it eventually. Can Amazon not just ship a bunch of boxes of Dr. Horrible to themselves up north and start filling orders?

If is not going to be getting copies or perhaps a month or more later, it would be nice to know that ahead of time.
I admit, I wasn't planning on buying this DVD. I know, I know, bad fan! But I saw it as it was released, and then on Hulu a bunch, and I've felt fairly Dr. Horrible sated, and as a college student I'm pinching my pennies for the important stuff this holiday season. Like more alcohol.

But Joss has, as usual, sold me. That and watching it rise up the amazon sales chart so swiftly. It gives me this whole "we are awesome" feeling and I want to fork over $14.99 and be a part of it. Nothing like Black Friday for a little heart warming consumerism.

Except it's already Saturday.

OT, I've read Twilight plus sequels and have seen the movie twice and that part with Bella in front of the fan is SUPPOSED to be funny. Edward makes a hilarious "oh god that SMELL" face right afterwards as her scent is wafted in his direction, and she even has a little slo-mo surreptitious smelling of her own armpit in confusion as she sits next to him. The movie was full of intentional hilarity. It doesn't take itself completely seriously, it's no Anne Rice adaptation. But, OnT, it's not as funny as Dr. Horrible. And NPH is better looking than Robert Pattinson.
So is Nathan!
OMG, I gotta get this one! *preorder it*
Gaaahhh!!! I go spend everything on Black Friday and then this happens while I am asleep.

Umm...maybe I'll find some extra money lying about somewhere...?
Seeing two different Amazon listings for same data with different info. But one of them claims it just broke into the top 100 at numer 99.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2008-11-29 10:17 ]
Yup, I just looked and it was 99th under Bestsellers.

ETA: And 39th under Hot New Releases.

[ edited by cabri on 2008-11-29 10:20 ]
Giant frenzied pre-selling crazyness = awesome
Cast and crew being payed = awesomer

This is a good day for the fandom :)
"Thanks, he finally summed up, to you."

Thanks to me !

It really is the perfect story. Cheers for the pop in-age Boss Fella (*mutters, grumbles* coulda mentioned whether it was region free *mutters, grumbles* ;).

And thanks to all you zany wacksters for the hilarious[ly talented] musical comments. Like GVH i'm gonna wait to see if it turns up on (cos they are un-frikkin'-canny when it comes to pre-orders - quite often i'll get international pre-orders 5 or 6 days ahead of the official US release) but if not I doubt we'll get it for Christmas in dear old Blighty so i'll order it for the post-Christmas blues (when i'll, on paper, be back at work - boo !).
Yay Horrible on dvd.

From the Amazon page
This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Does this mean that it's only going to be available from, at least at first ?
Awesome, but still want it in R2. Converting my DVD player means lifting the hood, something I'm not willing (or competent enough) to do.
I've enacted Whedonesque proctocol Sigma Gamma and added a link to Joss' post on theis entry.
"Did you say solipsistic?... I love that word!" - The Tao of Steve

Joss is so STEVE.

[ edited by Charmuse on 2008-11-29 12:21 ]
yup, crept up to #93 now.

I'll be preordering my copy, whether it be region free or not. Just waiting a few days in the hopes that xmas spending will boost our dollar just a few more cents as I have a big order to place with amazon. I truly wish they'd do at least discounted, if not free shipping if you spend over $100 for international sales.
Well done to the Dr Horrible team for getting this out before Christmas for the US. I was never expecting a worldwide release all at once or to get it here in the UK before next year. However, some info on the plans for international distribution would be much appreciated. Last time I tried a region 1 NTSC dvd it played in black and white, so that's not a great option.
I'll be preordering my copy, too, Region be damned. That's what VLC is for. ;)

Joss, I'm so grateful for the quality television and movies you keep bringing us. Thank you. I'd gladly give you more than $15 for Joss-written NPH-filled goodness (more than $15.23, too!)
Have you read the description of the story on Amazon? Someone needs to proofread these things.
"...Dr. Horrible, a budding super-villain who’s ambitious plans for world domination continually go awry. His two goals: getting accepted into the Evil League of Evil, and working up the guts to speak to Penny, the pretty girl at the laundry mat,"
I've added Dr Horrible to the shop and to the frontpage sidebar
Yay for Dr. H! Yay for extra commentary! Yay for Joss selling it even when it was so bought. Now, I need a countdown 'til the happy day arrives.

