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December 02 2008

Part II of Access Hollywood's visit to the Dollhouse set. We find out more about the concept of the show and how Joss and Eliza feel about the Friday night timeslot. ETA: Also, Part III.

I have to say, the more time goes by, the less I'm concerned about Friday. I just think promotion needs to kick in, like, now. They need to show funny episode clips and Eliza being hot.
Heh, the bad timeslot thing was good.
Fox needs to kick in some decent promotion soon. Seeing how sweeps was just wasted, I want to see them using the debut of the winter programming for some real promotion thing.
I want to be bugged in my yahoo email account with banners of Dollhouse.
It still feels like a "lemonade" kind of deal (you know, "when life gives you lemons...") but there's nothing to be gained from a doom and gloom perspective. So I've decided to take all the rationalization about how "the tv market is different, friday's not so bad, it's not a Firefly repeat, Fox has changed" etc. at face value. Besides, I love lemonade.
I agree, thinking the Friday night slot may be a mixed blessing in disguise. Due to the lower expectations of this night, I'm hoping Joss gets a solid foothold and a chance to prove what the show is all about.

Glass half-full, always thinking positive!
Well, it's certainly nice of Joss and Eliza to try to comfort us about the timeslot, but with so much things in common with Firefly (the new pilot, and the crappy friday slot), one can't not be worried. Moreover, the fact that TSCC is Joss's favorite show on Fox is quite the bad sign, as it only confirms that the lead-in is not really likely to bring people who would have not watched Dollhouse without it.
It all comes down to the expectations of Fox for a friday night show, and we will know this soon enough.
Is it just me or does Eliza look very disappointed and sad after she tried to explain that Friday nights are not that bad? Or maybe she was just bored with the interview or is sick of hearing all those "Dollhouse is doomed"-headlines, or maybe she was just tired? Oh well, reading too much into body language here.

I want DOLLHOUSE to be the show that breaks out on Friday nights. Seriously. I'm not in the US, but even if I was, there really wouldn't be anything on for me to watch, so I would be really happy to have DOLLHOUSE on Friday nights. (Let's face it: Who goes out every single Friday night?)
I haven't seen much promotion for Lie to Me either, and isn't that supposed to be their next best show (hence the prime, post-AI timeslot)? Are they just not really advertising their midseason stuff yet? 'Cause, if not...maybe they should get crackin'.
Actually, Eliza is probably tired of being judged by all the gloom and doom as of late. Remember, this was her idea as well. I think she's looking forward to getting this show on the road already. And, she would be correct on all accounts.
Did Eliza just promise to be our Friday night date? 'Cause, that would be a great promo. Fox, take note.

It is true that Dollhouse works better with TSCC. While that show's numbers have fallen off, they got enough for renewal, yes? So if they hold on to some of those viewers, bring in Joss's usual cohort, and make allowances for DVRing and the Friday time slot, things should be okay.
Hopefully Eliza has enough name recognition to get onto most (if not all) of the talk shows (because that would be different from Firefly) to promote the show. But mainly I'm hoping there are no sporting events to make it hard for people to find the show, because you can't grow an audience when it is hard to find. I really do think that this can be a different experience than Firefly, partly because I think this is a different world: a world where most people can no longer afford to go out on Friday night.

Have you been noticing how T:SCC is ALREADY bringing in the Whedonesquitute? Last week we had Adam (Warren) Busch and next week Dobson Carlos Jacott!

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Oh, new word! "Whedonesquitute". Thank you, embers!

Well, since you invented it, you'll have to define it. Little rule of ours:)
Actually, Eliza is probably tired of being judged by all the gloom and doom as of late. Remember, this was her idea as well. I think she's looking forward to getting this show on the road already.

Could be, Madhatter. I was thinking only a few hours ago that it's almost a year since the Whedon strike day at Fox, and Dollhouse was announced over a month before that, and we're still ten weeks away from the premier! Isn't TV supposed to be faster than the movies?
Eliza, and Joss, have been talking about this show for so long it will be a relief for them when it actually airs.
This show looks more awsome all the time. Doll me!

