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November 30 2008

Joss wins 2008 Forry Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of Science Fiction. The yearly award is given by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. The site has not yet been updated with Joss' name, as the award was just announced to the public tonight, but that will probably be fixed shortly.

Here's a PDF of minutes for the October LASFS meeting where the results of the award voting was announced to the membership, naming Joss as the winner on Page 3.

A well-deserved win of a very prestigious award. Good work, JW! ;)
I am thrilled for Joss, and send my heartiest congratulations.
Awesome. :D

Congratulations to him. :)
Is there any other? Joss rules!
Congratulations! *releases the balloons*
Yay for our Big Purple Guy! ;-)
Congratulations, Joss! We will continue to be awesomed by you.

So, it it a Vampire's 'Lifetime' or a Average Joe's?


I propose that 'Joe' be replaced with 'Joss', not only does it raise the Average bar, but it don't bring bad mojo with it. ;)

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Congrats to Joss
That's quite a pedigree of legends our Joss is joining. Congratulations to him.
Impressive and appropriate company for Joss.
That's very awesome!
Wow, this is quite an honor. Well deserved of course! Congratulations, Joss!
It looks like he is the first television/movie person on the list. (Although I don't know everyone on the list, so if I have to be stood corrected, bring it on!) Very cool.
Chuck Jones, phlebotinin, but he's known for animation. Some of the winners have worked as screenwriters (including Bradbury, the first name on the list, as well he should be) but are primarily authors. David Gerrold is also a novelist, but is known by most people as the writer of The Trouble with Tribbles.

It's an amazing list.
Congrats, J. That list of winners is quite geekalicious.
Ditto! This has to be quite an honor.
You know what's so cool about this? Joss is in the list of Forry winners that contains many of the folks he must have read & loved as a kid.

I know this has happened before - as with the Hugo & Nebula and others - but this just struck me as one of the coolest aspects of winning something like this - to see your name right next to your childhood heroes. (Many of these folks would be mine, too.)

Congrats of the purplest hue to Our Joss-dude on this ass-picious occasion.
Well deserved, Joss.

(Are they going to present this to him at LosCon today?)
Kudos to the large and purple! In amazing company,right where you belong. So young for a lifetime resting on achievements, please Jossir. More is required for our collective well being. Thank you very much.
Congratulations, Joss! What an honour to be listed with all those other prestigious winners.

I don't know whether I get geek credits for recognising almost all the names - or lose points because I didn't know about four of them!
Whoa, what a list to join! Congratulations, sir, on your elevation to royalty!
toast, he already has that honor.
I love that you're in the Forry club, Joss. And boy, do you deserve it.

And I love the comment in the minutes about presenting his award to him...

How do we get him our Super Genius With Really Big Squishy Frontal Lobes award?

What do you mean, that's not a real award? How come?
To gain insight about a person, look to the company they keep.
That list contains some pretty lofty company!
A notable award from a venerable organization this L.A.-bred geek should be ashamed of himself for never having been a part of...

Just to sort of add to redeem147's comment to phlebotin, another notable TV/movie name on the list is Leigh Brackett. Though she was very well known as an SF/fantasy writer, she also collaborated with some truly remarkable writers and directors/de facto writers to contribute to some truly remarkable movies. She worked on "The Big Sleep" and "Rio Bravo", among others, for Howard Hawks, as well as 1973's "The Long Goodbye" for Robert Altman.

Oh, and she also wrote the first draft of "The Empire Strikes Back." Lawrence Kasdan did the rewrite after she died in 1978. She also wrote some episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and even a "Rockford Files"!

Very appropriate that Joss, who I think owes a great deal to Howard Hawks' films in particular, and her have shared an award, I'd say.
Congratulations Joss!
Interesting list... Odd that Frank Herbert doesn't appear, while quite a lof of less talented hacks (IMHO, of course) dot the list alongside true luminaries. Joss is an appropriate addition to the list.
giggle; considering one of my own half-dozen fvaorite authors, Poul Anderson, is on this with the creaotr of my favroite TV show, I'm just thinking about the political difference there. (Which applies to Pournelle & the late Messrs. Heinlein and deCamp as well, of course) And Joss has good company on his wing of the house with Pohl and Ellison.
You deserve it Joss! Congratulations!
DaddyCat -- one of the nicer aspects of that whole generation of SF writers is that while there was a definite left and right wing among them, there were few of the sort of writerly hate-fests that you might expect over politics -- even during the fractious sixties/early seventies even when you've got some pretty strong ideologues like Niven & Pournelle (who take credit for writing Reagan's "Star Wars" speech) on the right and lots of others on the left. I think they all bonded as SF geeks first, and political ideologies were always second. Considering Tim Minear's politics, the tradition continues.
It is, alas, my sad duty to report that the gentleman for whom the award was named -- Forrest J. Ackerman -- died at the ripe old age of 92.

More info here.

I'm sure he was a great influence upon Whedon, as he was upon many other SF writers/producers.

I only met him once but, sadly, never did get to Ackermansion. Perhaps in the afterlife.

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