I still want a cross-dressing Alexis in the sequel, though...

missb, this is now imprinted in my brain! It must come to be.
Lioness He is his plans. And Penny's on that little rug in front of the washing machine. Whatcher problem? :)
Any chance that both the main feature and the commentary would be subtitled?

'Cause that would be supercalifra...that word from "Mary Poppins."
This is supershiny, but I am still pondering whether to order this from .com or wait until it is available in R2... Decision, decisions...

But I am so happy that crew and cast has been reimbursed already.
Dr. Horrible has jumped into the top 100!!
I'm really happy to see this model has been a success critically and financially. And I'm glad to see that the price will be stocking-stuffer friendly. (Not that I have that many stockings to stuff, but still...)
When this thing hit iTunes, even though I only owned the old Nano that didn't show video, I showed some love and paid the Season price.
Since then, I've upgraded iPods...but I'll still be more than happy to spend $15 on a couple of copies to give to a couple of friends that I converted to Browncoats.
Thanks for all of the crunchy creativey (yeah, that's a goodness, Joss.

supercalifra...that word from "Mary Poppins."

QuanticoMVP, I believe the word you're looking for would be: Supercalifragilisticexpiali-Horrible!
I don't understand how the advertising works. If I click on the ad on this page, I go to my regular Amazon page. If I click on the Whedonesque shop, I only have access to certain items. Does it only benefit Whedonesque if I buy from the shop?
(Because if it helps to just click on the ad, I could do all of my Amazon shopping that way.)
Once you've entered Amazon through one of the ads all your shopping there should benefit Whedonesque, jcs.
Preordered and giddy. I almost went for one-day shipping... but I decided to be patient and do two-day instead.
Well Canadians, as of Saturday morning it was NOT available at (on this thread do I have to clarify that 'it' refers to the Dr. Horrible DVD?). Through shipping was $7.97US so my total came to $22.97US. Currently (with this morning's exchange rate) that comes to $28.47CDN. I wish more of that went to Joss etal but it's awesome (as quote B!X) to finally make a contribution.
The biggest gainers in Movies & TV sales rank over the past 24 hours.

1. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sales Rank in Movies & TV: 88 (previously unranked)

It has broken into the top 100 of DVD sales, within 24 hours.
I think that we will have to buy a couple to use as prizes for our Can't Stop the Serenity Screening in June, or, if we get permission to show Dr. Horrible at the screening, I'm sure we could auction them off to those poor people who will have been exposed to the good Doctor for the first time. But I'll wait till it shows up on the Canadian Amazon first, I think. Thanks for doing the math, KateR.
Mamma Mia! It's ranked higher than Mamma Mia (91).
But if you look specifically for musicals it isn't listed at all! Surely this is the top selling musical by now, right? It is exciting to see it climb!
It's ranked higher than Mamma Mia (91).

My my.
Wouldn't it be lovely if "Commentary! The Musical" had its soundtrack released on iTunes? The concept of it still makes me giggle...
Amazon Girl, you're not the only person to upgrade your iPod for Dr. Horrible. I did that, too,and it opened an entirely new podcast world for me.
None can deny that the 21st Century has found its own Gilbert & Sullivan & Gilbert & Gilbert.
Wouldn't it be lovely if "Commentary! The Musical" had its soundtrack released on iTunes? The concept of it still makes me giggle...

I'm still hoping it'll make the physical CD release. That'd be super.
My my.

Heh ;).
Hooray! Ordered through the Whedonesque front page, glad you put that up Caroline. It's now ranked #82.
Does the fact that the listing doesn't specify it as Region 1 mean that - whisper it - it's not region-coded?
Well Joss, you can criticize yourself all you wish, but we as a whole thought it was great and we're awaiting a sequel please.

So crossing fingers with "Dollhouse"! Can't wait for the premier.
Well after hearing Gina Torres sing a bit at the convention last weekend I'm wanting "Serenity!" (the musical), it could be a cross over because now that Dr. Horrible rules the Earth that Was I'm sure he is looking for other worlds to conquer...
Hey, it could happen!
Still only one server displays any DVD info.
Yep, and it ain't mine. But as long as I can get my DVD, I'm happy.
I just find it strange. You'd think it would be an easily-solved issue, and yet days later it remains.
B!x, it may be because of the Thanksgiving Day weekend that they don't have anyone to fix it (or maybe no one told them that it needs fixing).
If it's on DVD-R like they say it is, it's probably NOT region-encoded. Region encoding happens because of studio and distributor interest, and I don't recall any studio or distributor being involved here. I could be wrong, but don't give up hope just yet.
oh my Joss!

