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December 02 2008

Second Astonishing X-Men hardcover out this week. This volume collects issues 13-24 and Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1.

No word on what the extras are.

I've been waiting for this forEVER, but I don't know why they bother to put "Astonishing X-Men" on the cover anymore. Everyone buying that book will be doing so because they want 200 pages of JOSS WHEDON. Maybe it'll just be assorted pictures of him posing in a rocking chair and sipping some tea.

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To be fair, there is another cover. That's the one I think I'll be getting.
I really dislike those BIG LETTER covers for the Marvel hardbacks, does anyone actually buy those ones by choice ? U-G-L-Y, they ain't got no alibi, they ugly (yeah, you finally thought you'd erased that one, didntcha ? Muhahahahahhahahahaha ;).
One's for the direct market and one isn't. I think.
Sadly, since I bought the first hardcover online without properly looking at the cover before, I failed to realize until it was too late that the huge letters were indeed truly huge. I might as well accept my fate and complete the collection now (although I'll do my best to find the alternative cover this time).
Do you wonder if Cassaday's a bit knarked by the whole thing? Maybe his name is on the back cover. I'm happy with the four trade paperbacks I own of it.
Maybe he's gonna pull a Jay and Silent Bob and visit every single owner of these with a pot of dayglo pink paint and a "& John Frikkin' Cassaday" stencil ;). Not to mention Laura Martin for that matter.

Got a bit of a mish-mash of trades and singles myself so I might pick these up down the line - generally a fan of these omnibus hardbacks, they so purty.
Saje, they are gonna release a complete omnibus collecting all 25 issues someday so I wouldn't feel the need to rush.
Off-topic-ish, do we know of any plans for a massive omnibus of Season 8 at any point. It'd take a deluxe two trade paperback hardback, but ideally, I'd like to ultimately pick up just 2 massive tomes.
Bah, Amazon sent me the {giant-ass}JOSS WHEDON cover version for Volume 2, which doesn't match my first volume. If anybody wants to trade, send me a an email.

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