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December 03 2008

Zack Whedon talks Moist. Find out about the secret origin of Dr. Horrible's henchman.

This looks to be good.
I can't even see the preview images, because they're CMYK instead of RGB and some browsers won't render them.
I started to read this, but it looked like it was going to be really spoilery for the comic, so I stopped. I don't want my Moist spoiled. Ewww.
Anyone else find this headline icky?
Shouldn't the comic be up by now? I don't want to read the article until after I read the comic.
Yeah, the article says the comic is out today. Where is it?
I seem to recall they were similarly late in the day with one of the Sugarshock issues. Maybe not quite this late. I don't recall exactly.
And then for the Captain Hammer one, I found it early, before it was time. (You can determine where the actual jpg files will be, if you poke around. But they aren't even on the server, as near as I can tell.)

ETA that actually, I did find the credits image, but nothing else. It says:
In July we synced up with brothers Joss and Zack Whedon, members of the creative cast that developed the online hit Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and put together a short comic about Dr. Horrible's nemesis Captain Hammer. This month, we delve even furhter into the Dr. Horrible mythos with a tale of tragedy, horror, and redemption (not really, but it sounded good), with "Moist: Humidity Rising." Written by Zack and illustrated by Farel Dalrymple, readers are given insight into one of the greatest supervillains of our time (yeah, not even close): MOIST.

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Actually, I just found the jpgs. So I think it should be up soon.
This is already basically spoiled in the MTV link, but I like how Moist meets Dr. Horrible after .
It's online now, officially.

(Also, the teaser for next month: Buffy Season 8 comic on MSDHP by Jane Espenson.)
And if I'm interpreting that teaser correctly, it will be illustrated by Karl Moline.

I have to get around to buying these things.
Buying what things? MSDHP is online only, except for, I think, trade collections every six months.
Sorry, I meant the trades. Specifically, the one with Sugarshock and the eventual one with this Buffy comic.
It was okay. Not as good as the Captain Hammer tale, but hey, origin stories are usually helpful.

They're putting free Season 8 material up on MySpace Dark Horse Presents ? That's awesome. We're gonna be getting quite a bit more new Buffy this month and next.
Yay to more of all things Horrible - it never rains but pours. Or drips, in this case.

Great work - especially love the opening lines and title. Wonder what Moist's dad's back story is: spy? having an affair? Also wonder if either Zack or Farel are fans of the tv show "Goodnight, sweetheart", cos I think there may be a bit of a shout-out there, suit, hat, pose 'n' all.

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