Impaler you are soon as he gets here you're all "what about the buffy movie rumor!" that took some balls! hee!
I know they've been told, although I have no idea if they know they've been told (meaning I know two or three different ways the problem was reported in their direction, including via their project manager, but I have no idea if it's actually been seen).

The holiday is a fair point, but hosting providers have to function even on holidays. You'd think major ones would be staffed, no?
Lets be patient before we raise any flags, shall we?
We are a hosting provider, and we function over the holidays (albeit slowly, like folks still stuffed with the turkey and the pie) but we sublet from a much larger provider, and their holiday coverage has been sketchy, so it's possible that's why they've been unable to resolve it yet...

I got my copy in de bag. Now I has to pay.
And now it says:
"UP"23,739% Sales Rank in Movies & TV: 78 (was 18,595)

I found a US address I could ship it to, so I've bought a couple.
I'm SO excited about this I can't even find another word other than 'AWESOME'!!

And I LOVED to know that there's a normal commentary track as well!

Thanks so much for the news Joss!
Going Christmas shopping. Everybody is having a blue Christmas!
... by the way- that extra 24 cents Joss is prattling on about? It's just his two bits. he seems to think it's worth a little less than usual, though;)
Slightly different capitalization and punctuation, but both servers should be displaying the same DVD info now.

I just skimmed over Joss' post again and noticed that. No wonder you're mad, Joss. Your friends' singing must have been extra beautiful. But can they really top your dancing/brilliant improv in an episode of Angel I'm sure you're sick of hearing about so I'll run away now...
Ho! Ho! Ho-rrible! (In the bestest good way). Thank you and merry x-mas Santa Joss! Ain't gonna be a silent night at my house, what, with all the singing and commentaring, (hurrah)! With the US dollar worth a kabizillion Aussie dollars, I'll be spooning out tweleventy kabillion, but it'll all be worth it. (It'll probably be about $20 bucks, which I think is great value!) Yays! Have been good this year, (saving lives, rescuing the odd whale or three, promoting world peace, running for president...ok I lie, oops, does that make me bad now?), off to write to Santa, maybe he'll help me bypass the problematic exchange rate conversion problem. Can't wait for the DVD!

[ edited by RollingInKittens on 2008-11-30 14:23 ]
I like the title of this
‘Dr. Horrible’ DVD Ships December 19th, Pre-Orders Booming

Just wish they had grabbed a snapshot of amazon at the time. Also I think they have a little problem with itunes math.
Thanks for that link, Anon1 - added it to the main entry.
At the suggestion of Impaler General:

"Santa Vs. Bad Horse" (a celebration in annoying rhyme)

When release of "Dr. Horrible" was announced
Whedon fans did not tarry -- verily, they pounced
Off to their computers with credit cards they dashed
Until the Amazon servers they'd successfully crashed
Once that was done, their need unabated
For precious discs, they posted as they waited
Santa said, "To deliver this is my job, of course"
"Not so fast, round red guy," came riposte from Bad Horse
"True you've got a rep with reindeer, eight or nine
But 'Doc' delivery needs an evil equine."
Santa was irked, as you'd expect him to be
"Giving Christmas presents is the task that's for me!"
"So what?" said Bad Horse. "You think fans will wait?
They feel that nineteenth December is almost too late!
Even now their anticipation is causing them pain
If they wait 'til Christmas Eve, they'll just go insane!"
"What do you care?" asked St. Nick, quite miffed
"You're evil, what do you know of holiday gift?"
Bad Horse snorted and said, "Thought you understood
As an evil Whedon creation, I'm so bad, I'm good!
Now on with delivery, and my team -- so cool
On Billy, on Penny, on Hammer, you tool!"
And so Bad Horse and Co. took off through the fog
At a pace slower than lightspeed, but faster than jog
With stops for hay, yogurt but no holiday eggnog
They brought fans "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."
Santa had to make due with stuff that would hold
Until Christmas Eve, which annoyed him, I'm told
"Horse, this ain't over," he said with a rumble
Bad Horse's reply was sort of a jumble
But it sounded something like, though maybe not quite
"Horrible Holidays to all and be careful, I bite!"

