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November 30 2008

13 Dangerously Sexy Bloodsuckers. On this list of sexy vampires Vampire Willow makes number 9, Spike takes number 3.

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Well, vamp Willow was deliciously dangerous.
Vampire Willow is #9.
And yay Spike. I think he should be number 1 though. Much sexier than the other two.
Yeah, Willow is #9, not 5. #5 went to the decidedly non-sexy Edward Cullen.

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Forget the ranking, think more on the character.
My bad. I got confused between the page number and the ranking. Still, it was nice to see more women on this list than there usually is on vampire lists. Plus, Spike beat out the glittery Edward which is as it should be!
Whoo, Spike. :D Decent description this time, too, aside from the "brooding melancholy" bit, which only applies to... what? A few Season 7 episodes?
Hmph. I found Angelus dangerously sexy. I think it should be #1 Spike, #2 Angelus, #3 Willow. :P
Decent list. Pity Darla wasn't on it as well.
Yay Spike! But he should definitely be number one. I know he's the hottest on my list! I am happy that Vamp Willow made the list, redheaded vamps are the coolest!
Whenever one of these lists appears and doesn't include Angel the baby Jesus cries.
Nah. I may be a straight guy, but my impression was that Angel wouldn't qualify because he's a non-dangerous hero, and Angelus would be too sickeningly demented and sadistic to be found sexy by anyone but the extensively disturbed (yes Cabri, that includes you :P).
Considering all the people around Angel tend to die I'd say he qualifies as dangerous.
I second project bitsy's observation.
Maybe Angel didn't make the list because he only had sex twice in his eight year run. And his morning after manners were not so good in either case. Just sayin. ;)

[ edited by Xane on 2008-12-01 02:33 ]
I like the Vampire Willow description, less keen on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have been nothing without the entertaining antics of Spike" part of the Spike description. "Nothing" - really?
The act of sex and being sexy are two different things, Xane. Besides, if we were going to use bad behavior as a reason why someone shouldn't belong on the list, I'm pretty sure Spike would be banished forever for what he did in Seeing Red. Just sayin' :P
Vampire Willow: enticing, dangerous and kinda… slackerish.
I dunno. Always glad to see some good shout-outs to the Buffyverse, but Angelus will always be sexy vamp #1 for me. Whenever he's onscreen, I have this unsettling tendency to swoon and recoil simultaneously. My friend and I have discussed this and are resigned to the fact that if either of us ended up face to face with Angelus, we'd promptly melt and go willingly to our deaths. I wouldn't say the same of Spike (partly because of the major ick factor that is his smoking habit)...unless we're talking punk '70s Spike, that is.
oh yeah, 70's punk Spike is totally THE Spike! But still wtf to no Angelus? confused.
Aye, 'tis most befuddling.
Angel had sex three times.

Yeah, still not much of a batting average.

I would leave off the list any vampires with the word 'light' in their titles.
Um, okay, I was gonna let it go considering the subject matter, but inaccuracy irks me. No offense. Angel had sex seven times, if we include the two dream sequences and the day that wasn't. And that's strictly referring to Angel, not Angelus.
Sexy Spike. Sexy Kinda Nuts Willow.

Now I want to read a fic about those two meeting in the Wish Verse... I wonder if they'll have a cat fight ;) Maybe Xander and Drusilla will just watch.

*pout* Joss and Co. should write a comic about the Wish Verse. That would be the coolest darkest read ever.
Mirage Well...would Spike have come to Sunnydale if the Master had survived?

I know he came to find a way to cure Dru, but...if the Master was running the town, things would've been quite different, so...maybe Spike & Dru wouldn't be able to get in?

