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December 02 2008

ABC set debut date for Nathan Fillion's Castle. It will debut on Monday, March 9th, at 10pm. Amber Tamblyn's The Unusuals will debut later on April 8th.

Yep, another show for the already crowded Monday nights.

10 pm isn't crowded.
10pm's a good time. Other than CSI Miami, there's not much going on there.
I agree. I am quite relieved to hear about this. This will be good for him. I just hope the relationship between Castle and the detective he's "researching" in the pilot improves. It doesn't look good if the whole police department likes him and she doesn't.
Yeah this is a great time slot. Monday at 10 has been curiously empty for me while the rest of the night is packed. Boston Legal will be finished and the only other thing then is CSI Miami.

I'm not so sure how great it is to have the ever declining (in quality and ratings) Heroes as its lead-in.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-12-03 01:11 ]
Heroes won't be it's lead in as Heroes is on NBC.
Nice catch, helcat. You are right. Wonder what the lead in will be since I'm not sure that they repeat DWTS in the spring.

And now that I have done some actual research instead of just shooting from the hip, it looks like ABC's Monday nights will be The Bachelor, Samantha Who, and then Castle. Not a bad line-up at all. I'll tune in after that Bachelor silliness is over, of course, but they most be real bullish on the show to give it such a nice spot. Let's hope Samantha stays strong and gives Castle a nice compatible lead-in.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-12-03 01:52 ]
Samantha Who? is pretty weak without Dancing With The Stars propping it up. It'll be better when that comes back.
The article makes it sound like 10pm on Mondays is a "Death Slot". The article states that DVR use is high at that hour on monday nights, so viewership is low. This could give "Castle" a chance to grow it's audience; Guess we'll have to wait and see.

All I know for sure is, Nathan deserves a break-out Hit. :)
The only competition "Castle" may have is "Medium" which has been the traditional Monday 10 PM show for NBC. It depends on how quickly they can get the show on the air. Given that, I think people are ready for something that isn't David Caruso, and will check out Nathan's show.
Awesome- 10pm is the one slot on Mondays I don't already have a show to watch.

Someone get Jewel Staite on Heroes so I can have three straight hours of Firefly cast.
TamaraC, the article states specifically that the next segment of Dancing with the Stars premieres that same night:

Alphabet’s "Dancing With the Stars" returns Monday, March 9, with a two-hour special, continuing with several more 2-hour segs before reverting to its normal 90-minute size on March 30.

That's a fantastic lead-in for Castle for its first 3 weeks considering the kind of advertizing ABC does on that show. They always promote what follows it heavily (including reminders from the hosts), so having a 1/2-hour show between it and Castle starting March 30th shouldn't hurt Castle's ratings too much.

I'm very encouraged by this!
Someone get Jewel Staite on Heroes so I can have three straight hours of Firefly cast.

FOX could just move Terminator to Mondays at 9

[ edited by marpocky on 2008-12-03 04:44 ]
I need to not skim and try to post intelligently while at work. Doh! Two hour DWTS will be a great leadin that will lead to good sampling. Looks like they are giving it a real good chance.

I don't see FBC replacing 24 with TSCC ever, marpocky, but I'm sure you were just kidding.
And completely unrelated to anything Whedon-ish (although you could say it is kind of since Joss appeared in a Rob Thomas show :P ), we get to find out if the new Cupid manages to achieve at least a shadow of the old one's glory. Maybe when they release the DVD for the new one, they'll include the old one? Yeah, I didn't think so...
Yeah, I was about to mention the new Cupid. I really doubt it'll be as great as the old one. I loved that show, and the new cast isn't as good, to be honest.

I'll still be watching it though, you can count on that. Same goes for Castle, too. Not sure about The Unusuals. Besides the fact that the name is terrible, it doesn't sound all that good/original. I like Amber Tamblyn, though.
I'll be watching. Knock us dead, Nathan!
Now, if Morena Baccarin had played the detective, this would be a surefire hit *g*

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