Seriously, can't wait, especially for the singing commentary.
I'm a bit jealous that some other Amazon person thought to tag it "bad horse" and I didn't. Well played, someone who is not me.
You are welcome. Thanks for the shiny concise subject line I can use elsewhere!
Month of December has been made. Thank you Joss Whedon. Screw college finals, I just want my Dr. Horrible!

For some reason, I'm picturing Will Smith doing that rap or poem.

Also, it's flipping brilliant. Sales Rank: #70 in Movies & TV
I'm so glad its selling so well!

Is it being released exclusively through or will I be able to mosey on over to my local Best Buy in Canada come the 19th and pick it up in person?

[ edited by twinkiefoo on 2008-11-30 08:06 ]
I'm wondering if they are using this, which is an Amazon company that does "on demand" DVD manufacturing.
Psst The One True Bix, I believe you owe Shapenew an 'awesome'!

I love the thought of 'on demand' manufacturing. No running out of copies for anyone who wants one, and no indignity of finding it sadly lingering at the bottom of a bargain bin, either.

I'd just love to see some specs- as has been raised already, I wonder if they've had time to do closed captioning or record tracks in any other languages?
I've pre-ordered mine as welll, going with the theory that DVD-R is region free and will play ok on my British XBox 360. The ways of media type are somewhat alien to me.
I'll take B!x's token "awesome", and raise it to "frakstastic"! That was great Shapenew! More fun than a plate full of, err, fun stuff! Funner than funny, with lots of hunky and dory too...anyhoo, you get the point. And also, glad it's doing well. Love watching it climb the charts.

[ edited by RollingInKittens on 2008-11-30 10:33 ]
I will be in Florida when this is released, does anyone know if you can get stuff posted to holiday homes? This will make my trip much more exciting!!
shapenew, thanks for the poe, that was awesome!

I suspect the DVD will play just fine, Simon.
Add me to the list of 'pre-ordered on the theory that I'll actually be able to play it here in the UK.' Maybe Dr. Horrible, as well as proving a business model for non-studio produed material, can also help prove that region-encoding was a daft idea that should become a thing of the past.
Keep_flyin, you should be able to have the DVD sent to a holiday home (which I'm assuming is a short-term vacation rental), but you'll want to keep in mind that Amazon may ship these earlier than the 19th, so you might want to check with the people you're renting from about whether they can hold a package for you until your arrival. If you're planning to be in Florida for most of December, then no worries . . .

I ordered my three copies yesterday. My mom will be here for Christmas and one of them is for her. She's addicted to all things Whedon thanks to me. :)
Looks like Amazon lowered the price to $13.49.
This is good news to come home to on a Thanksgiving weekend. Ordered my copy. And it is now at #66 on Amazon.
Now it is #65. Are we thinking that the price drop is in response to the number of DVDs presold?
I've assumed the DVD would be region-free since all the reasons it wouldn't be have been dismissed - but they were dismissed for logical reasons, weren't they? Oh, god. Logic is almost completely inapplicable to things like this. Y'all have got me worried now. I hope we'll all be able to talk about it together at the same time, and make up lame lyrical commentary on the musical commentary.
Could we make it 64th? I'm sure we could.
64th it is! Also, 8th in the "superheroes" category - and would be higher if there weren't so many versions of The Dark Knight.
Ooh, Wish for something else, Madhatter.
$13.49?! Doesn't that mean that we owe Joss a lot more than the two bits (give or take)?
Ooh, Wish for something else, Madhatter.

Yeah, not to get crazy, but somewhere around 12 wouldn't be that crazy, right?
A confession: After I've listened to "Commentary!" a billion times, I'm going to be searching for the easter egg that reveals that that *really was* Sarah Michelle Gellar in the wig and dark glasses in the death ray scene. Yeah, I know, Joss has flat-out denied that that near-Michael-Jackson-level-of-strange-disguisement person was SMG and I'll probably be searching for that easter egg till the end of time, but so be it. A girl can, and shall, dream about such random, self-effacing coolness.

Seriously, though, the easter egg hunt should be fun. There have to be a few, no?

The DVD is still at #64. Madhatter, we need you to come back and make another wish!
Eh! How can I help?

[ edited by Madhatter on 2008-11-30 17:58 ]
I ordered my copy yesterday... after a week of vehemently swearing that I'd never buy a DVD again.

I've heard statistics that approximately 15% of DVDs are defective, well it appears to be getting MUCH worse recently. All FIVE of the last five DVDs that I've purchased have been defective and have had to be returned.

