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December 04 2008

Dr. Horrible DVD now down to $9.99 on Amazon. And up to 12th on the Bestsellers in Movies & TV list.

Also, the DVD has been added to the Musicals & Performing Arts category for which it is the #1 best seller!

Not even I, Cheapy McCheapskate, could resist that price. :)
Yep. Good times for the fandom, these :). I assume that the cost lowering means less profit for amazon (which I don't mind) rather than less money for our Whedonian friends (which would suck), right?

Other than that: go, little DVD, go! :)
Goooood! Very good!
I love saving money! lol
So in a case like this does it mean Amazon is dropping the price as they get more orders?
How can I save $5 if Amazon is the only place that sells it? Is it saying it's cheaper than Earth 2's
Amazon usually drops the price anyway. Though who knows?
How crazy is it that the only superhero that's outselling Dr. Horrible is Batman?!
Calculating a trajectory, at this rate the price should drop to $1.29 by Christmas!
According to my calculations, the price has declined $5 in just seven days. At this rate by Christmas the purchase price will reach negative $4.99!
In that case, it's OK Joss + gang, you can keep the fiver, i'd only spend it. And a free DVD's a pretty good deal anyway (wish i'd ordered more now).
I'm thinking people on my Christmas list would really rather get New Year's presents.
Now it's 1 cent under the 10 dollar Secret Santa limit for gift giving at work. *rubs hands in glee* Hee HEE!
I'm happy it's even more affordable now, but if I ordered it at $15.99 does that mean I should have waited? Or because they don't charge me until they ship, do I get to pay the new price as well? (And can I add another copy to my order if it hasn't shipped yet?) I know, I should be asking these questions, but I like you guys better.
Saje, you can still order more. :)

Pointy, I'm getting more of a Groundhog Day feel to it.
You pay whatever the final price is miri47.
Thanks, Saje :)
Just as long as the free Dr. Horrible DVDs don't go the way of the Paley free DVDs!
But the current price does mean that a couple of other people are getting this for a present. Huzzah!
Just for reference, and to back up Saje, here's Amazon's official statement:

Pre-Order Price Guarantee's price for not-yet-released items sometimes changes between the time the item is listed for sale and the time it is released and shipped. Whenever you pre-order a book, CD, video, DVD, video game, or software item, the price we charge when we ship it to you will be the lowest price offered by between the time you place your order and the release date. The order summary in Your Account will reflect the lowest price within 24 hours of the price change.

Please note that our Pre-Order Price Guarantee applies only to items sold by, and not to items (or prices) offered by other sellers on our site.

If your order enters the shipping process before the release date and the price is lowered on the release date, we will automatically refund your credit card for the difference between the price you were charged and the release-date price. If you did not use a credit card to pay for your order, please contact customer service through the Contact Us box on the right side of any Help page.

So, it's actually even better than what Saje said -- if the price for whatever reason jumped to $100 per DVD, you'd still only have to pay $9.99, if I'm reading that correctly.

Also worth noting is the Secret 30-day Price Guarantee.
I sort of love the revised cover image they've got, with the pull quotes (particular the Time one) and the gold seal, "featuring COMMENTARY! THE MUSICAL."
Lioness, look for the Paley fest DVD to re-appear in the spring.
But is it ever going to be available on the other Amazon sites? Because even at $9.99 US it works out to $22.67 Canadian when you add shipping & conversion. Not such a good deal. I want to buy multiple copies, but can't afford it off
Thanks TamaraC. I will.
Just went to order more DVDs but they want to charge me $8.00 per DVD, which is ridiculous. The Write Environment interview with Joss cost less that $2.00 to mail. Harumph.
Heh, Cdns moan in unison!

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Placed my order!
Now with this special price, international shipping and handling is almost as much as the DVD itself ... (actually, it's two thirds of it.)
Well Simon, I guess is not really 'saving money', but I like to think so... =P

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11th in Movies & TV and 4 of them are The Dark Knight.

