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November 29 2008

Video interview with Felicia Day on

A 3-part interview done by worldofhiglet for WhedonAge with Felicia Day.

She talks about The Guild season 2, new sponsorship deal with Microsoft, Dr. Horrible, Joss, Buffy, and the fans.

No one posted this and I think it was a really cool interview, so... there... enjoy!
That is an excellent interview and I'm very excited about the fact that Felicia thinks the musical commentary songs for Dr. Horrible are so good! I'm really excited about getting my Dr. Horrible DVD!
Thank-you Max for finding this one. It's always incredibly cool to see such an in depth interview. Felicia is an impressive creative force--she created something out of nothing, and now she's even got a sponsor. It's encouraging to see an artist take control of what they want. I look forward to future episodes of The Guild. AND of course, the DR. "it's two Rs: H-O-R-R" IBLE DVD.

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Felicia Day is awesome.
I was not previously aware that it was even possible for people to be this awesome.
I'm glad to see she's got funding with creative control.
If you go to World of Higlet's YouTube page instead of watching them embedded at Whedonage, the interviews are available in HD. (click just below the lower right of the video)
I hadn't even realised this! If I had, I might have uploaded a poorer quality video....or tried to make the postage stamp insert that little bit smaller.

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