Really aggrevating when it's a box set- you have no idea if the new discs are any better unless you re-watch everything.

I want to know why the studios don't have some sort of mail in system where you can just replace the one defective disc instead of all of them. I've even got bad discs in my mega "all seasons" Buffy boxset that I was never able to return because Best Buy was out of stock.
Still not available on any Canadian site that I can find...
MikeTMC, I feel your pain. One of my discs in the Chosen collection was a lemon. I was able to make it work with one of those disc repairer pen things. But still.
The only episode in my Buffy DVDs that won't play properly is Where the Wild Things Are. Buffy and Riley having sex. I'll cope. ;)

I buy most of my movies from previously viewed bins, and have had very few problems. I buy a lot of movies. Sales Rank: #59 in Movies & TV
#7 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure > Superheroes
So cool that they added it to the Superheroes category. And that it is on the front page of that category. Might pick up some Hmmm, what is that? lookers.
They need to add it to the musical category too!
#26 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure Had to go to that category to find it.
I've heard statistics that approximately 15% of DVDs are defective, well it appears to be getting MUCH worse recently. All FIVE of the last five DVDs that I've purchased have been defective and have had to be returned.

From personal experience, I would expect the numbers of DVDs at Wal-mart that are defective to be much higher than that. I've found that so many of the bargain DVDs there are mislabeled, ESPECIALLY the ones that claim they are widescreen and they are in fact full screen. With that sort of thing, all of them are mislabeled because all of them are full screen when the label claims widescreen. I had a hard as hell time taking a few of those back because of it. Has this happened to anyone else?

In relation to the DVD: I just bought 3 copies. One for me, one for my brother, one for a friend!
Thrilled as I am that DH will soon be out, I'll be major-league surprised if it makes it into Amazon's top 20. There hasn't been the cross media build-up that there was before it appeared on the net, for one thing. That means fewer people are aware it's available for order. Since the awareness will be gradual, there won't be as large a spike in orders as there could have been, but there should be steady interest for a while, as more people learn about it.

For another thing, some viewers will be satisfied with only having seen it on-line, or with their Itunes downloads. By the way, is Hulu going to continue to show it? If so, I can't decide if the benefit of continuously attracting some new viewers will be offset by the dampening effect for other viewers on needing to buy the dvd. Probably a net plus, but who knows.

There is also this. On-line hit or no, based on the number of views during its initial run, far fewer people have seen the show than saw any of Joss's tv shows. Part 3 got something around 400,000 views, IIRC, and some of those were repeat viewings. Granted, that number has probably increased substantially since, but I still think that we're not talking much more than a million viewers all told. That's just not enough of a base to push DH into the massive sales of something like The Dark Knight, for example.

So, while I think Joss is going to make a tidy profit, I'd be surprised if sales surpassed the 50-to-100,000 range.
Well, I went ahead and pre-ordered it. Color me psyched.

Do you know if Amazon posts their sales figures to ? I would think that they do and then the sales you are talking about would get it on the DVD sales charts. And that would be shiny.
I would expect sales to be in the 300K unit range over the next year, shambleau. 50-100 is awful low. But then, I'm the one who said there was no way this was coming out before Christmas. So obviously, I am wrong, a lot. I wonder if the DVD will be available in any of the traditional meatplace retail outlets or if Amazon was the only place that could meet the before Christmas time frame.
FYI, answers to many of the questions being (understandably) lobbed in their direction are forthcoming, I'm told. That includes things like "is this region free". (I don't know if it is, but it's amongst the answers coming.)
Well, TamaraC, I didn't factor in that we're talking about multiple-copy-buying Joss fans, as opposed to casual ones, so 300,000, or a million, for that matter, doesn't seem out of reach to me, depending on how many of us there are. Mainly, I wanted to be realistic about the whole thing. This will not be a mass popular hit.

