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December 03 2008

(SPOILER) Doug Petrie wrote tonight's Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies crossover. On tonight's Doug Petrie-scripted episode of Pushing Daisies, entitled "Comfort Food," Beth Grant reprises her role as Marianne Marie Beetle, previously seen in the Wonderfalls episode "Muffin Buffalo."

Link is to the listing at The Futon Critic, which features a brief plot synopsis.

So sad about Pushing Daisies cancellation.

Looking forward to tonight's episode. You might also recognize Beth Grant as Dennis the Ghost's mom from Angel's Rm w/a Vu.

She was also in an episode of Drive.

eta: She's been in everything! Has also been in an episode of Bones and Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place, but before Nathan joined the cast.

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I am really looking forward to this episode. I'm upset about the cancellation - last weeks numbers *shudder* - but I am still enjoying the heck out of the show and will most likely be buying the dvd when it hits.
Having already seen tonight's episode (it airs Tuesdays in Canada), I can tell you without a doubt that this is the BEST episode of Pushing Daisies ever. I hope you all agree with me once you see it.
Maybe this will spice "Pushing Daisies" up a bit. As much as I like the show, its recent blahness doesn't really make me feel sad about it's cancellation. But this? A "Wonderfalls" crossover? Very much looking forward to it.
@Riker: I've never seen it on Tuesday!! (Lucky dog...) What station does it air on?
I've been loving the show this season. And I doubt tonight will be any exception, considering my love for Wonderfalls.
Wow, she really has been in a LOT of things... Southland Tales on the list. And look all the things she has for 2009! O.o

I look forward to this episode, and I'm also very sad about the cancellation, even though this season has been weaker than the first one.
She was also in Donnie Darko, as the crazy PTA lady. Sparkle Motion, etc.

It's on the A-Channel! It might be an Ontario-only thing.
AWwhh I love a good crossover. And the Muffin lady was awesome!
It was a good show. Doug Petrie really came through on this one. Lots of laugh outloud moments.
That's odd, thefutoncritic lists season 2 as 22 episodes, 6 of which have yet to air. I thought they only had the first 13? 5 of which have yet to air? thefutoncritic is usually more reliable than that.
Although some (I'm looking at you patxshand!) would say Pushing Daisies hasn't been very good this season I say to that: This show is better than most of the crap currently on tv.

I'm very excited about tonights ep. A Wonderfalls crossover AND written by Doug Petrie? Badarse.
I'm just happy that we get to see the Wonderfalls crossover before the show ends. It's the episode I've been looking forward to all season. Though the cancellation means that we won't ever get to see Jaye turn up. Shame that.
I concur that this is an excellent episode. I saw it and started squeeing "Wonderfalls" and "Fool for Pie".
The usual two reviews/spoilers at AICN. Hercules and L-Prime enjoyed it.
It's on now, and I like it a lot so far. Ned's expressions during the scene in the Pie Hole with him and Chuck are... adorably pouty. And I say that in the most masculine way possible.
You know, hearing Olive sing Eternal Flame really twisted the knife in a little deeper. I was really looking forward to that musical episode. Ratings be damned; a show that good deserved a better chance.
Were they definitely going to do a musical episode ?

I saw an ep during Season 1 and liked it okay (maybe a bit too precious in spots, but I can usually handle that and freely admit to occasionally actively seeking out cute/twee), but I fully intended on giving it another try on DVD. I like the cast a lot. When they announced Wonderfalls crossovers for Pushing Daisies, it became a must-watch.

One of my regulars where I bartend was the Canadian actor who played the gardener guy that has two or three lines in the flamingo episode of Wonderfalls (episode #4, I believe, or at least it aired as #4, I forget what episode number it is on the DVDs). I lent him my Wonderfalls DVDs because he had never seen himself in the role and had never watched the series. He's had them for I think about two years now and just got around to marathoning them this week, he likes it well enough I think.
Oh man, I love this show. I think only Joss knows how to simultaneously tickle the funny bone and tug the heartstrings the way this show does (Olive's song did plenty of the latter for multiple reasons).
God, I love this show.

Eternal Flame! So fitting. They promised a musical if they got the back 13 in season 1. Then again in season 2. Boo. Maybe they can do a mushortio? Bryan Fuller, meet Joss Whedon.

Awesome job, Doug Petrie. Wish he could have done more. It was almost like a triple crossover with the waffles. The stories are really moving now. Too bad it's almost over. Why won't you at least air all the episodes, ABC?? I don't care if it's Christmas/New Year's Eve. Just air them. Please.
I loved Olive's singing! The chicken guy eating his coating was a definite "ew!" moment, and the fat jokes were a bit much. However, the visuals of the episode, as usual, were wonderfully crisp and bright (for the most part). Chuck/Kitty's mom/aunt looked really great in her outfits this episode -- she's wonderful in the part, as is the other aunt. I'll definitely miss the show -- though it's a bit predictable, as death is my gift wrote, it's still better than most of the other stuff on TV!
I spent a good amount of that episode with a great big grin. When Marianne Marie mentioned her worry for Muffin Buffalo to roam again my heart twisted. I so miss Wonderfalls sometimes. And we got Olive singing! (upon the release of KC's christmas album, natch) Nice job, Petrie.

By the way, Pushing Daisies in BluRay is a thing of beauty.
Man, I love this show. Cancellation sucks.
I love Pushing Daisies to bits, but I have never loved it quite as much as I did this episode. Doug Petrie did a really amazing job.

God, the thought of losing this show makes me so sad. Like, world without kittens sad.

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