When life gives you lemons, throw em at Fox so they wake up and start selling the show!
I mean, are they blind? Joss shows live forever and sell like hotcakes on DVD. Only hotter.
Added link to Part III.
zeitgeist, take it you're still working on part 3?
"I'm gonna sing the Doom Song! Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom doom, doom , doom..." ;)

Just kidding. I'm glad to see that they're so excited about the show. It certainly makes me feel less paranoid.
Good things: "We've definitely come to a point now where they're getting what we're doing and we're doing what they're wanting...and, you know, when we're pitching stuff, we're all on the same took us a while to get there."
Did Eliza just promise to be our Friday night date? 'Cause, that would be a great promo. Fox, take note.

That could work quite well. Or be kind of creepy if the tone is handled badly.
People, we're going to be fine. Heck, we're just getting started!
"The internet is a crazy thing". I have to agree with Eliza, and I have faith :)
ten weeks away from the premier!

Ahhh, I had not realized it was so soon. I'm giddy all over again.
I'm happy. And excited. It's practically almost only 2 months away! :)

For the over-analysis of Eliza's body language: I would say that she's tired from working (a lot). And the eyes tell me that the Internet monster is bigger than she imagined. And the fans are more conclusive (?) than she remembers. She was a head-liner for Tru Calling, but I don't think that nearly received the attention of one of Joss' works.

How to put a smile on that gorgeous face? Be her date on Fridays.

The set is HUGE, and beautiful. I want to live there.

Even though I wished the interviewer didn't focus on the "doom" part of the press, I'm glad it was addressed. It's the big RELAX we've been waiting for. Notice how this headline doesn't receive as much attention as the less-positive headline? More should come & see.

Maybe we should rename the headline? These parts weren't really a "tour", more of an interview, which addresses important questions.
haven't seen much promotion for Lie to Me either

Every FOX show I watch pimped Lie to Me constantly during sweeps. Not a single FOX show I watch has shown a Dollhouse ad.
Though it was nice to hear their thoughts on the Friday thing, I thought the way the interviewer did the question was a little uh... tacky.

Anyway, the set is huge and amazing, and I just can't wait to watch this show. I have a very good feeling it'll be beyond awesome!
Every FOX show I watch pimped Lie to Me constantly during sweeps. Not a single FOX show I watch has shown a Dollhouse ad.

Ok, never mind.

I only watch Bones and Fringe (both on DVR), so perhaps I just didn't recognize a Lie to Me ad in fast-forward. I watch TSCC via Hulu, so no ads there promoting other network shows.
I didn't think it was tacky. I think it was just direct, which really was the only way to ask it.
I have not seen a single Dollhouse ad. Period. I watch 6-7 hours of TV a night and most of Fox's shows and all of Fox Football on Sundays. I have heard very sketchy reports that one was "perhaps maybe shown during some show that they really don't remember when or where". Meh. I don't believe it. Fox doesn't show one ad once and then never again. They show the same ads over and over and over again (remember the Terminator promos last year?). I also don't believe for a second that a Dollhouse ad wouldn't be all over Youtube/Twitter/and here at Whedonesque if it had actually, you know, aired.
I really appreciated the interviewer asking the questions that everyone has been talking about. It was a relief to hear some answers--even lemonady answers. (I'll have some, too. Not too sweet.)
I also loved the directness and honesty of the interview. To paraphrase Willow, "A vague question/answer is no one's friend."

I don't watch much TV, and no FOX shows, so even if there had been a Dollhouse ad, I wouldn't have seen it until it hit the Interwebs. Still, it's disappointing to hear that it's not been advertised. So am I still concerned? Well, yeah. But I'm still totally excited for the show itself (and even if it starts out rocky, the stuff they're doing right now sounds like it rocks).

Can there be more parts? Please?
I watch TSCC, Bones, & Fringe on DVR. Bones & Fringe pimp out Lie to Me, while TSCC pimps out 24.

On-line however (if I forget to DVR), at, I see commercials for Dollhouse on the TSCC... sometimes.

Personally, I think what commercials I've seen of Dollhouse need to be redone. Whoever is at the helm isn't gripping me; it could definitely be better.

Maybe that's why we're not seeing it? They're trying to touch up the commercials in a more appealing manner? *wishful thinking*
Well, I keep trying to tell myself that November was full of Lie to Me ads because they were pimping January shows, and so maybe now that it's December they will pimp February shows.

