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December 02 2008

Behind the scenes clip from the Dr. Horrible DVD. Now available to watch at And the DVD is region-free according to a Dr. Horrible tweet.

Teensy weensy little clip. Any little bit makes my day, though. :)
Teeny Tiny clip, but so awesome.
Gimme, gimme, gimme my dvd!!
Short 'n' sweet, lovely!
Wow does that make me want the DVD.
I'm pretty sure (or I'm just going crazy) that the text
( Exclusive)
on the amazon site wasn't there earlier, could be the response to the people asking about availability in other stores.
It's just like the Nickelodeon programs (like Rocko's Modern Life) which were released on DVD through burn on demand, they are only available at Amazon as well.
Still not available on and last time I checked they won't ship to Canada unless you have a US address for your Credit Card. Dang it.
Anyone know a work around?
last time I checked they won't ship to Canada unless you have a US address for your Credit Card

That's really odd as I had no problem using a UK address when ordering.
I ordered my copies this morning with a UK address and was pleasantly surprised that everything seemed to go through ok.
Nice clip. A clip of the singing commentary would be extra super nice.
Too short. But still sweetly awesome. :)

Can't wait for my 5 to come home!
Great stuff :).
One word comes to mind, and that word is, "SQUEE!"
Would the deal (with the print-to-order thing) only really be intended for U.S. residents, is that why this isn't showing up on other countries' versions of Amazon ?

With the Canadian dollar no longer better or nearly-matching the American dollar like it was for about half a year or so there, I'd rather buy from than Also,'s warehouse is fairly close, so things ship within two days every time (unless it's a pre-order or a rarity).
Excellent clip and I am so excited for this dvd!
Hehehe - singing like a chipmunk.
I ordered from Brazil with no problem.
And I know people who ordered from Canada too...

And yeah, that was a great little clip! Can't wait to see the rest!
The fansite reports that while the DVD is NTSC, it is region-free, and says the extras should be listed at Amazon at some point.
Also they just tweeted that it is region-free. Direct from the Bad Horse's mouth, so to speak.

It should be an ice cream flavor.

Actually, Sunfire, it might be from the switchable-groupie who likes the "weird stuff".

Lovin' it!
I ordered from Canada with a Canadian credit card and address and had no problem. Try again, Redfern.
So glad it is region free. Now if it was cheap for you overseasers to get it shipped, all would be right with the world!
Ordered mine! Yay. And UK shipping is cheaper than I thought it might be. Okay, slow delivery, but hey - it's my birthday in February. Perfect. :)
Well, that gets me salivating.
Cool little clip. Totally flashed on Alvin singing "Yeah i'm a funny guy" ;).

In light of the on demand mcgubbins i've decided not to wait for (cos it may well never happen) and gone ahead. Went through fine from the UK BTW (though i've previously ordered enough stuff from to have my bank manager in tears so that wasn't a surprise to me ;).
So THAT'S how they did it! The wonders of filmmaking. :>)
Incidentally, Amazon really know where their bread's buttered - if you search for dr horrible on the first two hits up are 'Firefly' and 'The Bro Code' ;).

(then it's Steve Coogan which makes a sort of sense, even if the doctor was terrible and the house was horrible)
You can get get shipping to Canada, but it costs $7.98. No free shipping by adding other stuff.

I'm going to wait a bit for a day when the dollar's better. $27 Canadian, and that doesn't include the duty at the border.

Bit expensive for this time of year, but I'll get it eventually. Oh, yes I will.
I just got an email from Amazon saying:

"We're writing about the order you placed on November 28 2008 14:53 PST. Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

Neil Patrick Harris, et al "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" [DVD]
Estimated arrival date: 12/24/2008"

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

However, the release date on Amazon's listing remains unchanged from December 19th, they don't mention what the new release date is in the email, and I haven't changed my shipping method, so I'm not getting what the change is, exactly - What? What? What?
Oh dear, QG you sent me racing to check if I had also gotten an email, but (whew) I haven't. But I don't trust amazon to get these out on time, even though I've ordered two day delivery for considerably more money (free shipping would have been way too slow, but even standard shipping sounded like I couldn't count on it). I REALLY want these by Christmas (which is why I ordered multiple copies).
Hi Everyone-
I just recieved the same email from Quoter Gal. I am just as confused because Amazon is still saying Dec 19th.

This doesn't make sense since Joss was hoping to have a release date earlier then the 19th.