That's technically 8th then.
now #11 in movies & TV and
#1 in Movies & TV > Musicals & Performing Arts
#5 in Movies & TV > Action & Adventure > Superheroes
I want to order this so bad but I'm the same as jls730, ordering it from Canada makes no sense and makes it expensive for no good reason (I'd be willing to pay $22 to Joss & Co but when only half of that is going towards the actual DVD...)... so I just hope it becomes available on the .ca store soon. :(
It was in the cart already... this morning I did the deed (and to get free shipping added season 1 of Pushing Daisies...). Ridiculously excited about something I've already seen many many times, but the commentary - can't wait!
Will the lovely DVD come to Amazon UK? I might have to wait a bit!
Just ordered two more!
Pre-ordered. Damn you international shipping! With what I'm willing to pay - I won't see it for 6-8 weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 6). Ah well - I guess I've waited this long.

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#12 in Movies & TV, #8 in Action & Adventure, #5 in Superheroes, and #1 in Musicals & Performing Arts.
I got the same delivery period, but it usually takes a lot less time to ship.
More like a week or maybe two. Christmas isn't helping, though, but it should be delivered in early January, I guess (and hope).
Interesting that it says "This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media." Perhaps this has already been discussed in another Dr. H thread, or this one if I've missed it (!), but I don't think I've seen that before on any DVD I've ordered. Looks like another innovation in approaches to media...
I've ordered 10 copies at this point. Figure I'll give some as presents, some are for others who don't want to pay shipping, and some will just have to wait for making new fans. :)
Kirochka, it did come up in some thread (who knows which at this point), and the most-posited theory is that they are using CreateSpace/On-Demand Publishing LLC, which is an Amazon company, to do burn-on-demand, removing the necessity of having to create/pay for stock up front.
Could a bulk discount kicked in by the high number of copies ordered be reducing production costs and therefore contributing to these price cuts? Or would an Amazon-owned company be charging Amazon the lowest possible rate from the get-go, regardless?

Also: TamaraC - thank you for the welcome tip on the Paleyfest DVD! I would really like to get it, and was afraid that I'd missed my shot. Much relieved to hear otherwise!
LKW, I'm not entirely clear on how it works in terms of selling via CreateSpace itself (presuming that's the company being used) versus the sales that come through parent, but the way CS works is that the maker sets a retail price, but the seller can offer it for less than the retail price.

If they do, the maker still gets a percentage calculated based upon their original retail price, so when the seller drops the price, the maker still gets what they expected to get.

Within that process, I'm not clear on whether the drop in Amazon price is a person's decision, or indeed as you suggest an automatic artifact of sales volume.

(This all continues to be speculation based upon various people reading how CreateSpace/On-Demand Publishing/Amazon appears to function.)
Ordered. So excited! Maybe I'll get it by... sometime next year!
Thanks for the reply, The One True b!x! It's reassuring to know that the Whedons/Maurissa should make the same profit no matter where Amazon's price falls.
Well, if that speculation is correct, it's reassuring. To be safe, everyone just keep buying as many as they can. ;)
Ordered three last night. Woo! I know that the South of Nowhere DVDs are "print on demand" also. Perhaps that's the way of DVDs now for "smaller" projects.

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Interesting, going with the assumption that CreateSpace makes the DVDs-- I was trying to do the math to figure how much the publishers make on each disc.

Obviously it's possible they worked out a special deal since their disc is going to sell A LOT more than the average createspace disc... but going with the prices listed for CreateSpace... Amazon pockets $4.95 per disc plus 45% of the list price per disc for each sale at amazon's site.

So for a disc like Dr. Horrible with a list price of $14.99, amazon would keep $4.95 plus $6.75 per disc, for a total Amazon share of $11.70 (which might explain why with sufficient volume they're able to offer the disc at 9.99 and still make money). Therefore, $14.99 - $11.70 = Mutant Enemy's share would be $3.29 per disc.

This seemed low to me, but then again, what was the amount writers got per dvd under the studio deals? .04 cents per disc? I suppose that $3.29 (still theoretical because I think they very possibly have gotten themselves a special deal) includes more than $0.04 for the writers...

Does my math sound right? ( at least according to the math at )

Sorry if someone already thought this through, I didn't see it written this way in any of the threads yet :)

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