But I do think it will be a niche hit and shows the viabilty of what Joss is trying to do. He won't have to pay for the sequel out of his own funds, he can finance it from his profits, IMO, and that's no small thing.
Well, I do think 1 million copies is ridiculously out of reach, but 300K does seem easily achievable (over time, not in the month of December) at this price point.
I hope it is region free because I posted a comment about Dr. Horrible being available for pre-order on all my myspace friends pages whether they were in USA or not. Sales Rank: #55 in Movies & TV
#7 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure > Superheroes
#24 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure

Whoo-hoo! Made it to the front page of Action & Adventure!
Interesting that it isn't under Musicals.
I just checked the Dr. Horrible page at Amazon, and they just cut the price to $13.49. Here's the proof.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2008-11-30 22:07 ]

Did you see a Musicals category? I couldn't find one.
Now 35th in Hot New Releases and 52nd in Movies & TV.
It needs to be in the Mushortio category.
I've bought 7 so far. I think I need three more, but maybe four. If Joss gets two bits a copy, I've handed him two bucks fifty. Maybe two-seventy-five. That'll buy a blade of grass or two at his new place!
I had placed my pre-order at the $14.99 price but when Amazon posted the lower $13.49 price I asked if I needed to cancel and reorder but they promptly reply that it wasn't and they gave me the lower price! Yay! It is a niche (you can hardly get niche-ier than sci-fi super-hero musical tragedy) market, but since we know that Joss broke even with iTunes already then personally I'm feeling pretty over-joyed that the DVDs will bring in a very respectable profit, a profit that will benefit the creators and not just a studio and/or network corporation.
"7 in Movies & TV Action & Adventure Superheroes"

Only behind Batman & The Hulk. Go, Dr H!
I agree with TamaraC, 300K sounds about right.

b!x, Hi! Me again.
As the saying goes, nothing succeeds like success. Having "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" get that high on the charts will bring it to the attention of people who would otherwise be oblivious. Some of them will still be apathetic, but some will go, "Cool title," "Oh, I like Joss Whedon" or "Oh, I like NPH" (and some will mistake NPH for NPR and go, "Oh, I like National Public Radio" :) ) or even, "Wow, a whole bunch of other people are buying this, let me check it out," and buy it because of that. So just the mere fact of it doing this well already means it will do better than it would have otherwise. It's kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy, only with DVD sales instead of Connor killing Sahjahn.

As the discs are being advertised as DVD-R format, it sounds to me like someone involved in the project is literally cranking them out on a computer with multiple DVD decks and either invested in a disc-stamping machine or is paying to have titles put on the discs at some point in the process. This saves them a fortune in manufacturing costs and also ensures that supply doesn't exceed demand.

Thank you for the kind words crazygolfa, missb and RollinginKittens.
Since they are print on demand, I'm guessing it is unlikely that the DVDs will be in stores anywhere - at least in the immediate future.
Once I get into work tomorrow there are many more people who will be buying copies. Which is good because it has dropped to #53!!
Dropped? Clearly Madhatter isn't wishing hard enough. Just kidding.

If you're right, Shapenew, that's just awesome. No waste.
Just ordered two as Christmas presents. One for my brother-in-law, and one for me!
Ordered two so far... But promises to remember to order through the Whedonesque Amazon store for the rest.
I think the link to the company b!x posted is more likely how they're doing it. Although they seem to take a pretty big cut, if I'm reading it correctly. I wonder if the discount reflects that there are enough preorders to lower the cost.
I keep fantasizing about eating a bowl of delicious & nutritious Mushorti-O's while watching the free DVD prize inside.

ETA: I should have noted my willingness to pay $$ for the cereal (& dvd) - even if it is mushy and tastes like shorts!

[ edited by napua on 2008-12-01 06:13 ]
I prefer Dr. Horrib-O's. They stay evil, even in milk.
Actually, Sunfire, I was thinking I might pour some Bawls soda over Dr. Horrib-O's, to get all my daily requirement of caffeine with my dose of evil in the morning.

But now I find myself considering whether the Dr.'s final utterance at the end of Act I might have been a subliminal ad placement to help Joss & co. cover their expenses? Also, Act two featured Berrygood frozen yogurt. And the finale had those Hammer's Hammer t-shirts.
Soda on cereal is a deeply malevolent notion.
If anybody is wondering how they got the DVD out before Xmas (and I did suggest they may do something like this on Whedonesque): I think they've used On-Demand Publishing LLC. They've (Jed etc) have designed the artwork and put together the DVD, On-Demand are pressing the DVDs as per orders on Amazon. It's a uniqueish way of bypassing mainstream DVD manufacture, and so far, touch wood, there's never been a major DVD release like this. Yeah, they've done thousands of DVD orders before, but never tens (or hundreds) of thousands. So the Horrible team hasn't just bypassed the studios for web release, they've done it for the DVD release too. One thing to be slightly wary of, but don't loose any sleep over - because they've never pressed this many DVDs at once, I imagine some DVDs could ship late. But, you know, take it as it comes.

