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December 01 2008

Amber Benson to appear at NY Comic Con '09. She'll be there to help promote the release of her next novel, Death's Daughter, along with a couple or three new indie films she's in that will be released in the next few months.

Also attending will be BtVS artist Georges Jeanty, Spike comic book writer Peter David, and Buffy 'n Angel novelist Tom Sniegoski, with more to potentially be added.

Please take photos. We have so missed Amber.
I'll be interested to read what Amber does on her own in Death's Daughter. Amber's premise for "DD" is interesting.

Maybe DD will become popular and evolve into a movie or a series. Amber has the Hollywood contacts, including Joss himself. It could happen. And if something like that does bubble up, I suggest Amber write a walk-on part for Joss where his character gets it through the chest unexpectedly.

Then the circle would be complete. :-)
Quantumac, I like the way you think...which says something alarming about the both of us, I fear. :P

And I wasn't going to say anything about this until it's ready to see print, but I've just done an interview with Amber which will run in Sirens of Cinema in early 2009, and she does indeed touch upon some plans for DD. But don't tell anyone I told you yet. ;)
We definitely need to see more Amber. Although she has been in a lot of indie movies lately.
"I suggest Amber write a walk-on part for Joss where his character gets it through the chest unexpectedly."

Thanks for the heads up, Shiai. I love Sirens of Cinema. The article Amber wrote in SoC on the making of "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics" is what prompted me to invite her to screen the film in Houston last year.

Back to topic: I already pre-ordered my copy of DD. Interesting premise. It would be very cool if it got adapted for the screen... and Amber directed it. How often does an author get to direct their own film adaptation?
Amber :D :D :D
*serious brainfunction reducton to Fire Bad, Tree Pretty level*

Like the shooting idea LoL, Joss is a hero and a god for giving us Tara, but he turned Angel-evil when he had her shot.

Too bad I'm probably not going, unless the flightticket prices Amsterdam-NYC plummit anywhere soon.

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