Dunno. Do we know what the Master thought of him? We know Darla was a favorite of his, but what was his opinion on Drusilla and Spike?
I would imagine he thought that they were dangerously sexy bloodsuckers. I would put both of them on that list. Spike at #1 of course.
Spike and Dru weren't in Sunnydale in the Wishverse in "The Wish", anyway. Probably Dru would enjoy the carnage of a Master-run Sunnydale, but Spike tends to prefer human urban elements. The Master/Angelus divide was in its way another version of the Angelus/Spike divide (and the Angelus/Master scene in "Darla" was very similar to some of the Angelus/Spike scenes in "FFL"/"Darla" as well), so I'd guess that Spike would get along with the Master even less. Spike, you've got to remember, likes the human world ("You do remember you're a vampire, right?"), and probably wouldn't be happy being part of the Establishment like the Master.

Anyway, it is a shame that Darla didn't make the list (although I found her sexiest as a human, in early season two), but Spike and Vamp Willow are excellent choices.
Angel did so have sex more than twice- with Buffy, Dream Buffy, 'I'll Never Forget' Buffy, Darla, Flashback Darla, Eve, Flashback Dru and Nina, by my count. And maybe with Spike... but just that one time.

Not that I'm keeping track, or anything. Cause that'd be weird!
And maybe with Spike... but just that one time.

Heee! No Master? I mean that fruit punch mouth is such a turn on.
Eve! Right! Four.

I'm just counting real times. And only souled Angel, so not the Darla flashbacks, or the dreams.
'Considering all the people around Angel tend to die I'd say he qualifies as dangerous.'

I took 'dangerous' as more meaning directly dangerous to the heroes, rather than merely being someone who others tend to follow into dangerous situations, maybe I was wrong.
Decent list, but I would, as always, put Spike in the #1 spot. And hey .... I'm not the only one who didn't ever find Angel to be sexy. Far too broody and whiny, something they even disqualified Brad Pitt's Louis for.
I never found Angel sexy... but Booth... now he's so fun and dark in the right places... that's sexy (did I mention the bod?)

In the Dark
SPIKE: (imitating Rachel) How can I thank you, you mysterious, black-clad hunk of a night thing? (imitating Angel) No need, little lady, your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a badass vampire, but love and a pesky curse defanged me. Now I'm just a big, fluffy puppy with bad teeth.

(Rachel steps closer to Angel, and Angel steps back, warding her off with his hands)

SPIKE: No, not the hair! Never the hair! (high voice) But there must be someway I can show my appreciation. (low voice) No, helping those in need's my job, and working up a load of sexual tension, and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough! (high voice) I understand. I have a nephew who is gay, so... (low voice) Say no more. Evil's still afoot! And I'm almost out of that Nancy-boy hair gel I like so much. Quickly, to the Angel-mobile, away!

After watching that, I could never see Angel as sexy.
missb and redeem147: "I made a lot of these points earlier, but fine; no one listens to me..."
I'm sorry; what did you say?

Nice list. Some of them wouldn't be on *my* list, like C. Deneuve's character, Blacula or the guy from Twilight, but I'm happy to see Vamp Willow and of course Spike in the Top 10. :)

Not missing Angel, because jailbait lover (Buffy) and dangerously sexy is a non-mxy thing for me. *shudder*

But no Angelus? He, like Spike, defines dangerous and sexy bad boy, so no Angelus on a list about "dangerously sexy bloodsuckers" is, well, rude.

Also missing is Christopher Lee's Dracula, my first vamp love.
Angel had visionary sex with Cordy under the Shaman's influence.
Does sex with Buffy on the day that didn't happen count if the day didn't actually happen? 'Cos ifso, I got the distinct impression that it was more than one time that day.
Of course there'd be a lot of overlap, but maybe somebody should recognize the realities of vampire romanticism and make complete, full-length "His" and "Hers" versions of these lists.
Is it just me, or does Stephen Dorff look a heckuva lot like Christian Kane in that photo?
I think Vampy Willow should have been #1. Spike #2...but that's just me =P

Never did find Angel sexy.

Why all the Cullen hate? I mean, the books are horrible but the overall story is...interesting.

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