Random aside - On Demand is owned by Amazon LLC, who during the strike hosted a Q&A at their offices for their staff with one Mr Joss Whedon.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-12-01 13:55 ]
gossi, On-Demand Publishing seems to be closely related to the CreateSpace thing that bix linked to earlier, is that the case ?

b!x, really looking forward to some of those answers.

Once we know for sure what kind of coding the Dvds run on, I can see a smart business opportunity here for the entrepeneurial Comic book shop owner. Buy a 100 Dvds from, sell them with a decent mark up beside the Buffy S8 comics, repeat as long as there are customers.
Personally I like the online thing but for some people in the international market, this could provide an easier buying opportunity.
Maybe Joss would like to throw in a personal letter to be displayed in the Comic book shop that sells X # of Dvd copies ?
Yes, Createspace is a DBA of On Demand.
I'm feeling like that kid that waited the whole day for his ice-cream, only to see it drop to the ground on the first taste....
I really wanted this DVD. I couldn't watch it on Hulu, 'cause after it's initial run, it wasn't available outside the US of A.
I couldn't download it from iTunes, since we don't have an iTunes store in South Africa.
And now Amazon won't ship to South Africa. Unless I ship by priority mail. That will cost me $50.
I'm trying to scrounge up the courage to fork out $65 for this DVD. I'm sure it would totally be worth it, but maybe only next year, when the Christmas pinch has passed.
I'm so disappointed I could cry.
Too bad they won't ship it just bubble wrapped in a flat-rate priority international envelope, because to South Africa that's only $11.95.
Just announced by tweet: there will be a new Dr. Horrible comic this Wednesday from Dark Horse Presents. The title is Moist: Humidity Rising.
The image on Amazon has been changed to include a few quotes and "Featuring Commentary! The Musical". Wonder if that's what it'll actually look like.
Canter, perhaps it is time to cultivate a friend in the U.S. of A. I've done that in the past. ;)

Know any Browncoats at the US Embassy? Diplomatic pouch etc.

Maybe a comic book store. See jpr suggestion above. Sales Rank: #52 in Movies & TV
#6 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure > Superheroes
#18 Movies & TV > Action & Adventure

Moved up 1 in Superheroes!
Amazon now has a 30 second clip from the "Making of."

It's cool. reports,

International fans have been asking about the DVD region coding for Dr Horrible and we’re pleased to confirm that while it’s NTSC format the DVD is REGION FREE which means it should play in any DVD player anywhere in the world.

Doesn't say who they have talked to but the info makes sense, is primarily for the American market ie. NTSC and region free the only way to go unless you're a media conglomerate.

[ edited by jpr on 2008-12-02 11:25 ]
Good news if true. It's not really the conglomerate thing BTW, it's more that Dr Horrible has entirely original and creator owned music, so the usual rules about region specific negotiations don't apply so that there's absolutely no need to lock the DVD. Also, since it's effectively D2DVD there's no "theatrical window" to (on paper) protect.

I think this is a really positive move, especially when considered alongside the non-DRM soundtrack etc. Seems like someone on Team Whedon really "gets it".
Yep, Team Whedon seems to be on the right track, Amazon still seems to have some thinking to do whether it makes business sense to offer an international on Demand option with PAL and the rest of the Amazons distributing from the get go. I'm guessing they are still learning what services they should be offering their higher scale 'on demand/creator owned' customers.

Still believe that net-only sales should be the right way forward though, why spend the money on distributing discs and giving a whopping cut to Amazon if you don't have to ?
And yes I know some people really really like their shiny discs, some people enjoyed collecting VHS tapes too :)

[ edited by jpr on 2008-12-02 12:27 ]
Price has dropped to $9.99, and it is now also listed in the musicals & performing arts category.
Awesome, it's #14 in best sellers for Movies and TV. Given some of the movies coming out AND that this is the Christmas season, that is something to be VERY proud of!!!

Great job, Joss. This'll make a great Christmas gift for several on my list, even if it does come late!
Doc officially twittered the region-free status a few days ago.
I see that this is an exclusive. Does anyone know when this DVD might be available through other retailers? Amazon's too 'Blue Sun' for me. Xie xie.
Well, it's print-on-demand from a company owned by Amazon. So even if other retailers stocked it, Amazon would be getting the money.
Thanks for confirming b!x. It is so very shiny this is available on DVD now but the ordering makes me Grr-Argh.

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