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November 30 2008

Kali Rocha stars in the show "John's Hand". She portrays John's sister Terry.

STRIKE.TV was born out of the writers strike. In December 2007, they challenged the members of the Writers Guild to create original programs for the Internet.

Here's wishing Hallie/Halfrek/Cecily as much luck as Felicia, NPH, Joss & Nathan have had!

Go NetTV!
Maybe I'm weird - no comments from the peanut gallery! - but I find it side-huggingly humorous that Hallie is trying to chat up Cromartie from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in this. Especially since Garret Dillahunt is avoiding the conversation with all of his being ;D
My first thought was that that'd be side-huggingly uncomfortable in a downright unsettlin' stylee (they're supposed to be brother and sister !) until I remembered that outside the UK "chatting up" has come to mean "talking to" as opposed to "talking to in order to seduce". That and the way non-Brits use "wanked" are the two things that give me the most pause in trans-Atlantic dealings ;).

Interesting show that, it's got a slightly stagey feel to it but I guess that's gonna happen on a low budget and it suits the subject matter anyway so no harm, no foul (I wonder if the sound's been left noisy deliberately to make it feel immediate but remind us that we're basically voyeurs ? Or maybe that's just another aspect of not having a lot of cash to throw around ?).

In some ways it's lucky we know they're all very talented actors cos they could be seen to be very wooden performances rather than actually being good performances of painfully strained, wooden relationships with an incredibly distant man. Makes me want to see more and especially makes me want to know more about their environment growing up, what shaped the brother and sister into who they are today.
Well I'm not from the UK, and I've only ever heard "chat up" in the "in order to seduce" way. Maybe I'm spending too much time watching the BBC.
Nah, "too much" ? BBC ? Can't happen (unless you're having to, like, skip some breaths cos you just don't have the time - that'd probably qualify ;-).

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