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December 03 2008

Win a Dr. Horrible DVD - Design a Christmas Gift Card Competition. For those who won't get their DVD in time for Christmas, Dr. Horrible fan site is hosting a design a card contest to comfort those who are waiting for Bad Horse!

I was about to order 3 more for friends who wanted them but now I wonder if I should send it to the US address where I will be briefly, or my Canadian address. But kudos to the Dr. Horrible gang for trying to ease the pain of not getting the DVDs when expected.
I sent in a design for the Christmas gift card competition, but it isn't good... it was mostly just a way to send some love to our Dr. Horrible team of creators who have made me VERY happy (but I'm still kind of hoping I'll get the DVDs in time for Christmas!).
I put in two. The first was more like a Christmas card than a gift card, but the second had a more unique holiday greeting. Hopefully, that will make the cut if not win the whole thing.
FYI the latest DH email newsletter says there will be an actual CD in the future.
The DVD is now down to $9.99 on Amazon.

ETA that, presuming they are using CreateSpace/On-Demand Publishing LLC/Amazon to do this (given that it's an Amazon exclusive, that's likely a safe presumption), its looking to me like the maker sets a retail price, from which they get a royalty, but if it's selling well enough, Amazon sells at lower than the retail price -- bt the maker still gets the same royalty, and Amazon accepts making less per disc because they are making it up in volume.

ETA that this is all speculation, based upon info from the CreateSpace website.

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Makes sense b!x, really would like to know what kind of volume treshold they have reached for the price to go this low 5K, 10K or even more ?

Or someone lost a bet - If you cannot deliver them all by Xmas you have to sell them at a cheaper price.

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Well I cancelled my old order and reordered at the new lower price but with faster delivery. I'll still be paying around $65 for the four DVDs, but I should get them Dec. 22nd (which gives me a little breathing room - I hope). I'm assuming they won't lower the price again!
FYI the latest DH email newsletter says there will be an actual CD in the future.

Yay! (And I am not getting any email newsletters. I know I signed up. Wierd.)

Edit: Way to make a liar out of me, Dr. Horrible! Just checked my inbox and the newsletter is indeed there.

2nd Edit: I just wonder which J is which in the order of: "J, M, J, Z".

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I'm signed up the newsletter but I haven't gotten one....
unless it went into the spam folder.
I sent an email to the Amazon Customer Service asking them if I can do something to change the price on my order to $9.99 or if they have to do it. I don't want to cancel and re-order because I'm hoping they ship first ordered first shipped. Sales Rank: #18 in Movies & TV
#2 in Movies & TV > Musicals & Performing Arts
#5 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure > Superheroes
#10 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure

All front pages! Whoo-hoo!
Where do you sign up for the newsletter? I think I missed this somewhere along the road...

ETA: Oh, it's probably the silly little box that says, "Join our mailing list," huh? Don't I feel lame.

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I don't think you have to do anything for to alter the billing price on a pre-ordered item if they reduce the price on their site. I think it's done automatically to all orders. (At least, that was how they've done it in the past.) Sales Rank: #16 in Movies & TV
The price should change automatically. Last time (when it went from $14.99 to $13.49) it seemed to take about a day and a half for me, though I found some FAQ somewhere that said it should change within 24 hours.

That is what I was hoping. I didn't do anything when it dropped a $1.00. $5.00 though...I want to see that drop in price on my total order. Just to make me feel better about my plasticy money.
Does anyone else feel like at less than $10 they need to buy two to feel like they're paying a fair price to the creators? $10 seems too cheap!

Whoops, haven't waited 24 hours either time...


I bought alot more than two.
Does anyone else feel like at less than $10 they need to buy two to feel like they're paying a fair price to the creators?

No, but only because we don't actually know that the price reduction has any impact on their cut.
Remember any troops you know overseas...they need Dr. Horrible too. Along with Firefly and Serenity of course.
Pre-order Price Guarantee's price for not-yet-released items sometimes changes between the time the item is listed for sale and the time it is released and shipped. Whenever you pre-order a book, CD, video, DVD, software, or video game, the price we charge when we ship it to you will be the lowest price offered by between the time you placed your order and the end of the day of the release date. A pre-order price guarantee message will appear on your Order Summary during the checkout process. If you use 1-Click ordering, pre-order price protection will be automatically applied. The order summary in Your Account will reflect the lowest price within 24 hours of the price change.

#14 in Movies & TV, #10 in Action & Adventure, #5 in Superheroes, and... #1 in Musicals & Performing Arts.
Now #12 in Movies and TV! Feel like I've got a horse in the Melbourne Cup...C'mon, go you good thing!... or should that be bad/evil thing?
Good! Then I get to order more. >)
Just reposting here just in case doesn't deliever on time or it might give people some ideas for the contest:

BTW, I know a lot of people are counting on this DVD to be out for Christmas so they can buy lots and lots of copies to give to all their loved ones (and break their hearts too. Nothing says the holidays like sudden death...) Anyhoo... Captain Hammer might not want his ultimate and humiliating defeat to be under everyone's holiday shrub of choice. He might even go so far as to kidnap Santa to prevent him from delivering his goods. So I'm thinking it might be wise to take a page from someone that is good with plans* and have a back up gift in mind- but on topic. So, I have a few suggestions:

1) Jinx t-shirts. Buy a tee for each intended recipient of DHSAB and put add a note that they have to wear the shirts to an up coming 'movie night' where all can watch the finally delivered DVD together and as each of your guests leave, gift them with the copy they should have gotten earlier. Take that, Captain Hammer!
2) if you can't afford two gifts like a tee and later a DVD there are plenty of fan done art that you could make fancy IOU's with, and then do the whole movie night thing a la option 1.
3) pretend you have forgotten it's the holidays.
4) write a song about an epic battle between you and Captain Hammer, but he prevailed *this time* and stole your gifts. But you have a cunning plan to get them back. Sing it for everyone. In your PJs'. And then upload the video for all of us. (Please?)
5) bake cookies. No one can comment on lack of gifts from you if their mouth is full.

*someone not me

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