Anyone know whats up?
I do hope that " exclusive" business does not mean "internet only," because I was hoping to (eventually, if not for Christmas) get copies for family and friends, and if is the only one selling, I won't even get a copy for myself.
I do hope that " exclusive" business does not mean "internet only,"

Unless you know of a physical Amazon store, that's exactly what it means. (Unless, as has been suggested, individual stores, such as comic book shops, order a bunch to sell.)
I wonder if the release date is the same, but because it's by demand pressing (do they press CDs? Iz old) the demand has taken them by surprise and they're shipping them in groups.
Like Saje, I'll give up waiting for (or even or dutch equivalents to those) and just order from In fact, it'll be the next thing I do after posting this message. Which I am quite looking forward to, actually.

ETA: whee, ordered (through the whedonesque link ofcourse :))

[ edited by GVH on 2008-12-03 00:44 ]
I got the same email but mine had a change...
My first delivery estimate was January 16 to February 6, now is 01/09/2009 - 01/22/2009 ... so I'm guessing the release date will be sooner, but they haven't changed it yet.
Oh no! I'm only in the States for 5 days. This is not good news.
Movies & TV: #38.
Action & Adventure: #16.
Superheroes: #5.
Whoo-hoo! Right below all those versions of Dark Knight!!!!

And the 2nd page of Movies & TV!!!!
Doc also blogged and sent out a bulleting about the DVD being region-free! The bulletin said REGION-FREEEEE!

Maybe that is why the jump to #38.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-12-03 07:18 ]
That's my assumption as well. Everyone who was waiting to hear "region free" just hit it today.
Does that mean there's more of us than there is of you? ;)

Or does it just mean that most people don't do their dvd shopping on a Tuesday night...
Most likely IMO is that not everyone get their news at the same speed, or as horrible and evil as it might sound doesn't rush to buy as soon as they get the info. Or I'd have to accept that a lot of Whedon fans still doesn't know how to make their dvd players region free, which I simply refuse to believe :)

[ edited by jpr on 2008-12-03 11:47 ]
Sorry, jpr, but I'm one of *those* fans who have no clue on how to make a player region-free. Luckily I live in the US of California, so I'm okay.

I think the news is trickling. People had a large advance for when Dr. H was first released, but this DVD date came more as a sleeper.
If you google your model of DVD player along with something like "region hack" (so e.g. philips dvp3120 region hack) you'll probably find step-by-step instructions similar to these which almost always involve nothing more invasive than opening the disk tray (like when you eject a disk, no screwdriver required ;) and pressing a few buttons on your remote. Trust me korkster, if you can do titrations then you can region hack your DVD player ;).

And some DVD players are multi-region out of the box anyway.
Tell you the truth korkster I only figured out how easy it was myself quite recently. When I last bought one I just asked in the store for a region free, their response - pick the player and we will make it region free for you no extra charge.
But this is not nearly as relevant for US Whedon fans of course.
And WSS of course :)
I cannot find the instructions on how to hack my model anywhere on the Web. :'(

I mean, I'm in the U.S., but I've got a couple DVD's that aren't R1.

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2008-12-03 17:36 ]
I think the spike in sales coincided way too closely with the region-free announcement for this to just have been news of the sale spreading slowly.
UnpluggedCrazy, Try asking Buy More, the Nerd Herd guys know everything. Especially useful if you bought the player or DVD from their store. see jpr | December 03, 12:50 CET note above.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-12-03 18:07 ]
I'm pretty sure no one has ever bought anything from Buy More.
#39 in Movies & TV.
#16 in Action & Adventure.
#5 in Superheroes.

#3 in Musicals & Performing Arts (finally).

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2008-12-03 18:15 ]

Whoops. Beat me to it!

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-12-03 18:17 ]
I mean, I'm in the U.S., but I've got a couple DVD's that aren't R1.

I have an alarming number :) Well, some people would find it alarming, I find it strangely comforting.
The alarming part is that you have at least one from Region 10, which is Mars.
THE NEW Roger/Raging_Demons!!!! wrote on Doc's myspace that

Doing some downloading on iTunes. Found this out.

"Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" is ranked Number 9 on iTunes "Top TV Shows Best Sellers of 2008"

Don't know if there is a publicly accessible link to that.
So? Mars makes some great comedy! MarsComs are the new BritComs!

ETA - also hobos are the new unicorns. Bonus points to anyone who identifies the reference.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2008-12-03 19:09 ]
You're such a hipster, Zeitgeist.

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