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December 03 2008

New Moist comic is now online at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

In the future, once this issue is past, this is the permalink to the Moist story.

I love that Moist meets Dr. Horrible after the confrontation we first saw in the Captain Hammer comic.
Not getting anything, I assume it is going to take some time...?
I've been refreshing like crazy and still don't see it!
Clear your cache. That's what triggered it for me.
I've changed the main link to the permalink b!X gave, it's still working fine for me.
Oh, I like "Horrible is just what the Doctor ordered" as a catch-phrase.
Nice Origin story... 'though a trifle... damp.
Nope, still nothing... maybe it just hates safari.
*sigh* (I hate not being able to see these things).
Yep, it likes Firefox better! Yay!

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I wish we knew more about the original dryness. And that crazy humidifier. Is that a Soviet Acme model?

I like his robot helmet and rocket jammies.
I love that Moist meets Dr. Horrible after the confrontation we first saw in the Captain Hammer comic.

Yep, loved that as well!

I liked this one better than the Capt. Hammer comic.
Keep them coming Zack!!! =D
Ah, an origin story that makes perfect sense! Magnificent.

I loved how it neatly crossed over with the Capt. Hammer one.
Is Moist's dad a Russian spy?
Nice. It reminds me of Peter Milligan's stuff.
A nice little origin story, although I wouldn't have thought that Moist was 47 years old, unless being moist keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

Hopefully next we will get a Penny background comic.
That was a great read and good to see the Horrible universe slowly evolving and moistening. Can't wait for the next installment. And also, Dr Horrible #12 on Amazon!
Yes, a Penny background comic would be fun to read. I liked this one, too.
That was a lot of fun. Professor Normal next!
These are great. Those Whedons are a talented bunch.
I wouldn't have thought that Moist was 47 years old

It's tough to read the year, but perhaps it's supposed to be 1981, making him 27 (and much more reasonable, considering Simon Helberg is 28).

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Very good little comic. Quite depressing, actually.

But the best part? The blurb at the bottom which says that in the next issue of MySpace Dark Horse Presents on January 7, there will be a Buffy story by Jane Espenson and Karl Moline!
That could be a '6' but i'm pretty sure it's an '8' so '1981' not '1961'.

So Moist was "bitten" by a radioactive humidifier ? Makes perfect sense ;).

Nice little origin story, the cool thing about these is you get to see all of them before catastrophe (even Dr H seems happier and more hopeful) which makes it kinda poignant.
Hmmm, 81 would make a lot more sense than 61. Although it still looks like 61 to me (and his parents dress looks very old fashioned) I'm probably wrong.
I vote for Fake Thomas Jefferson as the next auxiliary character to get his own comic!
I can't view it, even after clearing the cache & trying all of the links. Is Dark Horse down? Can someone please hook me up with the comic?

Going by DHSALB I wouldn't have thought the year was 1961. He didn't seem that old to me. BUT...

1. Rocket jammies and obsession with robots
2. Sputnik-like deranged Soviet tagged humidifier
3. Davy Crockett coonskin cap along with bows and arrows
4. Dad wears a fedora outside

Dunno...kinda screams 60's to me. You know--the cold war, the space race, and all things cowboy on t.v.?
Yeah, I thought it said 1961 too.

unless being moist keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

I'll go with this.
Hmm, maybe it is '61. The wireless on young Moist's bedside table is pretty old fashioned as is the style of dress (not convinced by the rest of it - my kid brother had rocket pajamas, a bow and arrow and a toy robot and he was born in 1980, somethings are just kid classics ;).

I thought the tetra-pak on the breakfast table might've sealed it but that's a tetra-pak rex which was introduced in '65* so yep, not inconsistent with 1961 (and then 6 years passing). Very youthful in that case, clearly being moist isn't all bad news ;).

* #5389 in "Stuff you never knew you weren't interested in knowing". OK, full disclosure, that's not innate tetra-pak knowledge nor born of some weird milk packaging obsession - I googled it ;).

ETA: And, thinking on it, the 'Fantastic Four' arrived in 1961, featuring among others, one J. Storm AKA The Human Torch. Maybe in the nature of superhero symmetry Moist came along at the same time - after all, despite what they say, you don't fight fire with fire ;).

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I met Farel Dalrymple at a comic show a few years back. We chatted about his comic called Popgun War and after a few minutes of talk, I had to get a copy. I read it that night and came back to talk with him about it the next day. I LOVED it. If you get a chance, check it out.

The Moist comic is awesome. Its like a throwback to 60s super hero comics--done in one and still satisfying.
Reposting this from the Zack talks Moist thread (so the pedant in me is quiet)...

Yay to more of all things Horrible - it never rains but pours. Or drips, in this case.

Great work - especially love the opening lines and title. Wonder what Moist's dad's back story is: spy? [hacksaway, great minds...] Or having an affair? Also wonder if either Zack or Farel are fans of the tv show "Goodnight, sweetheart", cos I think there may be a bit of a shout-out there, suit, hat, pose 'n' all.

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