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December 03 2008

David Boreanaz directs Bones. "I've done it before and I look forward to directing Bones for the first time".

I changed the link to the original URL. Credit where credit is due and all that,
Oh, goody. I really enjoyed his work in Soul Purpose. :)
That's great! I just re-watched Soul Purpose last night! I'm looking forward to see what he does on Bones!
Thanks, Simon. Can I return the favor and edit that comma off the end of your sentence? ;P
Gloucestershire? Why? David is lovely, but what a weird thing for a local paper, even as filler...
Oh yay! I really liked his directing style in "Soul Purpose" so I can't wait to see his episode! I really like how much he and Emily are involved with behind the scenes things on the show, like co-producing. You can really tell they put a lot into the show.

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