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December 01 2008

Firefly Creation Convention report. Summarizes events and cast Q&A, podcast with Marian Call interview/music and interviews with Andy Gore & Geoffrey Mandel.

Beth has really worked hard on this and I think it's the best presentation of this particular event out there.
It's an amazing report. Just like being there!

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Thank you for your positive comments. Make sure you listen to the podcast, Andy Gore & Geoffrey Mandel from QMX talk about the Map of the Verse and other stuff they're working on and Marian Call is great too - of course, you could say I'm biased but I hope it sounds as interesting as I think it does. You might even hear a few WHEDONesque members in there somewhere...

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Great report Beth! Thank you for all your work and sharing with us. :)
good read :) Will try to listen to podcast as time allows!

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