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December 03 2008

Serenity on the big screen tomorrow night!! Christmas is coming early for Raleigh, NC Browncoats.

COOL CLASSICS AT THE COLONY presents SERENITY from Joss Whedon, the creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on Thursday, December 4th @ 8:00pm.

Damn! Why did I move away from Raleigh?
I moved away too. Lived close enough to the Colony that I coulda walked there. :( Love the independant theatres in Raleigh. Great town. Great Browncoats!
It's also on television in Sweden. (TV6 at 21:00.)
I'm so excited! I'll most definitely be there, and I'm bringing a ton of friends as well! :)
See you there.
Damn! Why do the things I have to do always end up happening at the same time the things I really want to do? I love the Rialto and used to go there all the time before I moved to G'bro for college, and Raleigh is a great town. I'm sure all ya'll who are lucky enough to go will have enough fun for the rest of us... ;)
fansofwhedon, I lived 2 doors down from the Dunkin'Donuts (that used to be the Pizza Hut)on Six Forks and worked for 9 years at the Exxon in front of the Colony Theatre.
Wish I could go. Sadly, getting home at 11 or midnight is not conducive to getting back up at 6 to teach.
We had a killer good time... Place was near packed!!

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