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December 01 2008

Eve and Vi tell "A Blogger's Tale". Sarah Thompson and Felicia Day in a movie about blogging as an alternative to professional therapy.

Does anyone else think Sarah Thompson looks like Jennifer Garner at the start of Alias?
Got my copy of this the day of release. As usual, Felicia was excellent.
Does anyone else think Sarah Thompson looks like Jennifer Garner at the start of Alias?

Little bit maybe, they both have fairly long faces. Pretty, obviously, but long (and there's the cap thing ;).

Hmm, i'd check it out though i'm not sure the trailer's gonna do a huge amount to attract non-fans (of the cast), nice idea though and it could well be a slower burn sort of comedy that's hard to trailerise.

(cool to see Sarah Thompson in the most recent 'House' episode BTW, even if it was a small-ish part - she basically played "good looking hostage that threw up" ;)
I have never heard of this movie, but I may go to Blockbuster to see it it's there. Their characters should be a jolt to those who just know them from Buffy and Angel.
Well, that bit with Felicia looking into the web cam looks familiar. :)
It actually looks really good. *goes off to buy*
It does, doesn't it? I think I'm gonna order one too.
Added to my Netflix queue. I like both actresses, and it will be interesting to see Felicia play against type a bit.
I'm definitely renting this. It looks hilarious.
I don't mean this in an accusatory way, but did she... oh. Oh wait, THAT Sarah! I thought this was Sarah, "Potential Amanda" Sarah! Through the entire trailer I thought it was Sarah Hagen after weird plastic surgery!

Huh. Never noticed how similar those two looked.

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