I tell myself this, but suspect they will just continue to pimp January shows.
When does 'Lie to Me' premiere ? Maybe they'll give it a big push after that ?

Cool beans. I get where they're coming from re: doom and gloom though I think if the first "campaign" anyone heard about wasn't "Save Dollhouse" (albeit quite quickly retooled to "Hey look, Dollhouse" ;) then they might have more patience with us now. Frankly now there's reasonable cause for concern IMO (but not despair by a long chalk). Water's kinda muddied by ours and the critics' responses so it's hard to tell if Joss and Eliza are unworried by Friday because Fox have told them directly that the show will have plenty of leeway re: ratings or because that's what they (as we) are telling themselves. Time'll tell, like always.

Either way, i'm super glad that Joss, the actors and all involved are having a good time making it cos that surely has to come across on screen (we spend a lot of time dwelling on the negative associations with 'Firefly' but the cast also seem to be getting on in a similar style so maybe some positive associations are merited too ? After all, I personally have never seen a show hit the ground so sure footedly and have so many creative ducks in a row as 'Firefly' did - if you watch 'em in the right order ;).
When does 'Lie to Me' premiere ? Maybe they'll give it a big push after that ?

Lie to Me premieres January 21. Not sure they can wait until less than a month before Dollhouse premieres to start telling viewers that Dollhouse even exists. Heh.
Ah, yeah that's quite late. They'd probably need blimps at the Superbowl or something.

... hey, how much would it cost to hire a blimp at the Superbowl ?

;-) (kinda)
Probably more than it cost to have skytyping above the Rose Bowl Parade during the writers strike. ;)
I think the actors playing Dolls should parachute into the stadium during half-time.
And maybe assassinate the losing side. Or do a cheerleading routine for the winners, whichever would make for a more open game.

(probably cheerleading cos the threat of death might make the teams play cagey. Also, Eliza has experience. Plus, no need for Enver to feel left out, you can totally have guy cheerleaders, I saw it on 'My Name is Earl')
Since the superbowl is on NBC this year, I'm guessing that Fox shows won't get a lot of exposure. FBC can make the whole not advertising thing up to me if they promote it like crazy during American Idol starting Jan 13.
That's what I'm waiting (hoping) for, TamaraC. Time will tell?

But really, do some commercial runs through December to make sure you got it right. It'd make me feel better.
I wonder if the original pilot will ever leak on the web like the presentation of Buffy did, and the original version of Serenity (the Firefly Pilot episode, not the movie).

The survival (with the back 9 order) of TTSCC despite falling ratings is an interesting scenario, especially onto rating expectancy from Fox, what the move will mean for the show. Maybe they're even betting some increase of interest on the franchise, for when the new movie opens, and actually reflecting on increase return for it, which might reflect well for Dollhouse.

As it seems some major action promotion on tv this is year is mostly over (november sweeps ended a few days ago), the big bet now is for January, when Fox debuts the new programming. Some heavy promotion during American Idol wouldn't hurt.
Part III is especially interesting.
I do like that she was direct and all, but... I think it'd be better to say something like: "Ok, there's been much talk about the Friday night time slot..." ... introducing the question with that 'story' the way the told it sounded a little rude for me... Anyway...
Don't forget, X-Files launched on a Friday night.

If Fox nurtures this show, the fans will find it. When does the ad blitz for Dollhouse kick in? I've been waiting for it!
We live in a very, very different time for television than when The X-Files debuted.
It didn't sound to me like Joss and Eliza really believed the soothing words they were saying, unfortunately. But I'm still holding out hope. Is gossi / anyone else still working on some way that we can watch it on the internet so that it counts?

(And, yeah, I think the question was put fairly rudely - albeit not intentionally)
It didn't sound to me like Joss and Eliza really believed the soothing words they were saying, unfortunately.

I agree. They look a little downtrodden to me. Especially Joss. I just hope they hold their heads high and focus on making this awesome show, despite the lack of support from the network.

That said, anything can happen, and though the Friday night timeslot is a bummer, I think that it's too early to say what the show's fate will be.
FYI these clips are now also on Hulu.

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