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November 30 2008

(SPOILER) The TV Legion reviews Christian Kane's new series 'Leverage'. The review includes promo shots of the ensemble cast, video clips and a brief synopsis of the first couple of episodes.

I've been looking forward to giving this show a try, and the clips and good review help, as TNT has a mixed reputation in my book. It looks as though CK will have more to do than he did on that last show he was in, where he was just a prop-husband for the lead. Totally underused in that show, never really part of the story. So my fingers are crossed for success for him.
I have a DVD screener of two episodes that will air later this month. I'll take a look at that soon. Hopefully, when "Fringe" goes into reruns, people will check this show out.
The show looks interesting. But I couldn't find the link that led to any video clips. Could someone point them out? Thanks.
Hey Jane from Coupling is in it. The concept doesn't sound like something I would typically enjoy, though it could surprise me and the cast is solid and the review is very enthousiastic. It helps that the reviewer also doesn't likes procedurals and loved Angel, makes me thing I share his taste a bit. But the best new show this year is going to be Dollhouse ofcourse, so he's wrong about that one. I don't like Hustle, but I just started watching Eli Stone last week and did quite like that. Thanks for posting, will check this out and hope it turns out to be as good as the reviewer writes it is.
TNT has video clips you can watch of the show.
There should be underneath the rating stars. But if not, here are a few TNT video clips (may be spoilery and you might glimpse a couple of familiar Jossverse faces other than CK's):

Sneak peek.

Leverage trailer.

Age of the geek.

Behind the scenes preview.

Behind the scenes 2.

Behind the scenes 3.
Thanks. I couldn't get anything past the ratings stars.
I like 'Eli Stone' a fair bit but the connection between 'Leverage' and that is extremely thin IMO - it's not a lawyer show, it's not really a procedural, it doesn't have singing (in the pilot anyway), it's more of an ensemble dynamic and there's no fantasy/supernatural/magical-realism element. Apart from that, exactly the same ;).

'Hustle' is much closer to the feel of it but it's basically a heist show with, as the author says, a Robin Hood element. Way i've put it before is 'Hustle' meets 'Sneakers' meets the Travis McGee books so if you like that sort of thing it's very likely to float yer boat (and if the pilot's any indication then it's gonna be a really good watch I reckon).
I love me some Christian Kane, and Timothy Hutton looks very cool. But I dislkike the fighting style Christian displays - I like to see what people are doing. This fast-forward style looks very hectic. Oh - and the hair. Do something about the hair. :)

I'll check it out though, since shows about thieves are some of my favorites - like Remington Steele.

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I'm really looking forward to this. Didn't read the synopses (synopsises? synopsisises?) :) as I don't like spoilers, but I loved the description of Timothy Hutton's backstory.
Does anyone know if/when this is coming to Australia?
No, I'm afraid I don't.
I've seen the pilot and quite enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Leverage co-creator/producer John Rogers has posted some behind the scenes footage and stories at his blog, Kung Fu Monkey

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