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November 30 2008

David Boreanaz makes 'TV's 50 hottest hunks ever' list. David takes the No.47 spot, plus a couple of guest stars make the list.

Oy' it was his manager who saw him with the dog, not a Buffy producer. I love how that story morphs everytime.
He'll always be #1 in my opinion. I would have placed Jonathan Rhys Meyers higher up, too.
Sexiest Man Alive, anyone?


Sorry, I'm still trying to repair my psyche after seeing David Hasselhoff was included.
David is one sexy man, but the question in my head is: Why isn't James Marsters on this list?!
SMG comes in @#50 on the related "Sexiest Babes" list:

Haven't gone through to see if anyone else made it.

ETA: Charisma comes in @#22.

Pamela Anderson (!!!) is #1. Wutthe?

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These people have some interesting tastes..
He should have been much, much higher on that list. And I'm probably just biased, but I think quite a few (if not most) of the other men from the Jossverse should have been there as well.
David is sexy for sure but both he and Sarah should have placed higher on the list, imo.
Oh yes, David is very very hot. He definitely belongs on that list.
More James, less some of those other guys.

I'm not referring to David. David is sexy.
What the... DB only in 47 and no James?! Man, I can count on one hand (*rechecks* ok, maybe 2) the 'hunks' on this list that can really act. Sucks.

Maybe he's in the top ten? hee ;) That's were I would put him.

But, cool that Jensen's on 18 :) Can't believe they have him beating Depp. *grin* They should fight it out. Actor style.
Heh. Jensen deserves that 18. :) I love Johnny but Jensen is my favorite right now. *-*
Gah. David should TOTALLY be number 1. Yes, I realize I'm biased. But I love that he's on the list, that SMG is on the list of sexiest women and B/A is number 5 on greatest TV couples. That's damn good math.
Jensen/Depp. There could be oil involved.
Interesting list, although I'm not a DB fan. I'd love to see James Marsters in the upcoming top 10, but it wont happen, he hasn't done enough high-profile, non-genre TV.

I'm going to be massively puzzled if Julian McMahon isn't in the top ten.
Mmm, Julian McMahon, the only reason I stuck through Charmed even when they tore up what great character he had. But, the second he was gone, I was!
Same here Mirage. McMahon was the only reason I watched Charmed at all.

I am also disappointed that David is so low on the list and yippee for Jensen coming in at 18. I find him very hot and prefer his looks to Jared, although both are very good looking, talented actors. They work well together in Supernatural.

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